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A tale of an unusual friendship. A broken girl and an amiable guy. Can their friendship survive the test of time?? "In my defense, a person who does not like Nutella IS THE BIGGEST IDIOT TO HAVE BEEN BORN ON THIS PLANET" "People can have different opinions" "Yes, of course people can. But they are people, what do they know? You, on the other hand are an alien from another planet. So you can not have different opinions" "Earth to Jane. I accept my defeat" I said moving my arms as if to salute. "Good decision" Robin and Jane are the best friends everyone wished they had. They know everything about each other and Robin understands her fear of relationships. What happens when Matthew, commonly known as Matt enters their life?? Does he change their relationship??? Find out

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A broken angel

It was Monday. The day I will never dare to forget. Everything was normal for everyone, the sun was shining bright and the birds were welcoming the daylight with pleasure. It was a sunny day, but for her, the day couldn’t have been gloomier. Everything was as good as it could be. That was the day when she decided she would end her doom. She couldn’t survive like that anymore. No she couldn’t. You ask​ why??
You will get an answer alright. But let me tell you that the suffering of the woman I am referring to are not ordinary; in fact they are anything but ordinary. You know there are people who say that whatever life has to throw at me, it may, but I will come out shining bright like the sun. That is how she was before she lost the strength to fight. Yes, you got it correct. She lost the strength to fight but that does not mean that she was to suffer anymore, because to suffer you have to be alive and she was already dead, if not to the world, then to herself. The only way for her to come out of her hell was to confront her past and that she did.
Let us start from the beginning when she was a small child, a beautiful baby often considered as a princess born in the wrong generation. They said, she would have married a prince if she had been born at a time when they actually existed. Sometimes, I believe, a person’s strength can become his greatest weakness. Her beauty was her strength but that is what crushed her, crumbled her, and turned her into a mess. If anyone saw her now, he wouldn’t believe that once when she was small, she was a lovely girl who wore her heart on her sleeve. But that is what she ought not have done. In a cruel world like ours, being a good person is not easy. Nonetheless she survived. Well, not only did she survive, but also lived her early years with a great passion for humanity. Everyone used her, treated her like glass that was bound to shatter. And they shattered her, every time she grew considerate, they broke her. However, she was a princess at heart, she forgave everyone, giving them second chances, believing that evil doesn’t exist. She was like a treasure which everyone intended to keep for themselves but ended up throwing in the garbage to rot when they learnt that it was not as valuable as they thought. Ohh, her sufferings just wouldn’t end. At the present time, she is 21 and more mature than a forty year old. Pain teaches things that are beyond your age and she has had more than her share of it.
Let me introduce myself, I am Robin Warner. I am a writer, an international bestseller at that. The story that I am currently working on is the story of my best friend, Jane Donovan. We live together in an apartment in New York city. I am a guy and if you are wondering about my feelings towards her, they are completely and utterly platonic. In fact I have been in a stable relationship with Irene, my girlfriend for almost six years now. Well, enough about me. Let’s get back to our protagonist now, shall we?

Jane Donovan, the ultimate sufferer who I like to believe will have a happy ending when the time is right. The title of my book is ‘A Broken Angel’
It will depict choices made by Jane when faced with difficulty. Will her love to live overcome her fear of living?? Will she choose to live or to survive??

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