Rachel & Andrew

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Chapter 3


“Do you really love me?” I asked blushing to Ian Somerhalder, staring into his deep blue crystal eyes.

He brushed my cheek with his thumb softly, moving a strand of hair behind my ear. “I don’t just love you, Rachel, I’m-“

DING DONG! My eyes fluttered open slowly, looking around my surroundings: I’m not in the Eiffel Tower in Paris anymore, Noooo! Ian was about to declare his love to me, dammit. Slamming the back of my head on my pillow, I can’t get one peaceful slumber today.

Checking my phone to see it’s 10:35AM, still too early for me. DING DONG! That damn doorbell again. “Coming!” I pushed the comforter off with my feet and sluggishly headed down the stairs and to the door. Peeking into the peephole but no one was there.

“Great, pranksters again,” I muttered annoyed. The entire summer elementary school kids liked playing pranks on the neighbors. From dingdong ditch to water ballons to crank calls and poo filled brown bags. Me being a prankee and hit with ballon filled with whipped cream and another substance I couldn’t guess at me one morning.

Now I dread answering the door. Kids are supposed to be reading and playing kindly instead of trying to resisting to harmful pranks.

The doorbell rang again, I cursed whoever is on the other side when I turned the knob. Opening it quick and swiftly, so I don’t break it off the hinges and searched for the disturbance.

A tug came on my pants, looking down to the cutest little girl I have ever seen. “Hi. What’s your name?” I asked, bending forward to meet her at eye level.

“Lydia,” the blue eyed cutie responded in a low voice.

“Well Lydia, do you need something?”

“I’m lost, I can’t find my brother,” she said with her fingers in her mouth.

“Oh, well did he tell you where he went?” I asked in a worried tone.

“He said I should come here so he could get on your bed.”

“Wait what?” Am I hearing things?

“He wants your bed,” she repeated. What the hell? Hearing a low deep laughter on the other side of the door, almost going into hysterics. The person emerged slowly, holding in his stomach. Andrew. He carried the little girl on his hip and kissed the side of her head.

“Good job sweetie,” he praised.

“So you’re using little girls to prank me? Such a role model,” I said sarcastically.

“I am a great role model to her," he answered in a smug voice.

I raised my eyebrows then look at her, they have the same hair color. His sister? “Yes, my sister,” he told me. Shit, I said that out loud.

“You shouldn’t exploit her with pranks.”

“We’re family and we’ll do anything for each other. Right Lyds?”

“Right, Andy,” she spoke with a giggle and they fist bumped. It was a cute sight but I was still trying to get back to Ian.

“Is there a reason that you’re here, Andrew?” I asked in a deadpan voice.

“It’s almost the afternoon, why are still in bed?” He asked.

“Because its’ summer and I want to be in bed.”

“You don’t have any friends to hang out with?”

“I do actually and I am later in the day.”

“Oh, well if you want I could hang out with you.”

“Why would you want to do that?”

“Because my mom said I should be nice.”

“You seem slimy.”

“I'm a saint, baby.” Glaring at him at his use of baby to be annoying, he just smirked and placed his sister down, informing her to go home to mom. He may be hot and all but he’s such a nuisance,

Hearing a faint ringing, I left my phone upstairs. “I’m busy today,” I told him, about to close the door but he stopped it with his foot. “Excuse you.”

“You know we’ll see more of each other right?”

“It's a big neighborhood, we don’t have to bother each other,”

“See you around, Rachel,” he winked and then left, me being confused when I locked it shut. Just because we live next door doesn’t mean we’ll be friends.

Letting out an irritated sigh I ran upstairs to get my phone, a notification text from Susie asking if we’re still on for the mall later. Repying back with a simple yeah she texted back quick with a smiley face, pick u up at 2.

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