The Perks Of Being Me

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Chapter Ten - “Fuck Off, Daddy’s Girl.”

Harriet’s P.O.V

“Just keep your head down...” Tara trails off as she places a heavy hand on the top of my head to keep my gaze on the ground. I furrow my eyebrows and try to look up at Tara but she forces my head down just enough so I can’t see anything in front of me, only the floor.

“Do we tell Denise?” Tara asks as we stop walking. I glance to the right and notice that we are standing near my locker. How I know it’s my locker? Well, I don’t think anyone else has the words ‘Happy Harri’ below the combination. And to answer your question, I didn’t write that, neither do I know who did.

Opening my locker, I begin to unload the books I don’t need until later. “I don’t even know if she’s coming today.” I say and Denise rolls her eyes, leaning against the door of my locker.

“Probably because she is with that fucking--”

“No.” I hear a voice say, making both Tara and I look over at Denise who is staring at the both of us with no emotion whatsoever. And to say that she looks completely horrible today is a huge understatement.

“Woah...” I trail off, my eyes beginning to trail down to look at her grey sweatpants and large hoodie. Her hair is up in a messy bun and there are large bags under her eyes which makes me furrow my eyebrows.

“What the hell happened to you?” Tara asks, crossing her arms over her chest as she looks Denise dead in the eye. Denise shrugs it off and shoves her hands in her pocket.

“Nothing. I’m just cold today.” Denise says, forcing a small smile.

“I call bullshit!” I hear a voice say, humor clear in her tone. Clenching my jaw, I look over at Emma and so does everyone else. Emma stops in front of us and glances at Denise again. “You really do suck at lying. So, who was it?”

“Fuck off, Daddy’s girl.” Tara snaps, taking a threatening step towards Emma. “Or do you need another punch to your face?”

Emma smiles, waving Tara off. “I’m only trying to help.”

“Now, I call bullshit.” I hear someone say, making me look over at Alec who is walking over to Denise. He wraps an arm around her shoulders and brings her closer to him. ”Leave.”

“Awe, cute. The knight in shinning armor came to save the helpless girl.” Emma says, glancing over at Denise and Alec. “Let’s see how long you two can hold.” Emma says before walking off with a wink.

Rolling my eyes, I look back at Denise. “You want to talk later?” I ask and Denise sighs, nodding. When I turn back to finish grabbing the books from my bag, I hear Alec talk.

“Don’t let it eat you up.” Alec says and I glance over to see him kiss her forehead. When he meets my eyes, he gives me a small nod. “We’re going for a walk. See you two later.”

When they both turn a corner, I look over at Tara, my eyebrows furrowed. Tara just shrugs and shoves her hands in the pockets of her jacket.

“No clue. But with what Emma said, that’s obviously going to get into Denise’s head.” Tara says and I slam the locker door shut, breathing out a sigh.

“I know.”

I sit in the classroom that Principal Green told me to stay in and wait for Christopher Miller to walk into the classroom so I can help him with Math. As I begin to set everything out, organizing the sheets in order, I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket.

Pulling out my phone, I read the message from Denise.

Denise: Where are you?

Remembering how I didn’t tell Denise about the tutoring, I breathe out a sigh and begin to type my reply to my best friend.

Me: Long story short, Principal Green wants me to tutor a few students to help the reputation of the school or something. What’s up?

After a few seconds, my phone vibrates, notifying me that Denise has replied.

Denise: What? I thought you didn’t like tutoring people... Anyway, I just thought that maybe we could talk now but since you’re busy...

Me: Only when they don’teven bother to learn. You can come over to mine after school for a while and we’ll talk about whatever you want to. I’ll even put some pizza in the oven too ;)

Suddenly, I hear a knock at the door after I send the message, making me jump up in fright. Glancing back down at my phone, a message pops up on the screen.

Denise: You’re the best xx

Me: I know. I’ll see you soon.

Denise: See you :)

Turning my phone off, I shove it in my pocket and stand up from the chair, walking over to the door. Expecting it to be Christopher, I swing the door open to reveal someone other than Chris.

Tyler Adams.

Gulping, I furrow my eyebrows. “Uh, you don’t have your lesson until next--”

“I know.” Tyler says, cutting me off. “The Principal told me that he changed my session to today since that other kid isn’t here.” Tyler adds, his eyes staring into mine.

Feeling the memories of the party flood into my head, I no slowly, taking in the information. “Well in that case... sit down.” I say, moving away from the door so Tyler can walk in. When he does, I close the door and stare at the door in surprise and shock.

What the hell am I going to do now? I wasn’t prepared for this... I think to myself as I lick my lips. Hearing a chair scrape back against the floor, I remember that Tyler has just walked in and turn around, walking to the table where all of my papers are.

I take a seat in my chair, looking down at the papers that weren’t meant for Tyler. “M-My apologies...” I begin as I start to collect the papers into one pile. Sliding them into the file, I look through the file only to realise that because of this sudden change of events, I don’t have the sheets for Tyler.

“You look lost,” Tyler says, leaning back in his seat as I stare at the file in front of me. Looking up at Tyler, I feel my heart race.

“I just wasn’t, uh, ready for this.” I say, running a hand through my hair. “You see, because of the change, I don’t have the sheets that I’m supposed to tutor you with.” I add, watching as Tyler glances down at the file.

“Well...” Tyler begins, grabbing the file. “What do I need help with?”

“Visual and History.” I say a little too quickly, like I have been re-reading his file for the past week. Tyler glances up at me, a small grin on his face.

“Fast...” He trails off, the grin making my heart race even more. Not knowing how to respond, I just watch as he places the file back down on the folder. “Since you don’t have the papers, I’ve got a better idea.”

“And what would that be?” I ask quietly, my leg bouncing up and down as I watch Tyler cross his arms over his chest.

“I want to talk about something.” Tyler explains, raising his chin a little. “Specifically about that party...” Tyler says slowly and I furrow my eyebrows.

"You okay?” I can’t help but ask the person. I mean, the hit of the head did sound pretty hard so I had to say something, right?


“No, I just bumped my head on a fucking window.” The person snaps as they climb out of the room and onto the window. The smell of alcohol that is coming off the person is strong -- wait, maybe that is me. Do I actually smell that bad? Oh dear lord...

“You don’t have to swear so much, you know?” I mumble, my back still against the cold tiles. My head is still slightly turned as I watch the person take a seat beside me, a bottle of vodka in his hands.

“And you don’t have to talk so much but I guess life is a bitch to all.” The voice is definitely male, I can say that. So, he shall be named... Humpty -- wait, what?

Oh who cares... definitely not me!

“And you did it again.” I say, watching as Humpty takes a huge sip of the clear liquid.

“So did you.”

“Uh... what about it?” I ask, trying to not let my heart race anymore than it already is. I watch as Tyler stares into my eyes, making my leg continue to go crazy.

“Remember that conversation we had? On the roof?” Tyler asks and I nod slowly. If this situation gets even more awkward, especially with him staring at me like that, I think I might end up throwing up my lunch... I think to myself as I bite down on the inside of my cheek.

“I want to make a deal with you, seeing as we both said a few things that night.” Tyler says and I nod again, not really wanted to talk unless I have another case of my terrible word vomit. “With you being my tutor, I want you to also be the person I can come and talk to but...”

But what? What else could he possible want? And why am I agreeing to this... I think to myself as I pinch my palm, trying to calm myself down.

“B-But what?” I ask, feeling my cheeks heat up. Tyler runs his tongue over his bottom lip before saying,

“But you have to do the same.”

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