Breakfast at Karmuck's Interdimensional Cafe

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Episode 22

The Universe of Fanfiction Part 5:

Alicia kicked the door down and rushed into the colossal throne room, crouching into a fighting stance. At the end of the throne room, a tall dark haired woman in an elaborate black robe stood up to confront them.

“Is that…” William mumbled.

“The Queen? Demon? Whatever you want to call it, that’s her,” Alicia replied. The woman began trudging toward the team.

“You’re the first canonical characters to ever desecrate this dwelling,” she began. “And I assure you that you will most certainly be the last.” Alicia smirked.

“Really? And how do you plan on fighting us off?” she retorted. She stepped towards her opponent with her back straight and her arms clasped behind her back.

“You fools, you’ve never beheld the full power of a Mary Sue.” The Queen shot her arms out and sent a wave of bright pink energy at Alicia and her team. Every single member of the team fell over onto their knees, everyone except Alicia. She continued walking forward as if nothing had happened. The Queen recoiled in alarm and sent another, much larger wave at her. The energy wave caused Alicia to pause and briefly hunch over. Nevertheless, she stayed on her feet and managed to keep walking without any further stumble. “What?! What are you? How are you resisting?” Alicia lifted her head up, revealing bright, glowing pink eyes.

“I am the solution,” Alicia said. She seized the Queen by the arm and forced her to kneel, clasping her neck and twisting it until it snapped, killing her instantly. Just as she tossed the fresh corpse to the ground, the rest of Alicia’s team was starting to recover. “I’ll take care of her, you go out and search the rest of the labyrinth.” The men fanned out and left Alicia alone to examine her kill. She noticed a glimmering gold pendant hanging from the dead Queen’s neck and pried it away. At the center of the pendant was a circular ruby. On a whim, Alicia placed the pendant around her own neck and opened her palm upward. After some concentration, she managed to conjure a small pink sphere of energy. “Hmm, I could do better.” She narrowed her eyes and lifted her palm up to stare directly at the sphere until it gradually grew larger and turned into a bold scarlet hue. A devilish smile spread across Alicia’s face.

“Milady?” One of her guards had stumbled back into the throne room. Alicia raised an eyebrow and looked between the guard and the glowing red sphere in her palm. A bright red wave of energy overtook the entire throne room.

William heard the blast several feet behind him. He turned back towards the throne room and called inside.

“Hello? Anyone there?” Not really Billy. You need to get out of there. “Wait, what about my sis…” Just get out of there Billy! Just get out! “Okay…” William scrambled down the hallway, zigzagging through the labyrinth until he stumbled back into the alleyway marking the entrance. “Now what?” Now you hide. Trust me Billy, things are going to go bad really really soon. “Where’s my sister?” Good question Billy, let’s have a quick look…

Alicia grinned as her gathered servants knelt before her, each with glowing red eyes.

“Yes, kneel before your new ruler,” she declared. “With the power of the Sue in my hands, the entire Cosmos will be mine to command. Go forth minions and conquer in the name of your master!” The minions stood up and began filing out of the throne room, forming a column. Alicia stepped forward and followed closely behind them.
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