Rachel & Andrew

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Chapter 5

Chapter five: Rachel

After Susie texted, I cleaned the house a bit and checked my Twitter feed.

1:50pm hit, I slowly dressed into my black sweatpants, blue t-shirt completed with puma sneakers.

A notification of Susie texting me, she was outside, locking my front door behind I spotted my best friend parked in front with her blue acura.

“Hola chica!” She exclaimed when I stepped inside.

I responded back enthused, “Hola!”

Susie’s been my best friend since middle school.

Brunette, brown eyes and petite, shy yet extroverted.

“So what’s the agenda?” I asked while scrolling through my phone.

“Just wanted to hang out. Summer’s almost over, our last week of freedom,” she answered pouting.

“You’re right but you could have come over, watch a Netflix film.”

“We need fresh air Rachel,” she exaggerated; I huffed and laid back on the passenger seat as she drove in neutral speed.


Thirty minutes on the road, we arrived at King of Prussia mall. She parked her car in the lot, we both headed to the first store we saw, Neiman Marcus.

“I didn’t bring a lot of money, Suse. I’m not in a clothing mood,” I trailed off when I spotted the cutest black and yellow over the shoulder purse, on sale for 14 dollars.

In a trance I made my way to it, opening it if it has any space for my stuff, it does. YES!

“Did you hear that Jamie is coming back on the first day of school?” Susie asked when she came next to me, checking out the purses as well

My body stilled, I stayed silent and then shook my head. Jamie’s one of our friends, met him the same year as Susie.

She’s been crushing on him hard since last year, swooning on and on about his swag and hazel eyes. Puberty was kind to him.

What she doesn’t know that Jamie and I had a little fling sophomore year. It started at a party, feeling each other a lot next thing were making out in an empty room.

It didn’t last long, a month tops, he left for Puerto Rico this summer but there’s no closure of what we were. He’s still a friend but I don’t know how he feels.

If Susie found out, she would be so hurt. He doesn’t even know that she likes him. I found after the fling was happening, we had to end and I didn't tell him why. I’ll tell her. Eventually.

“I can’t wait to see him, I missed him so much,” she sighed longingly. “You haven’t been on Facebook Rach? He updated his status that he’s coming Monday.”

“No, I’ve been reading mostly,” I replied nonchalantly.

“Right,” she sounded skeptical but left it alone.

We left after I bought the purse, she bought some jeans and tops, checking our surroundings of some cute guys checking us out and we acknowledged them.

Walking around the spacious mall, my stomach growled.

I haven’t had breakfast since I woke up. If mom didn’t deprive me of donuts to the neighbors, I wouldn’t be almost hangry. “I’m hungry.” I told Suse rubbing my stomach

“Taco Bell or Subway?” She asked.

“Taco Bell.” I'm in a mood for a grande burrito to forget the new neighbors.

“What neighbors?” Susie asked curious. I needed to keep my thoughts to myself.

“New neighbors came today,” I answered rolling my eyes as we made our way to the food court.

“Did you meet them?” She asked as we went to the line.

“Unfortunately. Mom, son, and daughter. I haven’t met the dad yet.”

“How old is the son?”

“Our age.” We almost reached the front of the line.

“He disturbed my sleep twice, and thought I was a stripper. He used his cute sister to play a prank on me.” I shook my head as I thought back to this morning, idiot.

“Wait so is he hot or what?” she asked, I look at her with an irritated expression. Did she not hear what I just said?

“Who cares? He’s annoying, I just hope I don’t see him as much,” I grimaced.

“Hi, neighbor,” I heard a male voice say behind me, I turned and my jaw dropped at his presence. What the hell?

“Why are you here?” I questioned annoyed.

“Shopping, eating etc,” he responded smugly.

“Ugh,” I turned back to the line my good mood dropped.

“Is this the neighbor, Rach? Introduce us,” Susie tucking her hair behind her ear, body language changed to flirt mode.

“Susie this is Andrew Strong the neighbor. Andrew, Susie, my best friend,” I said in a bored tone.

“Hola. Nice to meet you,” Susie put her hand out for a handshake, he took it and kissed the back of her hand.

She giggled giddy, oh Lord. Withholding to roll my eyes at the cheesy sight.

“I’m William,” the guy next to him spoke. Blonde hair, green eyes and a fit body, he’s adorable. What’s he hanging around Andrew for?

“Oh yeah, William. This is Rachel, my neighbor. William, Rachel.” Andrew introduced, I waved awkwardly to him, William smiled at Susie and waved to him too.

“You didn’t tell me about your neighbor bro,” William nugded his stomach.

“How can you have friends when you just moved here?” I asked frowning.

“Best friend, he just moved here too.”

“Oh.” I simply said.

“So would you guys like to join us for lunch?” Susie suggested.

“NO!” I yelled, almost getting attention from the patrons at the food court, the crowd silent watching us. Clearing my throat of embarrassment I tugged my sleeve, “I mean we shouldn’t burden them Suse. They seem like they want to spend time together.”

“Don’t be silly, we all can sit together. I can tell you guys want some company right?” Susie smiled urgently, eyes begging me to make them stay.

“Right, we can all sit together, table for four?” Andrew agreed, putting his arm around my shoulders.

I shrugged his arm off but he kept it on tight pulling into his ribs. I saw William inched his way next to Susie, she blushed at the closeness.

“You’re annoying.” I stated grabbing his arm to move it but he clutched it tightly.

“You’ll get used to it,” he whispered in my ear.

Finally pushing his hold off, all four of us inched to the counter to order.

“What are we having guys?” Andrew asked in a playful tone.

I breathed through my nose, flared wide to get through this afternoon in one piece.

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