Breakfast at Karmuck's Interdimensional Cafe

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Episode 15

The Anime Universe Part 3:

“Hmm, one has to wonder why such a powerful foe would bother with a village that couldn’t possibly have a population above 50,” Alicia said. The entire village, which mostly consisted of women, children, and elderly people, stared warily at the new arrivals.

“Call it rule of interesting plot,” Laura replied.

“Well, at least there’s no young men around to gawk at my comically oversized breasts.”

“See? Looking on the bright side. Isn’t life so much easier when you look at the bright side?”

“Not really, it only makes the inevitable disappointment of the darker sides of life that much more painful.” Laura sighed wearily.

“You must be a blast at parties,” she said. A village elder cleared his throat to get the women’s attention. “Right, whaddya need?”

“The Evil Ones have threatened to attack us tonight if we refused to give them what they wanted,” the elder stated.

“And what was that?” Alicia asked.

“About 20 pounds of gold. We’re a farming town.” She and Laura exchanged bemused glances.

“Not the brightest evil overlords are they?” Laura quipped.

“Well actually, in spite of our tiny size, we somehow farm enough surplus to make lots of gold so...”

“Eh, physics in this universe don’t make sense, why would economics?” Laura pointed to Alicia’s chest to prove her point. “Alright, I’m gonna take a nap in one of those huts. Give me a call once the bad guys arrive. Oh, and uh where would I go if I wanted something to eat?”

“Probably the barn,” the elder responded.

“Welp, that’s good enough for me.” Laura slinked off towards the barn, casually swinging her sword around like a toy while doing so. The elder then turned to look at Alicia, specifically her comically oversized breasts.

“You know, you’re really lucky you didn’t land in the hentai-verse,” he said.

“Oh for goodness sake I know!” Alicia growled, sulking away in anger.

“Just stating a fact,” the old man mumbled to himself. Later that day as the sun was setting ten gigantic mechas showed up outside the village, each individual mecha being the size of the entire village. “Uh girls? I think time to cut stuff up now. Girls?”

“Ōkibona jojishi-gatana suraisu!!” Laura yelled as she jumped 200 feet in the air with a raised katana. As she came back down, she somehow caught two mechas with one blade and sliced them clean in half. She landed with her blade and body completely unscratched. She hunched down for a moment to catch her breath.

“What on earth was that?” Alicia exclaimed as she ran up to catch up to her.

“Quite frankly, I got no fucking idea.” Laura gasped back.

“And I don’t think either of us understood a word of that either.” Alicia unsheathed her sword. “In any case, let us go forth to battle. Kyōdaina hagane suraisu!” It was her turn to jump hundreds of feet into the air for no discernible reason with her blade held up. In addition to the three mechas that she destroyed, the shockwave from her landing alone destroyed two more. Needless to say, in spite of the overwhelming odds, the battle was easily won by the two unknown strangers that aided the village for no real reason.
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