The Perks Of Being Me

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Chapter Fourteen - ”Cat Got Your Tongue?”

Harriet’s P.O.V

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

I have only been running for a minute and I feel like my legs are just going to fall off while my lungs give up on me. I have to keep running though, I think to myself as I push myself further, pretending that with every step, I’m getting closer to a prize. And that prize is going to be freedom.

His footsteps continue to chase after me, making my heart race even faster. I can’t do this, I think to myself as I squeeze my hands tighter, running faster. Just think of freedom, I tell myself, looking ahead as I see the main road which leads to a large field.

Okay, I know what to do. If I get across the main road at just the right time where Tyler gets blocked off by cars -- just like in those movies where the car runs across the train tracks at just the right time to get free -- I can run across the field and take the shortcut to Denise’s house. Then I’ll be safe.

Just as I am about to reach the main road, I glance behind me to see Tyler gone. Wait, huh? I stop in my tracks, looking around to see where Tyler has disappeared to. All of a sudden, a loud motor stops in front of me, the person cutting the engine. Looking ahead of me, the person in the car winds down the window close to me.

Oh, my God.

“I told you I’ll get you.”

“Tyler, you don’t understand. If I don’t tell Denise why I have ditched her again for the second time, I’ll be letting her down. She’s been going through a rough time and I, as a friend, should be helping her right now. So, please, can I have my phone back?” I ask, sitting on my bed. Tyler looks around my room, his arms crossed over his chest.

“So, where’s your Dad?” Tyler asks, avoiding my pleading for my phone. I groan, running my hands down my face.

“If I tell you, will you give my phone back?” I ask and Tyler looks over at me, a small smirk on his face.

“Nope.” Tyler replies, making me groan again. I stand from my bed, walking over to him before pushing my fists in his chest.

“Look, you... you--”

“Cat got your tongue?” Tyler laughs, grabbing both my fists and spinning me around so my back is against his chest. “You know, if you’re going to insult me, Tipsy, you should choke up on your words.” Tyler says as I watch him through the reflection of my mirror, his mouth moving closer to my ear. “Ruins the mood.”

I choke on my saliva, pulling myself out of Tyler’s hold. “Excuse me!” I nearly shout, walking over to the corner of my room, not wanting Tyler to come anywhere near me. “Shut your mouth!”

“No can do, Tipsy. Besides, you’ve still got to try on the stuff for my Uncle. And if you aren’t going to, I’ll have to make you.” Tyler explains and I cross my arms over my chest.

“You’re not making me do anything. If you even touch me, I’ll call the police.” I snap, proud of my response. There, he can’t beat that one.

Tyler smirks, digging his hand into his pocket. “Oh yeah? With what phone?” Tyler asks and I lick my teeth in annoyance. Damn, I forgot he has my phone, I think to myself angrily. “Now, shall we do this?”

Realising that I have no choice, I roll my eyes. “Fine. But when I try on the stupid dress and heels, you’re leaving my house and giving me back my phone.”

“Wait, so I’ll leave your house, then give you your phone? Great plan, Tipsy. You’re so smart.” Tyler says, the smirk growing on his face. I feel my nose twitch as I clench my fists.

“I want to punch you so bad right now.”

Tyler laughs, “Yeah, I’m sure. I wonder how those baby hands will feel.”

Groaning loudly, I cross my arms over my chest and grab the bag that Tyler had carried in, which has the dress and heels in it. “I hate you.” I say, walking out of my room and into the bathroom. Locking the door, I take in a deep breath to calm myself down.

After I’ve felt that I have relaxed a little, I reach into the bag, my hands grabbing at the heels, which is what I feel first. Pulling them out of the bag, I look at the black heels that look way bigger than what Denise wears. Three inches maybe? Four? How does he expect me to walk in these?

It’s a pretty design though. They are the heels that when you put them on, the straps go up your legs. You know, like ballerina shoes. And they are black so I guess that’s cool too, seeing as it would stand out from my tanned skin tone.

After looking at the heels for a little longer, checking that the size is my size, I reach my hand in the bag again. Feeling a soft fabric, I pull out the dress and my eyes immediately sink into the design. At the bottom, one of the sides, on my right leg, is longer than the left, which makes the left side show a lot more skin. It looks like it goes up to mid-thigh, which makes me anxious. The top part thought is simply like a singlet but with slightly thicker straps and the front of the dress comes up more, closer to my neck. Overall, it looks like something that a model would wear, not a seventeen year old Harriet.

“How’s it going in there?” I hear Tyler ask, a knock coming after his question. I zone out of my thoughts, staring at the door with the dress in my hands.

“Nearly done.” I call out, looking back at the dress. I place it on the rack instead of the floor, not wanting it to get dirty, and begin to strip from my clothes that I’m wearing now. When I’m finished, I grab the dress and throw it over my slim frame. When I realise that it’s a little loose at the back, I sigh in frustration.

Curse zippers.

I walk over to the door, making sure to stress out the bottom a little before opening the door. With my back facing him, I point at the zipper. “Help, please.” I say, closing my eyes for no exact reason. Maybe it’s because I’m stressed out, or its because of the fact that the zipper is so down my back that I’m afraid Tyler is seeing too much of me.

“Gladly.” Tyler says, his hand grabbing at my waist very gently, as if he is afraid of crushing me. He pulls me back towards him more, his hands slightly tickling at my sides. I don’t react though, still hating him for making me do this. I mean, I did agree but I didn’t agree to ditch my friend to do this.

Tyler’s hands slowly trail behind me, his fingertips gliding over to this zipper before clipping onto it. His left hand trails up my back more to hold me in place before zipping the zipper up and it stops just under my bra, his fingers resting under the wire. I hold in a deep breath, the feeling of his fingers slowly on my skin making me feel a little... weird.

Sucking in a quiet breath of air, I feel Tyler pull the zipper up extremely slow. The rest of his fingers, which aren’t holding the zipper, follow behind it as they trail up my back as slowly as he is pulling the zipper up. I gulp, feeling Tyler’s left hand grip at me a little tighter as the zipper nearly reaches the top. When it does, he holds me for a little longer, not saying a word. It’s until I slowly step forward, away from his hold, when he snaps back to reality.

“There.” Tyler says and I turn around to see the small grin on his face. “All done.”

“Thanks.” I say, feeling a small smile appear on my face. The feeling of his fingers running over my skin ever so slowly begins to play in my mind but I quickly push it away. “So, do I just put the heels on and then I’m done?”

Tyler shakes his head, “You’ll need to walk around first to get used to them. After that, I’ll give you back your phone.” Tyler explains and nod, staring at Tyler a little longer before breaking the eye contact, walking back into the bathroom.


“No, you keep turning your left foot too much to the right, which is making you trip. Just breathe and walk properly.” Tyler says, holding my arms and lifting me up from the floor.

“Don’t you think I’m trying?” I complain, wiping my hands on my shorts. I still would’ve been wearing the dress as I walk with the heels but I didn’t want to rip it if I fell over the wrong way. And because of how short the dress is, I didn’t want Tyler to see anything that I wouldn’t be comfortable with. So now, I’m just wearing short, grey shorts with Dad’s large, white t-shirt.

Tyler breathes out a sigh, “I do, but maybe just control yourself and stop shaking.” Tyler says, holding out my hands in front of him to show me that my hands are in-fact shaking like crazy. “I mean, it’s only me here.”

I look up at Tyler, his warm hands still holding mine. Everything goes silent for a second as we stare at each other, not saying a word. All of a sudden, I hear a key being turned into the front door, which makes me break away from Tyler.

“Oh, my God. Dad’s home!” I mutter, leaping over to my bed to take off the heels as quickly as I can. When I do, holding both of the heels in my hands, I reach my hand under my bed and make sure that the heels are far enough under the bed so no one can see it immediately when they walk into my room.

When I look up at Tyler though, who I expected to jump out a window or something, he just watches me, that stupid grin on his face.

“Harri, I’m home! And I have take-away!”

My eyes go wide as I jump up from my bed. I grab Tyler by the arm, shaking it. “Tyler! Why are you just standing there? If Dad even sees a boy in my room, he’ll flip--”

I’m cut off my Tyler’s lips, which press against my cheek. The sudden action makes my heart race and my face burn up into an intense blush. His hands hold me at my waist as his lips continue to rest on my cheek and I can’t help but reach both my hands up to grab at his arms.

When we both hear Dad’s footsteps on the stairs, he pulls away from me. Sending me a small smile, he flips his hood over his head and walks over to my window, pulling it up before climbing out.

“Why do you look so flustered?” I hear Dad say and I look over at him, my lips parted in shock.

“Uh... because I -- naked! I was naked!” I shout, licking my lips.

Dad stares at me, a look of concern, disbelief and humour. But he doesn’t decide to push on my word vomit. “Come on, I bought you some dinner.”

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