Rachel & Andrew

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Chapter 4


I have to remember to award my sis with an extra cookie after dinner for the great performance on our neighbor.

It took an hour for me to unpack my stuff, I was getting hungry. Abandoning my room I headed downstairs, catching mom in the living room dressed in casual clothing: blue sweatpants and a white t shirt.

Trying to sneak to the kitchen but was stopped by her voice when she said: “we’re going to the mall.”

I assumed she meant her and Lydia, so I told them, “have fun.”

“That means you too Andrew so put your shoes on and meet us at the car,” mom stated in a stern tone. I saw Lydia jump up and down with joy while making her way out the door.

Following them with my shoes in hand approaching the car, fresh air will be good for us and hopefully, I could eat something at the food court.


We arrived at the King of Prussia mall minutes later. Lydia was too excited in the car she got nauseous, we had to stop at a gas station for more water.

This place was freaking huge though, plenty of shops to pick. But I don’t wanna be here all day with mom. If they have an Ann Taylor here, I’m screwed. It’s mom’s favorite shop.

“Oh my gosh, Ann Taylor!” I heard mom scream in excitement as she spotted the store. Crap.

“Mommy I want ice cream,” Lydia begged while tugging her hand hard.

“We will sweetie, let’s just go in here and get mommy some pencil skirts. Come on Andy.”

“Oh no, I’m not going in there. I’ll find somewhere else to do while you shop for the boring.”

“Ann Taylor is not boring, it’s fashion-forward. And I’m not letting you leave without us to get lost.”

“I’m a big boy mom, I think I can handle directions”

“I know, my big boy,” she reached over to pinch my cheeks, I complained, tilting my head away.

“Can I at least sit on the bench that’s across from here and wait for you guys?” I pleaded.

“Fine we won’t be long,” she swooned to me as she went inside the store. Yeah right, I’m gonna be here for hours.

I decided to play on my phone while I wait, candy crush and browsing my facebook feed. I peeked into some of my old friends' statuses: catching some rays and waves.

I missed surfing so much, especially taking my custom made surfboard to the waters on the high wave.

“Andrew?” I heard a masculine voice break out my thoughts, I looked up to sandy blonde hair and green eyes shocked by one of my friends from California here.

“Dude, what are you doing here?” I got up from the bench to give William a handshake. He moved before I did but I didn’t think I would see him in the same state.

“Shopping with my parents, what are you doing here?” he asked back.

“Shopping. But I mean what are you doing in Pennsylvania?”

“I moved here. My mom's publishing company transferred here," he explained.

“That’s cool man. I’m glad to see a familiar face.”

“Me too. I’m about to head to the food court, wanna come?”

“Yeah, I have to tell my mom first.” I went inside the store to tell mom that William’s here. We’ve been friends for a short amount of time but he’s like a brother to me. Mom loved him because she said he’s so mannerly but she doesn’t know his player side.

I told her that we’re going to get something to eat, she agreed and said she’ll meet us there. We started catching up on old things, about California having more girls in bikinis. Girls walking by us, giving winks and waves, we greeted back to them making them squeal. Much appreciated ladies.

“Let’s hit Taco Bell,” Will suggested and I nodded. Going to the line, knowing exactly what I want: grande burrito with nachos.

“Wait so is he hot or what?” Hearing someone’s conversation of the two brunettes in front of me. I’m not eavesdropping, she’s just loud.

“Who cares? He’s annoying. I just hope I don’t see him around much.” the other girl answered irritated, she sounded familiar.

She turned to look over her shoulder, I smirked. “Hi neighbor.” Her face dropped.

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