Hectic Holiday

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The next morning, we all sat at the table to eat breakfast. Katie and i agreed that we shouldn't to tell mum about what Sam did, but we should come up with our own revenge

“So, what did you kids get up to yesterday?” asked Uncle Marty causing all of us to start laughing.

“Well, Oscar,” started Felicity.

“Shut up!” yelled Oscar.

“Oscar, stop shouting,” chided mum.

“Oscar what?” asked Uncle Marty.

Felicity replied, “oh, I was just going to say, that Oscar and I visited the rabbits.”

Uncle Marty turned to Oscar only to find him with his head down on the table, hands in his ears singing, “la la la la la, I can’t hear you!”

When he realised that everyone was quiet he looked up to find everyone looking at him as if he was crazy.

“Well! It was an accident! I thought I could get out!” he shouted.

“Out of what?” asked mum.

“The baby swing, didn’t she tell you?”

“Nope, but please, tell me more.”

And that was how he ended up retelling the whole story to an audience that laughed hysterically all the way through.

After breakfast, Felicity came over to me and whispered,

“Do you remember the blue door near the chicken coup?”


“I opened it. You idiots didn’t see the bolt at the top.”

“What’s inside?”

She grinned mischievously, “Go karts.”

After rounding up the troops, us children all went down to the farm.

“Where are you taking us!” wailed Luna.

“Just wait,” replied Felicity.

We arrived outside of the blue sheds.

“We’ve tried this before! “complained Sam

Felicity flipped the lock and pushed open the door. Inside were rows of go-karts. Probably for the children who lived nearby and visited the farm to play with. We all ran inside and grabbed one each. Just as we were about to leave Adam asked,

“wait, are we even allowed to use these?”

“I asked the farmer guy and he said yes,” said Felicity

Katie suggested that we have a race. All of us at the same time and the top four would have another race to decide the winner. First, we came up with a route. It was from the blue shed, over the sandpits, behind the peacocks, past the horses and behind some trees. The route seemed pretty easy apart from the bit behind the trees.Adam said that there was a path behind them. I might’ve been wrong, but I had a sneaking suspicion that behind the trees was the worst bit and was part of Adam’s revenge for my betrayal during the battle of the desserts.

“Three!” Luna screamed.


I pushed my doubts aside and got ready.


I WAS going to win.


I sped off until I reached the sandpits and stupidly kept hurtling over the sand. My tires got stuck in the sand and the momentum pushed me forward and I went flying. I landed on my bottom and watched as Katie and Adam sped past me. I got up and dragged myself over to the kart. I looked behind me and saw Felicity on the floor screaming at Oscar who had apparently got in her way. Not giving them a second thought, I got back on and flew past the peacocks (not behind the peacocks because nobody could see me, and I am a firm believer in, ‘what they don’t know can’t hurt them’. I heard a shriek behind me as I zipped past the horses. It was Luna,


Oops, oh well, nobody would believe her she would just look like a sore loser,’ I thought.

I got to the trees and what I saw confirmed my theory about Adam taking revenge. There was a steep path with trees, perfect for crashing into, lining the sides. I was wondering how he and Katie managed to get down when my go kart’s wheels rather rudely decided to play truant and sent me flying into a large oak. Now reader, I think for you to understand the misfortune of the situation I must first, explain the anatomy of the go-kart. There were two peddles just next to the steering wheel. It had a seat with a small backrest and a gap, big enough for a person to fall through, between the seat and the steering wheel.

I’m sure you could imagine what happened next, dear reader, yes, that’s right, I went crashing into the large oak and fell through the gap and got stuck. I heard a cackle as felicity flew past me and headed down the path. However, her laugh changed into a loud scream as she too fell into the gap and got stuck. I pulled a leg free and started to wiggle out. After escaping and jumping up I headed off down the path. I needed to beat Adam and Katie. Sam and Luna who were taking it steady out of fear of crashing didn’t see me coming and my attempt to swerve around them failed terribly as I crashed into them and sent them flying into trees. Luckily, I continued going straight and rounded the corner. I must say I was pleased to see Adam’s kart abandoned on the path. But I was absolutely delighted to see him stuck in a bush and shouting,


“What was that?” I asked, beaming at him.


“I’m, afraid I simply don’t have the time, I’ll be back for you later.”

Without another word, I continued on determined to beat Katie. I had the blue shed in sight. I was going to win. But then I heard a terrible wailing. Katie was sat on the floor crying her eyes out. I stopped and looked around, just making sure that no one had any chance of beating me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“My knee!” she cried.

I knelt down but with one glance at her face, I knew something wasn’t right. She took off her cardigan with a smile,


Before I could react, she pushed me over, threw her cardigan over my face and jumped onto my go-kart. All I could do was watch as she got to the shed and yelled at the top of her lungs,

“yes! Woohoo! I’ve won!” she jumped up and down.

All I could think was, ‘what has my life come to, I’ve been outwitted by the youngest child.’

I could hear shouting not far behind me and decided that I needed to run the last bit. They all followed closely behind as I ran. Sam’s wheels got stuck in the sand pit and he let out a girly scream as he went flying. That left Luna and Felicity. Luna was close at my heels, but felicity raced alongside me. I picked up the pace and only just made second place.

After establishing that Luna was delirious and didn’t see me cheating we all went back to find Adam. When we arrived, we found him struggling and we had to pull him out altogether. Then everyone decided to have a final round. With the final four competing. To be honest I didn’t really have the energy to try again. When I said so, Felicity replied,

“Go big or go home,” now that I think back to it I think that she probably expected me to go and grab my go-kart but I said,

“Okay, cool, bye guys!” and I started to walk away.

People say go big or go home as if it’s a bad thing. Hell yeah, I wanna go home. And I’m gonna put my feet up with some hot chocolate and Netflix when I get there.

I walked into the living room and I found Oscar sleeping on the sofa. Then I remembered, he wasn’t at the race. That sneak! He must’ve ran away when we all started. I was more annoyed at myself for not being so clever myself.

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