Rachel & Andrew

By kevina oyatedor All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Romance

Chapter 2


I didn’t want to move to another state again, especially Pennsylvania. It seemed like a plain state with nothing to do. When mom and dad told us that we were moving here, I was pissed.

California was my favorite to live: surfing with the guys, boardwalk food, beaches nearby and the women in sundresses when the weather got warmer. I’m gonna miss that.

Standing in the middle of the room I examined the spacious room, only my bedframe and mattress hear until the movers bring the rest of my stuff. Two years of high school staying here then I can apply for universities back west.

A knock interrupted my thoughts, turning around mom leaning against the door frame. “Like your new room?” Mom asked with a smile on her face. I hummed in response.

“Look I know this move was unexpected but I promise you this will be the last one,” putting her hand on my shoulder for empathy.

“You said that last time,” I muttered, pulling away from her. Approaching the wide window I placed my palms on the window sill staring at nothing.

“Andrew, you know your dad’s job is important to him. We all have to make sacrifices for him to succeed.”

“Why do I have to sacrifice my life and friends for him to be a success?” With dad being a traveling journalist, his job takes him to other cities. Summers were mini vacations for us when he’s called for assignment in other countries. He has written amazing stories and I’m proud of him but it’s exhausting moving from place to place.

Home town was Colorado but we left when he got promoted to Illinois for a year. For a while we called Rhode Island home but another assignment to California, which we only lived for eight months then my dad had us move here for one more. He promised this is last one, our home. Mom being a homemaker and art selle

so she’s more at home than my dad is.

“Be reasonable, son. You know he does it for us.”

“Yeah I know.” I sighed deeply, tilting my head against the glass.

“Just make the best of it; This is our new home now. We have some nice neighbors, like Rachel she seems lovely. Be friends with her.” Not to mention hot but I held my tongue and nodded once. She patted me on the shoulder and left the room. Facing my window I chuckled that she’s still cocooned in her comforter avoiding me, she should be up.

“Andy,” a small voice broke my thoughts again, my seven year old sister, Lydia inching inside my room and Barbie doll in hand.

“Hey, sweet girl.” Picking her up quickly she wrapped her arms around my neck I sat on the edge of my bed. “You like your room?” I asked her, sitting her on my lap.

“I miss home,” she replied in a small voice, her blue eyes glossing over.

My heart broke a little seeing her sad, I never want to see her like that. “I know Lyds, me too. It’s gonna be okay, we’re finally home. Dad will come home soon and everything will be fine.”

Wiping the stray tear that dripped down her cheek. She nodded in response as she held onto her doll tight.

“You think I’ll make friends here?” she asked with a lisp.

“I know you will, you’ll have plenty of friends. It’s gonna be fine.” She kissed my cheek and hugged me, nuzzling her face into the crook of my neck.

“Hey, you wanna do something fun?” She nodded excited I told her to put on her shoes and to meet downstairs when she’s done. Doing my duty of being nice of our new neighbor.

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