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Dream Job

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A leading expert in his field lands the job of a lifetime...or does he?

Humor / Fantasy
Alan Jankowski
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Everyman's Fantasy

The California Board of Education meeting once again ran late into the night. The stale air became stifling in the August evening, as the air conditioning units had been shut down over an hour ago. Tempers started to flare, as discussions had become as hot as the California sunshine. Arguments were heard and heard again with no end in sight.

"Look," said the chairman flatly, "we have to find a solution and soon. The dropout rate in the Southern California School system is at an all time high. Attendance rates are the worst in decades. Our federal funding is in jeopardy. If we don't fix this problem immediately, all our paychecks will be on the line. Believe me, heads will roll."

His words were ominous. Suddenly you could hear a pin drop.

"We will adjourn and reconvene in the morning," he added in a serious tone, "we are all tired and we are getting nowhere tonight."

The next day's meeting got off relatively smoothly. People seemed refreshed and a bit more spirited than the previous night.

The usual suggestions of tying teachers' pay to student test scores and other accountability issues were once again debated and shot down. Once again the meeting seemed to be going nowhere. The chairman was visibly frustrated.

"Mr. Chairman, I have a suggestion," said a female voice from the crowd.

"State your name please," said the chairman.

"Elizabeth Rodriguez," stated the woman, "my daughter goes to school here."

"OK, Ms. Rodriguez," said the chairman, "What do you have in mind?"

"Well, I've been thinking," began the woman. "It seems to me the only way to correct the problem is to completely revise the curriculum. The reason why attendance rates are so poor and the dropout rate so high, is that students are just not interested. I mean who really cares what the capital of Lithuania is anyway?"

"Well, Ms. Rodriguez, what do you have in mind?" asked the chairman flatly.

"I think students should be taught real life skills," said the woman in a determined voice, "Like oral sex."

There were audible moans and giggles from the crowd.

"Oral sex?" The chairman seemed perplexed. "So, you mean to tell me you would have your daughter taught oral sex in school instead of geography?"

"Well, yes," continued the woman hesitantly, "I mean if it would keep her in school and perhaps make her more suitable for marriage."

There was laughter from the audience.

"At least you know she will do her homework!" shouted a voice in the crowd.
More laughter was heard.

"OK, I see your point. I think this is a bit extreme, but at this point I'm willing to try anything," said the chairman, "I doubt it will pass, but I will at least put it to a vote after lunch. Desperate times call for desperate measures."

Lunchtime came and went rather uneventfully though it was clear what the main topic of discussion was at everyone's table. After lunch, as promised, the new curriculum was voted on.

"Has the board made a decision?" questioned the chairman.

"Yes we have, Mr. Chairman."

"How say ye?"

"We vote in favor of the new curriculum by a margin of one vote."

There was an undercurrent of hushed moans, giggles and general muffled conversation.

"Well, this is a surprise," stated the chairman. "I need to get this going right away if we are to institute these changes by the start of the school year."

He then turned to one of his assistants, a shapely brunette in her mid twenties. "Miss Dover, I am appointing you head of the special committee to institute the revised curriculum. I need a plan drawn up by tomorrow morning. We will meet again at nine sharp."

"Yes, Mr. Chairman," said Miss Dover quietly.

Nine o'clock the next day rolled around and the meeting was packed. Word got out about the new changes and it was the talk of the town. Many people showed up to see and hear what would happen. This was big news in town and no one wanted to miss it.

"The meeting will come to order," stated the chairman. "Miss Dover, what are your findings?"

"Mr. Chairman," said Miss Dover in a quiet deliberate tone, "I have done some research and asked people who I acknowledge to be experts in the field and they all tell me the same thing."

"Go ahead, Miss Dover."

"Well, we should start these changes off on a trial basis in one high school only at first."

"Do you have a school in mind, Miss Dover?" asked the chairman.

"Yes sir. The Desiree Morehead Academy in Southern California near the beach is an elite yet progressive school for wayward women that would be perfect as a test vehicle for this project. The student body is a relatively small but accomplished group of girls known for being the best and brightest in their community."

"Fine, sounds perfect," said the chairman. "Have you come up with a teacher who will be willing to teach these young women the fine art of oral sex?"

"Well yes," added Miss Dover, "Everyone I spoke to mentioned the same name."

"And who, may I ask, is this person?"

"His name is Alan Walters. He is an expert in human sexuality. He was working at a major university in New Jersey on a project involving the effects of oral stimuli on the female orgasm. I am told that project is done. He is also the leading authority on oral sex in the free world."

"Yes, yes!" a female voice cried out. "Get him here! I mean, um, yes, bring him here."

Muffled laughter could be heard in the background.

"OK, Miss Dover," stated the chairman. "You have one week to get him here."

"Oh, thank you, Mr. Chairman! You won't regret it."


It was early one morning, as I was lying half-awake in bed. I was in the middle of a private teaching session with one of my colleagues. Suddenly the phone rang. Who the heck could be calling me at this hour? Anyone who knows me knows I am not a real morning person.

"Excuse me Cheryl, lift your head a moment I need to reach the phone." I reached my arm out and fumbled for the receiver.


"Hello, is this Alan Walters?" asked the caller.

"Um, yes it is, how can I help you?"

"Oh Mr. Walters, I'm so glad I reached you," continued the caller. "Are you working right now?"

"Um, no. I was involved in a research project at Rutgers University exploring the effects of oral stimuli on female orgasm but the project ended and the grant will not be renewed. So, I am currently not working," I answered.

"Could you just reiterate your credentials, briefly for me."

"Well, I have a degree in human sexuality with a minor in psychology. I also have a master’s in teaching. Why?" I asked.

"Wow, that is perfect. Would you be interested in accepting a teaching position at a prestigious school?" the voice asked.

"Well, that is what I set out to do. Who is this anyway?"

"Sir, my name is Miss Dover. I am with the Southern California Board of Education and I need to meet with you as soon as possible. Can we meet tomorrow afternoon for lunch?"

"Sure, I don't see why not," I said.

"Great, talk to you tomorrow."

After working out the details of the meeting I pondered the brief conversation. Southern California, hmm. Sounded good. I guessed I could teach there. Probably be teaching the history of human sexuality at some community college to a bunch of dimwitted geeks. Heck, at least the weather would be nice. If I did decide to go at least I wouldn't have much to pack. My ex-wife took about everything except my Les Paul guitar and Mesa amp, my blues records and my Exakta camera.


The next day arrived and I made my way to my scheduled meeting spot to meet with Miss Dover. She had chosen to meet me at a local bar of all places. I found myself an empty booth and ordered a Guinness. Minutes later a very shapely brunette of about 25 came in and started walking directly towards my booth. She had on a low cut red dress that looked like it was painted on. For all I know it was. She sat down in the seat across from mine and leaned over.

"You must be Alan Walters," she said.

"Yes, you can call me Alan," I replied. "You must be Miss Dover."

"Yes, but you can call me Ilene."

Ilene Dover. Hmmm. I leaned over to get a better view of that cleavage. Or at least I wanted to.
"Tell me more about this teaching position," I inquired. "What is the course and what community college will I end my career at?"

"Actually, you will be teaching oral sex to high school seniors at a prestigious all-girls’ school in Southern California," she said as she leaned over and touched my arm.

"Um, excuse me. For a moment there is sounded like you said I will be teaching oral sex at an all-girls school in Southern California." I was surprised I got those words out.

"Yes. It is part of a new curriculum. Don't worry. We will pay all your moving expenses. We will set you up in a house on the beach and provide your transportation."

I could feel her knee against my inner thigh at this point.

"You mean a company car as well?" I asked hesitantly.

"Yes, I'm sure that can be arranged." She was stroking my arm in a very sensual manner at this point. "So, are you interested?"

"Um, yes." I managed to get the words out somehow. "Um, when do I start?"

"I just have to make certain you are as good in bed as your reputation," she said coyly, a sheepish grin on her face. "You are known as the best oral sex expert in the world."

"Um, yes, but, um, wouldn't me having sex with you be unprofessional and unethical considering you would be my employer?" I was nervous at her continued advances.

"Oh please!" she insisted, "Please, I'll pay you!"

Hmmm. I thought, well, I could use the money.

"How much?" I asked cautiously.

"I have a thousand in small unmarked bills and I can tip you a couple hundred after I go to the ATM later this afternoon."

Hmmm. Seemed fair she would give me a tip. I planned on giving her a tip, and then some. We ended up at a local hotel. After sweating up the sheets a bit we shared a cigarette. Afterwards I heard her on the phone...

"Yes Mr. Chairman, he lives up to his reputation. And then some."


Arriving in Southern California was a bit of a relief after the long flight. I found my luggage and made my way out to the meeting area. I spotted Ilene and signaled with a wave.

"Have a good flight?" she asked.

"Not bad. Nice to see you again." It was nice to see her again and she was looking hot in her minidress and no bra. As the sweat built up around her breasts from the hot California sun, you could clearly see her nipples trying to poke through.

Ilene led me by the hand to a convertible parked by the curb. "This is your new ride," she said.

"Hmmm. Porsche Boxster S. Not bad. The red is a bit bright though, don't you think?"

"Get used to it. It was all they had," she replied.

"Where we headed?" I just had to ask.

"To your new home," was the reply.

We wound our way down a narrow, twisty road towards the ocean. I could see a secluded beach house at the end of the road. Ilene pulled the car up to the house and turned off the engine. "We're here," she announced.

I grabbed my bags and walked inside. The living room was spacious with a large ceiling fan quietly churning the warm beach air. There was a large screen TV mounted on the wall. A leather sofa and love seat were the main furnishings. I walked through the living room and into the kitchen. I snuck a peek into the refrigerator.

"Ah, Guinness. You remembered."

I grabbed a brew from the fridge and popped it open. Ilene then grabbed my hand. "Follow me," she cooed.

Ilene led me into the bedroom. The large four-post bed was reflected in the mirrored ceiling. It looked very inviting. Ilene saw me staring at the bed.

"Don't you think we should break it in?" she asked.

"I don't know, are you going to pay me?"

"Well, I..."

"That's OK, I'm feeling generous today," I said softly in her ear. After an hour or so of foreplay in which I gave her about a dozen orgasms we engaged in a bit of afterplay, easily going through the first ten pages of the Kama Sutra. Ilene lay motionless on the bed in total exhaustion while I decided whether to hit the tennis court later or just go for a swim.

"Wow, your tongue really is amazing," she cooed. "I hope nothing ever happens to it."

"Don't worry babe, I have it insured for a cool million," I replied.

After I drove Miss Dover home I came back and pondered my situation. Soon I would be teaching oral sex to teenage girls. Really didn't sound like hard work, but was it? It was a long time since I actually taught any real students. I really didn't know what to expect from teenage girls these days. I mean were they eager to learn? Would they listen to me and respect me as a teacher? Would they do their homework? Most important, were they hot looking? So much ran through my mind, with my starting date just a few days away.


The day finally arrived for me to start my new job. Ilene's directions were good and I arrived at the school early. The school was an old, stately-looking place that reminded me of photos I've seen of Oxford. I walked up the steps and was greeted at the front desk by a perky young girl in a sharp looking uniform. She greeted me and told me the Head Mistress was anxious to see me. I followed her to a remote office where a tall woman in a neatly pressed uniform wearing what looked like an officer’s cap greeted me.

"Hi, I'm Head Mistress Helga," she stated with a sense of authority. "I'm in charge of discipline here."

"Good, I'm Alan, I'm…"

"If you have any discipline problems just let me know," Helga interrupted.

"Good, I was wondering..."

"We take discipline very seriously here at The Desiree Morehead Academy," she added.

"I understand but I..."

"Yes, how about you, big boy, do you need discipline?" She was now sitting on my knee.

"I um, I ah..."

"Excuse me, Head Mistress Helga," the girl at the front desk reappeared, "I can show Mr. Walters to his new classroom."

"Yes, I'm eager to see it." I got up swiftly, grabbed my briefcase and followed the receptionist to a large old room. I walked in and placed my briefcase on the front desk.

"Hot in here, isn't it?" I asked.

"Yes, the air conditioner is not working today," she answered. "Should have it fixed by this afternoon."

‘Just my luck,’ I thought. ‘I arrive in California for my first day of teaching and the damn AC is on the fritz. Teaching oral sex to a bunch of hot, fidgety teenagers. What else could go wrong?’

"Your first class should start at nine," she added. "If you need anything, just let me know."

"Thanks. I should be fine."


I certainly was nervous when the nine o'clock bell approached and the students started to file in. I shouldn't be, I thought. It's not like I never taught before. But somehow the sight of these young women filing in with their neatly pressed school uniforms brought butterflies to my stomach. The last of the girls filed in just as the nine o'clock bell rang. I began my speech: "Good Morning, class. Welcome to Oral Sex 101. I will be your teacher. My name is Professor Walters. I know I can be hard sometimes but you will soon learn to deal with it. You will be expected to have good oral skills to make it to the head of the class. If that is tough for you to swallow, get used to it. I expect you to come every day... um, to class. I do not give loads of homework but I expect you to do all your homework assignments and if you need help I am available after class. If there is any disobedience, Head Mistress Helga and I will hand out discipline and I can assure you she is a tough disciplinarian. Discipline will be hard and swift. Any questions?"

A hand went up in the front row. "Yes, um.." I looked at my seating chart, "Lisa"

"It's hot in here."

"Yes I know," I responded. "The air conditioning is broken."

"Can we take our clothes off?" asked Lisa politely.

‘Oh God,’ I thought. ‘First the air conditioner is broken, next I get nervous and start to ramble now these young girls all want to take their clothes off...jeez, what else could go wrong? Ah, what the heck, it can't really do any harm.’

"OK, you all can take your clothes off if you insist."

"Oh, thank you teacher," one girl said.

"Yes, thank you teacher," another said.

Soon all the girls were standing there in their underwear.

"Teacher, can you help me unhook my bra?" a voice from the second row asked softly.

"OK, OK! I can unhook all of your bras. Just line up in front of my desk in order of bra size. I want the smallest breasted girls first and the biggest tits at the end of the line. Do you hear me?"

"Yes teacher," they all said at once.


Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. The alarm went off and my girlfriend Joyce reached over and turned it off. She then nudged me softly...

"Good morning honey, time to wake up."

"Huh," I said.

"Time to wake up. Looks like you were lost in dreamland" she said.

"Yes, I guess I was dreaming. And it was a good one," I said.

"From the looks of that boner it must have been."

"Sure was. Hey, do you feel like playing naughty schoolgirl?" I asked.

"So early?" she asked.

"Yeah, why not. I'm just in the mood." With that I gave her a spank on the butt and she giggled. A good way to start off any day.


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