Breakfast at Karmuck's Interdimensional Cafe

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Episode 18

Karmuck’s Cafe:

“You know, I actually kind of liked being an anime denizen. It had an… eccentric charm to it,” Laura said.

“Speak for yourself. I’m glad to be able to assume a form with realistic dimensions,” Alicia replied. She opened her mouth to continue but was interrupted when a winged waiter tapped her on the shoulder.

“Excuse me miss. We found a guy and put him in the daycare until we could identify him. We think he’s yours,” he said.

“What do you mean mine?” Alicia grumbled. The waiter stepped out to the side. Behind where he was, Alicia’s brother William, staring around the strange, technicolor wonder building that was Karmuck’s Interdimensional Cafe. “Alright, but for reference he’s my brother, not my child.”

“Whatever,” the waiter said dully before apparating out of the room. Alicia sighed and stood up.

“Alright dear brother, take a seat,” she said.

“Where arm I? How’d that guy disappear? Is that Laura? How’d she get here? How’d you get here?!” William asked. Alicia slapped her palm to her forehead.

“You must be fresh out of the portal. Let me explain…”

Several hours later…

“... in short William, we are now interdimensional travelers on a quest to find inner peace by exploring the greater Multiversal Cosmos that envelops our own lives. At least, that’s the closest to a logical explanation I can find,” Alicia said. William nodded blankly while staring off into space. “You have no idea what I was talking about do you?”

“Not really,” he answered.

“Truth be told, can’t really blame him. That kind of flew over my head too,” Laura added. Alicia scowled.

“Can I have a latte? I need something to keep me from passing out.” William said. You know what? This dude needs some help… And it came to pass that William was endowed with all relevant knowledge pertaining to the Cosmos. “Whoa! What was that?” An endowment of knowledge by me, the Creator of the Cosmos. “Wow, could you give me another one?” No. “Why not?” Cause then you’d turn into a Mary Sue… “What’s a Mary Sue?” Good question Billy. Let’s find out…

The Universe of Fanfiction Part 1:

Laura, William, and Alicia all woke up on an empty green lawn.

“Huh? Where are we?” William mumbled. “No really. Where are we?” You are in the World of Fanfiction, the ground zero of the Mary Sue. “Huh, so are we gonna meet freaky versions of ourselves?” Thankfully no, your universe is young and has yet to be torn asunder by the paradoxical nature of this wretched hive. “Wow, that bad huh?” There are very nice enclaves here and there but the sheer volume of scum in this region makes even an all seeing entity get cynical.

“William, I don’t mean to ridicule your intellect but will you please stop having conversations with imaginary entities,” Alicia said. “Now tell me what page you dropped us into in the Codex.”

“The what?” William answered. Alicia glowered in frustration.

“Eh, cheer up Lissy. At least you don’t have boobs the size of tires. In fact look, all of us actually look like our normal selves,” Laura quipped. William raised his eyebrows at her. “It’s a long story. Anyway, what’s with that crowd gathering over there?” The trio stepped out of the alleyway and into a crowded town square. “What’s the caveat this time bro?” None, in fact due to the extreme elasticity of this universe, your abilities are all left intact. Any wealth, equipment, or possessions you had in your home you have access to here. “Wow, not a bad place to live.” Don’t get too comfortable, the World of Fanfiction isn’t always a nice place...
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