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The Perks Of Being Me

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The Perks Of Being Me is about a girl whose life isn't like anyone else's. Keeping secrets from people, grieving about her mother, and now dealing with the bad boy himself. How crazy can things get? || S Y N O P S I S || Harriet Louise Parker is the perfect definition of a GOOD GIRL. She has a perfect report card, doesn't swear and hates anything that means trouble. Living with only her father, Harriet has never had a boyfriend, let alone been kissed by a boy. Tyler James Adams is the perfect definition of a BAD BOY. He hardly ever goes to school, spends his time doing drugs and goes to parties. Living by himself, he has girls over 24/7 before throwing them away like a pickle off of a burger. Despite the fact that these two people are totally different, they both have problems of their own, secrets that they don't want to share and thoughts that have never been spoken aloud. So, what happens when Harriet and Tyler end up bumping into each other at the biggest party of the year - so far - with alcohol in their system and thoughts wanting to be heard? Well, let's just say that it turns into a life-changing experience.

Humor / Romance
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Chapter One - “No Channing Tatum.”

Harriet’s P.O.V

“C’mon, Denise, stop crying.” I say softly to my best friend who is currently holding her head in her hands while she continues to sob loudly in the middle of my bedroom floor.

“Just get over it. He isn’t that hot anyway.” My other best friend, Tara, says loud enough for Denise to hear which makes me shoot Tara a look which basically says ‘shut up before I shove a lightsaber down your throat’. Denise looks up from her hands and glares at Tara, her tears staining her cheeks.

“What are you talking about? Leonardo Dicaprio is hot and if that rich... rich redhead moved her fat butt over, I wouldn’t be crying now, would I?” Denise snaps angrily and Tara rolls her eyes.

“God, you’re acting as if Leo actually died.” Tara mutters and before I can stop Denise from snapping again, she shoots up from her crouching position on the floor and walks over to Tara, pointing an index finger at her.

“I will kill you if you say one more thing about him.”

“You know the funny thing? Leo actually dies in another movie.”

As I watch Denise pounce on Tara, beginning to pressure point her in the worse of places -- neck, shoulder and stomach -- I shake my head as I realise the two people in front of me are actually my friends.

I know that’s a rude thing to say but if you were friends with Tara and Denise for three years, you would also be asking yourself that same question.

“Deni, stop!” Tara shouts, trying to get Denise off of her. I stand up and walk over to Denise, grabbing her leg and pull her off of my bed. Tara smirks evilly while Denise rubs her backside as she just fell on it.

“Shame.” Tara says and Denise narrows her eyes at her.

“If it wasn’t for Harri, you would be dead.” Denise snaps and Tara nods.

“Yeah because once I killed you, Harri would’ve killed me.” Tara explains and I roll my eyes, crouching near the DVD player. I grab one of the movie cases and look through them.

“Stop bickering and let’s vote on what to watch next--”

“No Leonardo Dicaprio, that’s for sure.”

“No Channing Tatum.”

“Oh how dare you--”

“Guys!” I snap, looking over my shoulder to glare at the two. “If you two don’t stop, I’ll just put on whatever I feel like putting on.” I say and Denise’s eyes widen while Tara shudders in disgust.

“Last time you chose a movie, I think I died from boredom.” Tara mutters and I can’t help but grin.

“Exactly. Now, what movie?”

After half an hour on deciding what to watch, I ended up choosing for them... again. And much to my surprise, the movie I had picked was quite entertaining if I do say so myself. Although, I don’t think Tara and Denise liked it too much because 10 minutes into the movie, they both fell asleep.

But who’s to say that them falling asleep is a bad thing? I mean, I don’t get to hear them arguing anymore... well, that is until the morning anyway.

I look down at my phone again and breathe out a quiet sigh as I look at his name on Messenger. To me, all of the other names didn’t stand out as much as his one did and I guess that’s because I like him... a lot.

Have you ever been in a situation like me? Where you just want to talk to that one person who makes your heart explode and your mind run around like crazy? That one person who you want to call yours but you’re too afraid to even say a ‘hello’ at 2:00 am?

It sucks, doesn’t it.

And the worse thing is when your mind begins to list all of the possibilities on what could happen if you were to message him. Like, what if the message delivers but he leaves you on seen? What if he doesn’t view it at all? What if he tells all of his friends that you messaged him?

And then you come up with that excuse which makes you just want to crawl under a rock and die...

“That was my friend who messaged you.”

Yep, that excuse.

I lick my dry lips as I glance up at the time on the top of my screen again. God, it’s nearly 3:00 am and here I am sitting on my bed with my phone in my hands, deciding if I should message my crush or not. Wow, what has my life become?

“Harri?” I glance to the left and see Dad standing at the door frame of my bedroom with a white mug in his hand. His brown hair is sticking up in different directions and his beard is scruffy, making him look a little younger than what he actually is.

Dad tilts his head to the side and grins a little. “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

“Why aren’t you?” I ask, slowly shoving my phone under my pillow. Dad chuckles and walks into the room, glancing at my two best friends who are sleeping on the air beds on the floor.

“Night patrol.” Dad replies, taking a seat at the end of the bed. He places the mug in his lap and sends me a small smile. “Now, answer my question.”

I breathe out a soft sigh. “I’m not tired.”

Dad’s smile doesn’t wipe off of his face as he studies my face. “You want some coffee? It’s really good.” Dad offers, extending his arm and holding the mug of coffee in front of my face. I shudder in disgust and shake my head.

“No thanks, Dad. You know I don’t like coffee.”

“Don’t diss it until you try it, Harri.” Dad smiles before leaning over and pressing his lips to my forehead. “Get some sleep. You have school tomorrow.” Dad says, getting up from my bed. He walks over to my door but before he leaves, he looks over his shoulder and sends me a hard frown.

“And no climbing out your window to go see boys.” Dad says and I crack a smile at his words. Dad’s frown disappears and gets replaced with a smile. “I mean, they will only break your heart anyway.”

“Good night, Dad.”

“Night, Harri.”

“Mommy, are we going yet?” I ask, beginning to jump up and down on my feet as I watch Mom tie up her hair. When Mom finishes, she sends me a small smile.

“We have to wait for Dad.” Mom replies, earning a scowl from me. Mom chuckles and swings her keys around her index finger. “He should be down any minute now--”

“Talking about me?” I hear Dad ask and both Mom and I look over to see Dad in a suit at the top of the stairs. I grin happily and turn to Mom.

“We can go now!” I cheer and Mom nods, her smile never leaving her face as she continues to stare at Dad. As he makes his way down the stairs, he sends Mom a wink.

“We should go before I end up taking your mother up to the bedroom--”

“William!” Mom scowls, slapping him on the shoulder. Dad just smiles and takes Mom’s hand in his.

“C’mon, let’s go.”

Once I am seated in my seat, Dad takes his seat in the driver’s seat while Mom sits in the chair beside him. Their hands are still holding onto each other’s and I can’t help but pull a disgusted face.

“Ew, you two are gross.” I mutter as Dad begins to drive. Mom chuckles and looks over her shoulder, sending me a small smile.

“Wait till you get a boyfriend, Harri--”

“That’s not happening.” Dad cuts in, his eyes on the road. “Not if I can stop it.”

I grin at Mom and cross my arms over my chest. “See? Dad doesn’t want me to get a boyfriend and even if I did want one, I would never even do... that.” I say, pointing a finger at Mom’s hand which is still clutching onto Dad’s hand. Mom just rolls her eyes, the smile still on her face.

“Just wait and see.”

“Yeah, you’ll wait and see me holding a baseball bat at any boy’s head who even wants to get close to Harriet.” Dad cuts in again and I can’t help but laugh loudly.

“What if you come near me?”

“The only reason I would come near you is to tickle you. Boys on the other hand will do much more than tickle you--”


Before Dad can stop the car or swerve around the incoming car, the red vehicle smashes head-on with our car, sending my body forward, along with Mom’s body. Unlike my body which is still in my seat, Mom flies out of the car, breaking the window and landing on the road.

Then suddenly, another car on my right comes charging towards us and before they can stop, they hit us and send our car flipping around until we are upside down.

“Dad!” I scream, my legs becoming numb. Dad looks around, blood running from the huge cut on his forehead. “Dad!” I scream again, hoping that he can hear me. This time, he notices me and his eyes go wide as he tries to get out of the car to get me out.

I try and get myself out of my seat belt like Mom had always done but I don’t hear a clicking noise. All I hear is Dad’s breathing and the struggling noises he is making.

“Harri, just stay still. I’m going to get us out, okay?”

Suddenly, my eyes land on a woman on the road a few metres away from our car and my eyes widen before a loud scream escapes my lips.


I jolt up from my bed, my breathing heavy. I look down at my clothes and noticed that they are soaked in sweat from the nightmare that just filled my mind. I look down at the floor and notice Tara and Denise still sleeping like they were poisoned with a sleeping potion. I glance at my alarm clock beside my bed and look at the red numbers that read: 6:18 am.

I place a hand to my forehead and close my eyes for a brief second. I need to see Dr Martinez again... the medication is definitely not working, I think to myself as I open my eyes again. I throw my legs off of my bed and begin to walk towards my door, wanting to have a shower since I am all sweaty.

Once I reach the bathroom, I close the door behind me and strip from my white singlet and black pajama pants before throwing them into the white basket beside the sink which has all the dirty clothes in it. I pull the hair tie out of my hair and let my brown hair fall down my back, not liking the fact how it immediately sticks to my sweaty back.

But then again, what do I expect since my whole body is sweaty?

I walk over to the shower -- which is also my bath tub since we can’t afford a ‘better’ house, says Dad -- and turn the knob, letting the hot water begin to heat up. I place my hand under the water and adjust the cold and hot water until I feel like it is good enough for my liking. When I step into the tub, I breathe out a sigh when the warm water hits my back, suddenly feeling a lot more relaxed.

“Girls, you’re going to be late!” Dad shouts from the bottom of the stairs and Tara scoffs in annoyance.

“I’m ready, Mr. Parker! It’s Denise and Harriet who are taking their sweet time!” Tara shouts back and I roll my eyes, brushing my hair into a high ponytail. Denise on the other hand can’t ignore Tara’s comment.

“Time is sweet, isn’t it? I suggest you use your time wisely as today might be your last--”

“What are you? You sound like some creepy stalker who follows people and whisper that exact line in people’s ears.” Tara snaps, looking over her shoulder to narrow her eyes at Denise.

Told you they would argue in the morning.

“I’m the stalker? I’m not the one stalking Jack on Facebook 24/7--”

“I’m not the one who cried over Leonardo dying--”

“You leave Leo out of this!”

“Leave Jack out of it then and I won’t bring your ‘boyfriend’ into it--”

“I may be old but Jesus, I can hear you from all the way down the stairs.” Dad laughs as he enters my room with his car keys around his finger. I turn to Dad and smile.

“You’re not old.” I say and Dad brings me into a hug.

“Such an angel.” Dad mutters to me, placing his lips on the top of my head. Tara gags while Denise smiles slightly at the two of us. Dad walks back to the door frame and gestures for the three of us to follow him downstairs, probably to leave and get to school.

Tara grabs her black backpack and throws it over her shoulder and Denise does the same. I grab my phone and shove it in my pocket, also throwing my own bag over my shoulder.

“Ready for another day of school?” I ask and Tara rolls her eyes.

“Never will I ever be.”

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