Rachel & Andrew

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Chapter 8


Since school was tomorrow, mom began droning on about the schedule for the week to Dad and Lyds during dinner. All day was full of shopping for food, equipment and furniture. I had tuned as mom and dad continue to speak, I was so ready for bed.

I glanced to my left to my sister throwing the vegetables off her plate and on to the ground; mom scolded her when she saw it to stop before she spanks her. It was playful though when she gives her a smirk and Lyds pouted a little but ate the rest of her food. I laughed silently and continued to eat.

“Andrew honey you need to wake up at seven thirty tomorrow,” mom told me while getting a drink of tea from the pitcher.

“School doesn’t start until nine,” I responded mouth full, bits of food falling out of the corners.

“Close your mouth when you’re eating. You need an early start, taking Lydia to school, plus you volunteered to carpool with Rachel, remember?” she raised her eyebrows, the tone was in a factual manner. Oh shit, I forgot about that, I actually made it as a joke to mess with her.

The face she made was priceless: pouted lips, frowned eyebrows and puffed cheeks, she looked so cute. I barely even knew her but I can tell she’s gonna be easy to get.

Racking my brain, I squinted wanting to ask why until mom spoke, “I have to run some errands and your dad has an early meeting. We were just talking about this, wash you and your sister’s plates if you’re done,” she finished explaining and then stood up, took hers and dad’s plate away while shaking her head. I leaned back, rolling my eyes at this new information.

“Pay attention, son,” dad chimed in, stood from his chair and patted my shoulder with comfort. I sighed deeply, standing up to take mine and Lyds empty plates. Lydia got up and ran to the living room. Rinsing it and then putting them in the dishwasher, sluggishly I walked upstairs to my room to lie on my bed, telling my family good night. Mom, dad and my younger sister replied back 'good night.'

Pulling out my phone, I checked my social media apps. 50+ notifications, I spotted one from an ex back home.

@andrew.s: miss u so much!! Especially your abs ;). I smiled, replied with a winky face. Scrolling down for anything else.

Trying to remember her name, she didn’t use her real one, @90210fan, her profile picture was familiar: Green eyes, pale ski, and brown hair.

I hooked up with her at the homecoming dance. She was clingy, we only dated for a couple of months.

“Adrianna,” I muttered to myself, mentally praising my awesome memory.

The picture she posted of herself at the beach, its clean blue water and sea shelled filled sand was beautiful, I missed it.

This was home now, I had to make the best of it. Scrolling down to the rest of my newsfeed, some kids discussing about the first day of school. The minority were excited, the majority commenting that it should fast forward to summer again.

Eisenhower high would be my new school for the year, I haven’t visited yet but mom has said the campus was clean, teachers were outstanding and overall good.

I threw my phone on the bed and stood to my feet, looking at the window, I saw a shadow in Rachel’s room right across from me.

Opening my drawers I took off my shirt and pants, wore my grey sweatpants and a black tank top. I made my way to back to the window to close the blinds, before closing it I saw Rachel, bringing out her clothes from her drawer too.

She took her shirt off, revealing her black bra and then walking to the other side of the room. Damn, she’s walking around half naked. I scoffed amused, does she not know, anyone could take a pic of her but I couldn’t look away.

Her body was amazing: curvy hips, soft skin, medium sized boobs, a c cup maybe. She came a little closer to the window still topless. I really needed to say something, the words were swallowed in my mouth checking her out she began to unbutton her pants. I shut my blinds and curtains for her privacy. I may a bit of a creep but I’m not a peeping tom. Shaking my head, I scratched my messy scalp, entering my bed for a night sleep.

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