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Tommy's nanny

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What can a nanny does if the child turns the whole house? Tommy is a 6 years old boy with a great imagination. He invents the games in his home that drive his nanny crazy.

Humor / Children
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Chapter 1

(This is WhatsApp message story)

Norma Hi, Gladys. How is Tommy?

Norma Gladys. Where you are ?

Norma Gladys! Miserable girl… answer me!

Gladys Hi, ma’am. Excuse the delay. I was busy.

Norma With what?

Gladys Tommy wanted to play thieves and cops. And he put me in jail.

Norma So?

Gladys I just left the wardrobe after serving the 20-year sentence.

Norma My child already ate?

Gladys Just a can of sweet strawberry.

Norma What?!

Gladys That was a sheriff’s prize for catching the thief.

Norma Prepare him dinner.

Gladys Okay. I already have dough for rolls and meat...

Gladys Sorry. The meat can no longer be eaten. Tommy disinfected the steak with bleach and threw it out the window at a street dog.

Norma What?

Gladys Do not worry. He did not ate it.

Norma My son?

Gladys No. The dog.

Norma I’m asking you what my son is going to eat now?

Gladys I can make him fried eggs.

Norma Okay.

Fifteen minutes later.

Norma Gladys? My child already ate?

Gladys Sorry, ma’am. I could not make him fried eggs. “General of the army” urgently needed the bombs.

Norma For what?

Gladys There is a rat plague in Malaysia. Therefore, he evacuated all the inhabitants and started bombing.

Norma Where is Malaysia?

Gladys I don’t know. But now it’s in your bedroom.

Norma I did not understand whom they evacuated.

Gladys Your family photos from the badroom.

Norma So?

Gladys Two dozen of eggs reached just to exterminate the plague.

Norma Listen to me, Gladys. Give to my son a yogurt, at least he eats something.

Gladys Okay.

Ten minutes later.

Norma Gladys. Tommy ate the yogurt?

Gladys How can I explain? Tommy said that rough men like his dad, take yogurt with whiskey and ice.

Norma You cannot even think of it!!!

Gladys Do not worry. The cocktail also flew out the window. The dog ate it and now he is sleeping.

Norma Who? Tommy is sleeping?

Gladys No. The dog. And Tommy, I do not think so. Now in his house there is an invading of aliens.

Norma What?!

Gladys A visitor from the planet Mars, of the feline species ...

Norma Tell me that my cat is OK!

Gladys Do not worry. The problem is now he is green-yellow colour and with her husband’s tie looks elegant. He is just upset a little of his the helmet of can.

Norma Gladys.

Gladys Wait, ma’am. I have an emergency.

Norma What’s up Gladys?

Norma Gladys ???

Gladys Excuse me lady. It is that the extraterrestrial wanted to return to his planet and went up to his spaceship of the automatic washing.

Norma Gladys no!

Gladys It is done. I unplugged the spaceship. Then only the paint has to be removed from the drum.

Norma I’m going home! I can not leave my son with you. You can not handle the situation.

Gladys Please hurry up.

Norma What happens?

Gladys Now the rebels of the National Congress put the country in danger.

Norma What?

Gladys We need to build the barricades.

Norma Where is the congress?

Gladys In the dining room.

Norma Gladys!

Gladys Sorry, ma’am. I do not know if I can still send messages to you.

Norma Why?

Gladys There are wounded people in the confrontation between two politic parties.

Norma What?!

Gladys Do not worry. Tommy’s fine.

Norma And who is the wounded?

Gladys I am. Now they are putting the bend on me.

Norma Who?

Gladys A professional surgeon of 6 years old.

Gladys It seems to me that they are going to bend me, like a mummy.

Norma I’m already in my car. Do you think I can not go out once a month to have dinner with my friends?

Gladys Please come before they bend my hands. Tommy is finishing up with the bandages. I think he wants to play mummy.

Norma I’m going.

Gladys Madame. The last thing I can tell you is that you have to play more time with your child, so he will not be despair so much when he has a freedom. And one more thing. I think your son will be a great writer. He has an impressive imagination.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my story.

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