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Invasion of Amphibians

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Satanic frogs take over the "world" in the most supernaturally humorous of ways, and one turtle survived all of that nonsense.

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Invasion of Amphibians, Let's Play

Tuesday evening, around 8 p.m., a dead body was spotted in the marsh. There was a tree under which the body had lain. It had long, black leaves and was about 40 feet high. A gigantic turtle was eating the rather tasty leaves from this ancient, old tree. Both the tree and the turtle were about the same age.

Once the turtle smelled the decaying body that was under the tree, it immediately stopped eating the leaves and turned its attention to the body. The turtle salivated over the body once it has reached the decrepit corpse. Quickly, the turtle devoured the body, and the body was divine for the tongue to taste.

The turtle felt victorious as it went to a rock in the marsh to lay on it. This night in the swamp was rather peaceful, and the bog in this terrain held other content animals. This peaceful moment would not last for long, though. As soon as the sun began to set, Satanic frogs, no literally, frogs from Hell, started to ascend upon this marsh. Their sole purpose was to disturb the peace of the other swamp creatures, who unfortunately had to deal with this miscreant frogs.

The turtle was thinking, "Oh Christ! Not again!" as he had flashbacks of last year. Those same Hellish frogs slaughtered and ate every cat in the local neighborhood. It was a brutal massacre! The turtle squinched his eyes and cringed as he tried to escape the hell of that memory. Unfortunately, the images inside the turtle's head became more vivid. The turtle even remembered the frogs literally scaring the feces out of the humans inside their two-story dwellings with their glaring red eyes and flaming mouths. Hell hath no fury louder than the butts firing onto the poor, unfortunate floors of those homes. This event was one of the most terrifying and disgusting, if not the most terrifying and disgusting, happenings in the unfortunate history of the swamp and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Snapping out of that horrid reverie at exactly 8 p.m., the turtle feared for his life because the frogs planned to dominate the entire swamp and the neighboring lands around it. Those frogs may have seemed cute as they lurked under the moonlight, but they were purely evil. The turtle knew that the frogs were once again attempting to destroy all that were not frogs within a five-mile radius.

It was an act of God when a bird, the frogs' first worst enemy, flew in and ate two of the demonic frogs in real time. Beautiful blood had been spilled across the swamp as the bird chewed the bones of the frogs. The surviving (and the dead) frogs became extremely angry.

An unbelievable sight was in that night of the swamp when the frogs literally flew on their obnoxious green FLYING lily pads at the bird and started to eat it. The turtle was even more traumatized, and the other creatures creeped away from the battlefield, also in the sudden need of a licensed therapist. That swamped bird retreated from the frogs and went to seek reinforcements to all of this MADNESS.

More birds came to feast upon the rebellious frogs, but the frogs ate most of the flock of birds. As a result, the birds hauled freight as they flew to a seemingly safe area to recuperate. This area, however, was a highly-charged telephone pole. The birds did not know this area was in fact where they will become fried poultry; therefore, they each landed on a telephone wire. The wounded bird that came to the scene as an act of God and had first tried to attack the frogs accidentally touched both wires that were connected to the telephone pole. Each of the birds were electrocuted due to the clumsy bird.

A moment later, the frogs flew to the site where the fried poultry laid on a separate lily pad for each of the frogs. They laughed at the idiotic birds and flew down to feast upon their enemies. As they victoriously consumed their meal, they plotted their next step to their journey for conquest.

The frogs had set off to destroy the humans' habitats. They began by invading a house and frightening a human. With their deathly eye rays, they upon those obnoxious lily pads and annihilated all resemblances of human-life. Mass destruction occurred; the frogs had gone freakish! People were torn limb from limb when the frogs had pulled them apart with literally, their front legs.

It was 11:21 p.m. when those accursed frogs continued to smother the lands with destruction. The neighborhood was swamped, and the human police force could not stop them. Their lily pads were able to shoot fire; these were no ordinary frogs, but the psychotic frogs straight from Hell.

A man had awakened with a scared suspicion that his home was being destroyed and that his neighborhood was being demolished. By what, he didn't know or care at that point. He was a huge coward, so he decided (wisely) not to look out of his window.

Instead he decided to wake up from his bed and walk slowly down to the kitchen to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He made the sandwich in peace and "calmly" went to the dining room table, which was near the kitchen. There, he ate only half of his sandwich when a rock flew into his beautifully-colored house.

He yelled, "Really? I JUST BOUGHT THAT NEW WINDOW LAST WEEK!" He was enraged at this point, so he stomped over to the Victorian-styled window to see who the actual hell threw that rock. Before he saw the Satanic frogs, he assumed it was the dumb kids from next door. He was wrong. There were FROGS with long arms throwing rocks into his windows. When he saw them, they flew in on their obnoxious lily pads to scare him. They were successful. That man screamed incredibly loudly to the point where his two children were awakened. They heard him yell, "WTF?!" although he actually spelled it out when he screamed it. "FROGS! THIS IS LITERALLY MY WORST NIGHTMARE! IF I THOUGHT MY BOSS WAS BAD, LAWD JESUS ARE THESE FROGS WORSE!" They also heard his horrifying scream as the Satanic frogs ate his flesh.

Upstairs, the children were in their king-sized bed and were not planning to move a muscle. Once the downstairs section was completely terminated, the frogs crazily flew up to demolish the last piece of human existence in the house. They magically flew under the bed sheets where the children were. The children screamed as each frog ate them slowly, like locusts feeding upon their prey.

After the children became the frogs' meals, the humans in the neighborhood were gone. The frogs were not completed with their journey of "world domination." They, however, were victorious for the night, so they returned to the swamp where every other swamp creature feared for their already confusing lives.

A woman tadpole that magically was left behind sneaked around the desolate neighborhood and ate the remaining corpses. After eating the dead bodies, it became possessed! Satan had shown His might as fire shot out of the ground underneath the woman tadpole. It turned into a sexy, naked human woman with long, flowing red hair and green eyes that looked reptilian. As the human, she ate lizards, protozoa, amoebas, and decapitated chickens. A moment later, she pooped out more devilish frogs that would help her destroy all lands within a five-mile radius and proclaim the land under control of the maniacal frogs. The frogs had attempted to eat her flesh, but her beauty prevented them from consuming her unfathomably attractive body.

A dog stopped dead in its tracks as it saw the woman. It could not help but drool over its mangy golden coat; God, she was the perfect Aphrodite. Quickly, the dog ran to fetch a television for her as a gift.

Once it gathered the courage to meet her, it ran over and panted as it dragged the large, High Definition Television for her. As a token of gratitude, she bit its left front paw off of its body. It had bled to death.

The frogs were thoroughly upset because they had tried to impress her as well. One of the frogs picked his nose with his left front leg and pulled out a remote. The rest of the frogs drank the blood that spilled from the dog.

Surprisingly, the crazed frogs who rested came to the location of the overly-foxy woman and randomly gave her a watch; it read 4:38 a.m. She shrugged her shoulders and ate the frog that gave her the remote. The others turned on the television for her, and she ate the French cuisine of the frog's legs. The rest of the frog's body parts laid with her body.

The mice that unfortunately came out of their dwellings realized that it was odd that the television operated well outside of a home, and they ate the rest of the frogs. They were probably perturbed that the television volume woke them out of their slumber. The woman, perturbed at the mice for interrupting her scheduled television program, ate the mice and rid of their species within the five-square yards of her. After consuming all small animals around her, she continued to watch pornography that included people who were much less attractive than she was.

It was 7:58 p.m. on Fat Tuesday, a week later, when the woman transformed into a demonic frog. There were other frogs present because she needed to urinate or defecate many times between last Wednesday and Fat Tuesday. Her feces consisted of frogs that wished for nothing more than "world domination." All of the frogs were ready to wreak havoc on all of the swamp creatures that were not frogs.

Each of the prejudice frogs urinated to make magical lily pads for themselves. After the frogs finished urinating, they all flew in different directions to cover more ground and destroy all of the other animals.

After the frogs set off on their quest to shoot all of the animals with their eye-rays, fiery lily pads of Satan, and jaws of death, pigs flew with their massive weight to try to stop the frogs. These pigs had the mental capacity of a frog's feces; as in, they had seriously low Intelligent Quotients. The womanly demonic frog spotted the pigs and flew near them. She gave them the most odd look because she knew that they did not understand the fact that her breed of frogs were originated in Hell. The pigs could not figure that Satan himself summoned these frogs to dominate a five-mile radius.

More frogs came to aid the female frog as she wished to commence combat with them. The pigs used their puke as weapons. It clearly was not affecting the frogs, but the frogs swallowed the puke. They returned the attack with their acidic feces. Combat went on as such while other frogs reigned a sense of evil over the lands. Deer, mosquitoes, and predators of the frogs were eaten as the frogs and tadpoles attacked them.

An hour later, the demonic woman frog and her minions came to aid the others. They had destroyed the species of the pigs! There were alligators, however, who were Christians; already, there was a religious conflict between the two species. They had fought to the death, but the alligators had no chance of victory. The frogs had fried alligator for dinner, but some preferred their alligator boiled with a little red wine. Those miscreant frogs planned to conquer the rest of the swamp since they had already spawned in all other places within the swamp area.

The frogs quickly exterminated all of the competition between them, especially toads. They despised the bloody toads with every fiber of their beings! In fact, they refused to eat the toads; instead, they burned the toads as a celebration of victory. The rather intellectual animal species hauled glutious maximus out of the ten-mile radius of that species of frogs. Those frogs were worse than imaginary monsters under random beds.

The turtle in that swamp was the only creature that survived the outburst of the horrible frogs that night. It was happily eating leaves from the ancient, old tree instead of eating another deceased frog body. When the frogs returned to their log, they celebrated and randomly tried to make tadpoles. The unfortunate turtle confusedly watched them, and eventually decided to leave because it was just too much for his turtle mind to handle. Life of the swamp was quite odd for the turtle, and the turtle wondered if it was just one of the first attempts for Satan to control Earth.

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