The Perks Of Being Me

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Chapter Two - “One Day, I Will Literally End That Bitch.”

Harriet’s P.O.V

“So, I thought that maybe instead of sitting in the cafeteria today, we could sit on the hill near that big oak tree, you know? It’s calm and--”

“Denise, do you ever shut up?” Tara asks, rolling her eyes at Denise. I slam my locker shut and raise a hand between Denise and Tara.

“I know you two don’t. Now, if you two have finished, I would like to go to the library and--”

Suddenly, someone walks past and barges their shoulder into mine, cutting me off from my words. The three of us look over at the culprit and I breathe out a frustrated sigh when my eyes land on a familiar brunette who is currently smirking at the fact that she has just hit me.

Emma Peterson - the school’s biggest... female dog - if you know what I mean. She owned the title ‘Queen Bee’ when she ended up becoming the captain of the cheerleading team. I know, what a total cliché. But unlike all of the popular girl’s in the movies, Emma is a brunette with - dare I say it - beautiful hazel eyes. Unfortunately, since my life is a major cliché, the good girl - me - is bullied by the popular girl... and that is my life. I, Harriet Parker, am nothing but a living character from a movie - just without the movie.

“Watch where you’re going, darling.” Emma says sweetly and I hear Tara growl in anger and disbelief.

“Keep walking unless you want my fist greeting your face, darling.” Tara snaps and Emma, like usual, doesn’t get affected by her words. Instead, she smiles and waves before continuing to walk around the corner, disappearing from my view.

“One day, I will literally end that bitch.” Tara says, her eyes finally pulling away from the corner that Emma turned. I throw my bag over my shoulder and breathe out a sigh.

“C’mon, I need to study before the first bell.”

“Oh. My. God.” I hear Denise gasp and I look up from my book to see what all of the fuss is about. Denise is holding her phone in her hand and her eyes are wide.

“What?” I can’t help but ask. Denise looks up at me and shows me her phone. I squint my eyes at the screen and look at the photo which is of a house that is completely lit up with lights. The words ‘best party of the year -- so far’ is in bold at the top of the picture and I roll my eyes when I see the familiar name at the bottom of the screen.

Crystal Williams.

Unlike Emma who is Queen Bee of Brooklyn Heights High, Crystal is the party girl. She hosts all of the parties and basically organises all of the ‘fun’ stuff that either happens here or at her mansion. Crystal is known for the loudest parties that she hosts but is also known for her crazy behavior. What I mean is, is that one time, I heard that she nearly set her neighbor’s car on fire because he told her that her party was too loud.

Never, and I mean never, tell Crystal that her party is too loud.

Because it will not end well.

“Before you start saying ‘we have to go’, I am not going--”

“Not going where?” I hear a familiar voice ask and I hear Tara scowl as she shoves a fry into her mouth. I look up at Alec and watch as he takes a seat next to Denise, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

“None of your business.” Tara snaps, glaring at Alec. He looks over at Tara and grins at her, knowing that it will make her angry.

“Oh c’mon, Tar, you know that ever since I began dating your best friend, everything in this friendship circle is my business.” Alec comments and I run a hand through my brown hair.


“No it is not. Just because you have no friends does not mean that you can be friends with us.” Tara says, shoving another fry in her mouth. Denise runs a hand down her face but doesn’t bother to stop the two from continuing.

“Time of the month?” Alec suggests and that’s when Tara stands up from her chair, her chest rising up and down from anger.

“I will literally cut your dick off and feed it to your dog.” Tara snaps and Alec smiles sweetly at my best friend.

“You know what I’ve noticed about you, Tar?” Alec asks, standing up from his chair. “You just talk, talk, and talk. No bite--”

Just as the last word escapes Alec’s mouth, Denise jumps up and stands in front of her boyfriend. “Alec, she isn’t joking...” Denise says, glancing over her shoulder to narrow her eyes at her boyfriend. I glance over at Tara who looks like she is ready to gauge Alec’s eyeballs out with her bare hands.

Ew, why did I just imagine that?

“Then if she isn’t joking, why hasn’t she done it yet?” Alec asks and he looks over at Tara, the smile still on his face. “Exactly.” Alec says and takes a seat, stealing one of Tara’s fries and shoving it in his mouth. Tara glares at Alec before shoving her chair to the side and storming out of the cafeteria, all eyes on her.

I sigh and run a hand down my face. “Alec, you should’ve just shut up.” I say, standing up from my chair. Before Alec can say another word, I run out of the cafeteria and notice Tara leaning against the lockers, her hands on her face.

I walk over to her and when I reach her, I place a hand on her shoulder. “Tara, you okay?” I ask and she pulls her hands away from her face and looks at me, the tears clear in her eyes. Out of instinct, I pull her into a hug and listen to the sobs coming from my best friend.

“It’s okay, Tara. Everything will get better, I promise.”

“Please, Harri, please!” Denise begs, her bottom lip jutting out. I shake my head and shove my phone in my pocket as I begin to shove my books in my bag.

“No, Deni, no.” I reply, slamming my locker shut. Everyone begins to exit the building and I look over at Denise who is still pouting at me. “What?”

“What do you mean ‘what’?” Denise snaps, placing both of her hands on her hips. “I have been begging you for 10 minutes for you to say ‘oh sure, Denise, I will come to the party just for you’ but I’m not hearing that come out of your mouth. I honestly don’t even know--”

“You’re ranting, babe.” Alec says as he slings an arm around Denise’s waist. I watch as Denise runs a hand down her face, a frustrated sigh escaping her mouth.

“I’m sorry, Deni, but I don’t want to go. Maybe I will change my decision--” Denise’s eyes light up in hope. “--but I doubt it.” I finish and Denise sighs again.

“Fine.” Denise says and suddenly, my eyes catch onto a certain brunette who is walking towards us with a small grin on her face, her two best friends -- Hailey and Courtney -- walking right behind her.

“Bitch-alert.” Tara says lowly just so we can hear her. Denise looks over her shoulder and watches as Emma walks past us, her eyes never leaving mine. She mouths ‘see you tomorrow, darling’ to me and I just ignore her, watching as she walks out of the building.

“Okay, before I tackle her, I’m going to Wellah’s and chill. You coming, Harri?” Tara asks and I nod, walking behind her. I hear Denise cough and we both stop, looking over our shoulder to see what Denise wants.

“Forgetting someone?”

“No, we aren’t--”

“You can come if you want.” I say and Tara scoffs.

“But not your lame-ass boyfriend.” Tara mutters and Denise sighs. Before Denise can say a word, Alec decides to speak up.

“Don’t worry, baby, I have a family reunion I have to get to anyway.” Alec smiles before pecking Denise’s lips. As he walks past us, he sends Tara a small glance before exiting the building. Denise walks up to us and nods.

“Okay, let’s go then.”

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