Rachel & Andrew

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Andrew & Rachel

Hanging out with my friend, teasing the girl next door with her friend. I was right when I said she was cute, especially when all she did was scowl the entire time. It was fun.

The joke I made about her watching me through the window when I moved in this morning got laughs from her friend but it made her frown deeper. No sense of humor.

With mom buying Ann Taylor pencil skirts, school supplies, pots, snacks etc for the house and unpacking, I was exhausted.

Removing the books and bathroom materials of my last box I flopped on the bed on my back groaning. It’s only six pm; maybe I can squeeze in an hour nap.

“ANDREW, GET DOWN HERE!” Mom roared from downstairs, I lifted my head up from the pillow, checking the time: 6:10 pm. I slept for ten minutes, crap. Let’s pretend I didn’t hear her since I’m in a “deep sleep.” I closed my eyes again, I heard my room door swung open and a hard object hits my forehead. “Ow!”

“Mom says to come downstairs!” Screeched Lydia, I heard her scurry away. Lifting myself up, the object in question in front of me: her Barbie doll. I threw it to the side, standing and dragged my feet downstairs.

When I reached the bottom, mom was by the door, she’s talking to someone. I inched closer now she’s making out with them, I wanted to scream in anger, its dad. That’s even worse.

“Gross guys,” I said loud enough they broke apart. Mom kissed dad on the lips again. I squirmed.

“Dad I thought you weren’t coming back until next month,” I asked crossing my arms.

“Well, that’s my surprise for you guys. I’m here for a while. I see that you guys met the Thompson family. Jake is one of my good friends and colleague, we’re gonna have dinner with his family and him tonight.” Dad finished and I grinned a little, not for meeting his friend but for me to see Rachel again.


I’m so glad dad’s home today. He’s home for a while, which means for a month in dad language. I can still enjoy his presence, I really missed him. He’s been gone for I think four months to an almost year.

Dad announced that we were having dinner with the neighbors tonight. I thought I was rid of him, but his dad and my dad were apparently good friends and workmates. They wanted us to bond or whatever. I let out a heavy sigh. It’s dinner, it will be fine.


I had to fight with mom about what to wear. She wanted me to wear a dress, I wanted to wear jeans. She finally said “ok, but match it with a nice top.”

I’m wearing my grey skinny jeans with a yellow flowy top.

Putting mascara on my lashes, mom yelled for me to come downstairs. I yelled back “OK!”

Wearing my purple boots that made my legs look longer I gave myself one last look in the mirror, fluffed my hair and exited out the room to the stairs. My parents talking to two other adults, Mr. and Mrs. Strong, I waved a greeting.

Mr. Strong was very handsome: salt and pepper hair, blue eyes and strong upper body, an older version of Andrew. Casual but formal wearing grey slacks and a white button shirt, he wanted me to call him John instead of Mr. Strong.

Lydia looked really pretty with her white and pink striped dress, Mrs. Strong was stunning with her blue dress and Andrew, he looked gorgeous. Black slacks, blue button shirt, and hair styled back a chill crept up my spine. I’m supposed to ignore him but how can when he’s giving me an intense stare?

“Rachel, glad to see you again,” he grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it. I grimaced but felt the heat rise from my body I gave a tight fake smile, pulling my hand away forcibly. I just hope he doesn’t sit next to me for dinner.

Walking to the dinner table, mom telling us we’re having meatloaf with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.

I loved mom’s mashed potatoes but she didn’t really perfect her meatloaf, it’s like eating a brick, luck might be on her side tonight. We all took our seats at the table, food already spread out with croissants and rolls, mom and dad sitting together at the end.

Lydia on the left with her dad, John and Daisy Strong sitting on the other side together and that left me and Andrew. I mentally rolled my eyes. He’s sitting on my right, I sat on the empty chair and shifted away from him by two inches but he mirrored my movement. Great, it’s gonna be one of those dinners where he’s gonna annoy me, please let it go by fast so I could binge watch ‘Once Upon a Time’ and then go to bed, I prayed.

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