Rachel & Andrew

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Chapter 10


She’s such a drama queen, a cute one but overall drama. Eyes straight on the windshield and arms crossed tightly, from the corner of my vision she was frowning.

“You need to learn about a sense of humor,” I stated, turning a corner.

“You’re so prehistoric. Caveman,” Rachel spouted shaking her head.

I sputtered out laughing, continuing to drive on the road. “Sassy.”

“Oh Lord,” she said frustrated.

“All right, let’s get breakfast.”

“No thank you, I had mine.”

“Then you won’t mind if I get something?”

“Your car, I don’t care,” she shrugged turning to the door window.

“Is there anything close by?”

I asked in a sickly sweet tone. She looked at me with a scowl, I grinned batting my eyelashes.

She sighed out, rolling her eyes she spoke with clenched teeth “there’s a Dunkin Donuts two minutes away.”

“Aww thank you, sweetie.”

“Ugh, please.” She turned away again to the window back to me. Oh yeah, she’s gonna be really fun.


Fifteen minutes later after arguing on the road, we finally arrived at the school building. I read the sign before entering the parking lot in bold letters:

**Welcome to the new year!**

I found a parking spot close to the entrance, pulling in immediately and shifting the gear into P. I removed my seatbelt grabbing my backpack from the backseat. Hearing the passenger door open she exited my car, slamming it behind her. “Hostile!” I yelled out getting out of my side locking it with the alarm.

“You’re lucky it wasn’t your face,” she replied in a singing voice adjusting her shoulder strap.

“Is this any way to treat your neighbor and new student?” I faked gasped placing a palm to my chest.

“If they have Neanderthal tendencies,” she began walking off I followed behind. Placing my arm around her shoulder she removed it quickly grabbing the doorknob to open it. I saw a colorful banner above that said ‘Reading is Fundamental.’ Rachel striding fast I met her speed catching up.

“You can at least be my nice tour guide.” I spun her to face me, her expression uninterested, she blinked once tilting her head. Both of us standing in the spacious hallway staring at each other. I began to hear mutters and whispers around me: “he must be new.”

“Whoa, who is he?”

“His eyes can’t be that blue. They’re like the fricking sea!”

“Tall and gorgeous! He better be single.”

Rachel probably heard it too as our attention turned to a group of girls gawking at us, finger waving to my direction I nodded and grinned. “Oh my God, he’s so cute!” They squealed running off.

Rachel groaned loudly, “unbelievable.”

“Don’t be jealous,” I said in a teasing tone. More girls coming my way saying hello I waved back.

“I think you can find any one of these girls to help,” Rachel stepped backward out of the way for someone walking through the middle space. It seemed as everyone was going in the same direction.

“Attention new and returning students. The junior and senior class please report to the gymnasium for further instructions! Freshman and sophomore report to the cafeteria. Thank you.” A woman announced through the microphone. The intercom made an annoying feedback before shutting off.

“Who was that?” I questioned.

“Our principal. It’s a welcoming assembly every year. Protocol, instructions and rules for the students. Then they distribute our schedules and lockers,” she answered nodding, I saw her eyes sparkle and lips upturn looking around the hallway.

“You’re excited? For school?” I realized smiling, she’s a teacher’s pet.

“And is that an issue? I like school,” she retorted.

“I bet you were too anxious to sleep for this day. That’s so cute!” I pinched her cheeks.

“Shut up.” She slapped my hand away.

“You must be new,” a chipper voice spoke beside me, turning over the petite cute brunette smiled at me.

“I am,” I said smiling back.

“Let me introduce myself, I’m Kim. Student aide.” She pulled out her arm for a handshake.

“Andrew.” I met her soft hands, bringing it to my mouth and kissed the back of it. She smelled like peaches.

“Ooh. Gentleman!” She giggled, her cheeks becoming pink of blush. “Are you a Junior or senior?”


“Me too!” Her brown eyes widened as she gasped. “I guess we’re going to the gymnasium.”

“Guess so.”

“Do you need someone to give you the grand tour?” She questioned twirling her strand with her index finger.

I heard Rachel huff, her steps clomping I watched her walking off from my side to the same direction as everyone else. I chuckled shaking my head, looking up to Kim she was waiting for my answer.

“Lead the way madam,” I gestured for her to walk in front of me. She giggled instead, linking my arm with hers.

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