Rachel & Andrew

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Chapter 1


You know the one thing that I hate when I’m sleeping? Noise. Loud, noisy trucks on a Saturday morning disturbing my slumber.

The fact that my bed was near the window the boisterous sounds are irritating. Trying to muffle the noisy trucks, I put my pillow over my head but it doesn’t work.

Who moves at- wait what time is it right now? Turning over to read my clock on my nightstand, 9:30am.

“Ugh! Too early,” I muttered laying on my back and staring at the ceiling, hoping the rumbling of the big wheels will end but it got louder as the engine kicked back with a boom. Sighing annoyed I rolled off my bed slowly removing my comfortor off my body, dragged my feet to the door and headed downstairs.

Spotting mom in the kitchen near the sink in red pantsuit and blazer. “I hear moving trucks.” I said tiredly, leaning over the counter on my elbows.

“Yeah, the new neighbors in the blue house next door. I want you to go over there and welcome them.” She told me, spinning around suddenly with a carton of Krispy creme donuts in hand, my donuts that were in the fridge and wanted to eat when I woke up with a glass of warm milk.

“Why? I don't know them, do I have to? I want a donut.” Reaching for the box but she slapped my hand away.

“Ow! Mother.” I winced shaking my hand.

“It’s for the neighbors, go over there and give it to them," she scolded.

“I’m still sleepy,” I protested with a pout.

“Your eyes are already open, so open the door and be neighborly.” I groaned and stomped my foot, grabbing the donuts and dragged my feet again to the front door, she gave me a slight push and I stumbled but caught my footing she slammed the door behind before I could say anything.

My mom’s always trying to impress people, not realizing that no one stays the same or appreciates what she does. I can’t freaking believe this, I hate meeting new people but I hoped they’re not assholes.

Approaching the opened moving truck in front of the three leveled house I checked the items: brown dining table, long lamp, a new pink bike, mattress, and a weird shaped object I can’t make out in the back.

“Finally my stripper gram came,” I heard a male voice behind me, the guy coming in front of me. A hot guy, even better! Crisp blue eyes, dark hair, fair skin and muscular, dazed by his hotness my skin flushed. Wait, did he just call me a stripper?

“Excuse me?” I shook my head and frowned.

“Quick deliver too. I must know what's your services. Nice disguise.” He grinned slyly, checking out my plaid bottoms and blue tank top pjs.

“I’m welcoming you to the neighborhood.” Holding out the box in front of him with a smile, he took it and his fingers brushed mine slightly I gasped silently from the tingle but masked it.

“Wow, perks from an exotic dancer. Nice.”

“Dude either take the donuts or I eat them,” I rolled my eyes annoyed at his assumptions.

“Andrew, are you being nice? Hi, I’m Daisy Strong his mom and you are?” A woman came behind him with a bright smile.

“Hi, I’m Rachel Thompson. I live next door,” pulling out my hand for my greeting she walked up and hugged me instead. Ok so she’s a hugger, that’s nice.

“So nice to meet you, you’re so pretty.” She complimented with a soft smile and her green eyes glowed.

“Oh thank you. You look awfully young," I complimented. I’m not trying to suck up but it’s a bonus to get on her good side, her skin barely had wrinkles and a fit body.

She laughed incredulously hand on her chest and shook her head, “you’re a sweetheart but I got pregnant at a young age.”

“Oh,” I nodded understanding, seeing a little resemblance between them.

“You don’t have to suck up to her.” Andrew rolled his eyes, placing his hands in his baggy jeans.

“I’m not, I thought she was your older sister,” I affirmed.

“Wow, I think I’m gonna like living here. Andrew, be nice to her.” She scolded and gripped his shoulder.

“Yeah Andrew, be nice to me,” I teased crossing my arms agreeing.

He groaned, “mom please.” Mrs. Strong hit his arm and then smiled to me before going to the direction of the house.

Andrew began staring at me with a creepy expression: glazed eyes and a smirk at my tank top. Do I have a spot or something? I followed his gaze noticing he’s looking at my boobs. It was popped out for cleavage on top since I wasn’t wearing a bra. I growled but I heard him say nice. Ugh, pervert.

“Rachel, did you give them the donuts?” Mom asked standing next to me suddenly.

“He has it,” I pointed to Andrew. They both introduced themselves to each other, Daisy came back to say hi to my mom.

Complimented that we both look alike, which we got a lot from people having the same Brown skin tone, black hair and dark brown eyes.

“We should have dinner sometime when you get situated,” mom suggested suddenly.

“That would be lovely, thank you.” Mrs. Strong said with a big grin. Me and Andrew stood in silence, my mouth parted to speak but knowing mom will insist. I felt Andrew’s stare burning a hole to my head, not letting my eyes look at him I cleared my throat of nerves as I tried to listen to mom and Mrs. Strong, finding out that her husband will be here soon and her youngest daughter is taking a nap.

“Honey, I’m off to work. See you tonight, love you.” She kissed my cheek.

“Love you,” I replied back and she headed to her car, keys and briefcase in hand.

“So I need to be nice to you,” he stated.

“I guess,” I shrugged, scratching my messy bedhead.

“I’m always nice,” he leaned in closer I hitched a breath of what he will do next, “especially to hot neighbors,” he whispered in my ear, I frowned but felt shivers down my spine. He walked away backwards and winked before he walked inside with the donuts.

No way, no way, no way, I chanted in my head, speed walking to my house and up my room my pulse beating quickly. As I opened my door, something hit my window hard.

Spinning around to Andrew waving goofily, he slammed a piece of paper ‘I see you’ written on it. Great, I huffed out a breath.

Our rooms are close by to each other. Entering the covers I covered myself like a cocoon to block his sight forcing myself back to sleep, trying to remove his handsome face from my mind.

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