Rachel & Andrew

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Chapter 9


I opened my eyes to a new day, the sun down but peeking through the clouds I lifted my lower back for a stretch for sitting up fully. Looking at the calendar: August 22. I then checked the time on my night stand: 7:25 a.m.

The first day of school of junior year, I smiled it was my second to last year of high school. It was also about PSAT’s and college entrances before senior year. I needed to focus for my dream university, Penn State. I removed my comforter off my body standing on my feet and heading to the bathroom for a quick shower.

Putting on my skinny jeans, brown boots and white graffiti t-shirt, I brushed my hair twice throwing it into a pineapple bun. I took my light jeans jacket in case the weather dropped. Placing in my fresh new school supplies in my backpack that mom bought yesterday I held it onto the strap making my way downstairs for breakfast.

I couldn’t wait to see my friends on the first day, skipping all the way down to the last step. It was a warm feeling in my stomach whenever it was the first day, I liked it.

With a big smile on my face, I spotted dad in the kitchen bar reading his newspaper. I kissed him on the cheek and said ‘good morning’ to him. He muttered the same thing taking a small bite of his buttered toast.

It’s very rare that he’s home at seven in the morning but he did say that he’s on holiday for a while.

Going to the cupboard, I picked out a box of frosted flakes cereal, a bowl and pull out the milk in the fridge. “You’re ready for your first day?” Dad asked while I poured milk on my cereal.

“Yeah,” I replied, nodding my head excited taking a spoonful of cereal and milk. “What the hell?” I choked, the milk’s sour! I turned on the tap water to take a sip, gargle, and spat. “Gross!”

“Language, Rachel,” dad scolded but I ignored him to get the horrid taste out my mouth. Spoiled milk was one of the worst things to touch your tongue.

“Dammit, I didn’t check the date,” I muttered wiping my mouth and poured the milk down the drain.

“Rachel, language,” he scolded again.

“Sorry dad, the milk’s spoiled,” I explained throwing the carton and the cereal in the trash.

“I’ll buy some more later.” He continued reading.

“Where’s mom?” Opening the fridge to find something edible. The cream cheese and plain bagel in sight on the door of the fridge.

Slicing it in half, I placed them in the toaster and pressed the lever down.

“She went to work early,” he responded.

“Without me? I need a ride,” I whined, I heard the toaster pop up.

“Isn’t Andrew picking you up?” I rolled my eyes, almost forgetting about the agreement.

Smearing the cream cheese on the carb I took a huge bite and sighed. Eating slowly since I had time before he came to ruin my good morning.

A horn honked from outside, the bagel hanging from my mouth startled. “Let’s go Princess!” The voice of my annoying neighbor yelled out.

“Oh hell,” I groaned mouth full. I checked the time on my watch: 8:18 a.m. I’m not even done with my food.

Dad snicker behind his newspaper. I glared at him, not cool dad. I took my remaining bagels wrapped in a Ziploc bag, placing the dishes in the dish washer ready to exit my house.

“Bye dad,” I told him wearing my bag straps over my shoulders.

“Have a good day sweetie and be nice,” he sad.

“No!” I sang and slammed the door behind me. Andrew’s black car parked in front of my house, him leaning his head back casually in the drivers seat bopping his head to something on the radio. Wearing a simple black shirt and jeans, his muscles pulsing as he rocked to the loud music.

Approaching the vehicle slowly, I cleared my throat pulled on the handle but it’s locked. He didn’t notice me so I knocked on the window to get his attention. He turned to me and smiled waving, I pointed to the door for him to unlock it.

He lowered the window and yelled out “what?!” The song booming through the speakers.

“Can you unlock the door?!”

“Oh!” I heard the click of the button when he pushed it on his driver’s side

Opening the door but he drove off an inch, almost running over my feet. His cackled laugh made my skin itch.

Breathing deeply to calm myself, I walked to his car and attempted to open the door but he did it again. Chuckling and wheezing from his mouth, so this was funny to him.

I knew assault was illegal but I really wanted to punch him.

I really didn’t want to begin my junior year with a fight but he was testing my patience.

Instead of being a violent, I marched over and passed his car head held high like a brat.

School wasn’t far anyway. “Rachel what are you doing?” I heard him say, slight humor in his voice driving beside me. Still walking, I picked up my pace almost jogging.

“Come on, I was joking to put a smile on your face.”

“I didn’t find it funny.” I replied irritated.

“Ok ok. Just get in, we’ll be late,” he suggested.

“I can walk, you go on without me.”

“I need a tour guide, please,” hearing him whine but I stood my ground. Well I didn’t really stand I continued to move. Boys think they can get their way if they pouted.

That only worked when we do it to them. He cut the engine off, hearing his steps run after me. “You can be stubborn all you want, you’re getting in the car,” he demanded walking beside me.

“Yeah right, like you’re gonna make me,” I scoffed. His arms wrapped around my knees, lifting me over his shoulder. I let out a scream as he walked to the direction of his car.

“Help! Kidnapper!” I yelled but no one did. I saw an older woman staring at us, rocking back and forth on her rocking chair on her porch shaking her head.

What the hell is neighbor watch for if you’re not gonna help? I looked back stunned at no assistance for me, throwing my hands in the air giving up. He sat me on the passenger side and even buckled my seat belt.

“Since you wanna be childish, I had to resort to that.” I huffed out, crossing my arms. My good mood has now turned sour in five minutes.

He entered the driver side, buckling his seatbelt glancing my side frowning. What is he angry for? He’s the one that pissed me off with his bullshit.

Turning the ignition, the radio came on and he sped on the road. Be nice my dad said, nice is a word that humans use plenty but is never acted upon.

In general I am but people like to take my kindness for weakness, Andrew us one of them and I am not letting him think I’m weak. No way.

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