The Perks Of Being Me

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Chapter Twenty - "This Is Stealing!"

Chapter Twenty - “This Is Stealing!”

Harriet’s P.O.V

What could Tyler mean by ‘some fun’? What part of getting meat is fun? Everytime Dad had brought me to the store with him to get meat for dinner, I wouldn’t call waiting for him to choose between steak and sausages ‘fun’.

So, when I stare at Tyler who is waiting for me to grab onto his hand so we can walk into the store, my frown continues to deepen. “Tyler, that grin is creeping me out.” I say, crossing my arms over my chest as I lean against the car. “What are you planning?”

“What ever do you mean, Tipsy?” Tyler laughs, making me breathe out a sigh. Knowing that he won’t tell me what he is planning, I push myself away from the car and take Tyler’s hand in mine before walking into the store.

The people at the front of the store send us both a gentle smile and I return it while Tyler just nods his head like he expects it. Rolling my eyes, I glance around at the people who are currently shopping.

“Snacks?” Tyler asks, making me look at him. I furrow my eyebrows and watch as he drags me down an aisle before pointing at some chocolate and sweets. “You want some snacks?”

I firmly shake my head, feeling uncomfortable with a guy getting me things. I’m just not that type of person who will accept someone getting me something. “No, thank you.” I say and Tyler sighs.

“Fine. Let’s play a little game,” Tyler starts, making me narrow my eyes at little. “What would you prefer? M&M’s or a block of Cadbury chocolate?” Tyler asks and I glance at the two that he is now holding in his hands. I point at the Cadbury chocolate and he nods before opening the block of chocolate in front of my eyes.

I gasp, my eyes widening. “Tyler!” I shriek, looking around to see if anyone is looking. He is lucky that no one is in the aisle. “What are you--”

“Here you go.” Tyler says before handing it to me. With my eyes wide, I look at the chocolate that is now in my hands.

“They are going to know that I didn’t--”

“Pay for it? Tipsy, trust me, it’s a block of chocolate. They won’t care.” Tyler says and I begin to fall into a minor panic attack.

“Won’t care? What do you mean that they won’t care?” I begin as Tyler breaks off a piece. “This is stealing! Did you know that stealing is a crime and you can get that on your record for life? I’m too young to get a criminal offence on my record! Tyler, why did you--”

I’m suddenly cut off when Tyler shoves the piece of chocolate in my mouth, his fingers resting on my tongue before pulling them out slowly. Feeling the chocolate melt on my tongue, I stare at Tyler with wide eyes but don’t bother to say anything.

“You’re cute when you’re panicked.” Tyler smiles before grabbing the chocolate out of my hands. With his other hand, he reaches out and grabs my hand, pulling me towards him.

“And when you have that dress on... it makes me want to take it off you even more.” Tyler whispers, making my face heat up furiously.

“So, wait, where is this barbecue going to go?” I ask, furrowing my eyebrows as I continue to snack on the delicious, stolen chocolate. Tyler shrugs and changes the station before turning the music up.

“I have no idea but I’ll make it work.” Tyler says as the song Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi comes on. My foot begins to tap to the beat as one of the classics continue to play. Suddenly, the memory of when Mom was still alive comes into my head and I close my eyes, capturing the memory.

Mom was in the kitchen with the stereo on as always. She always said that the music would always keep her calm while cooking dinner other than it being stressful because of how hot the kitchen would be. I was sitting at the table, watching Mom as she stirs the pasta that was in the pot, a smile on her face. That’s when the song changed onto Livin’ On A Prayer.

Mom had always loved the old songs, saying that it had meaning than the songs that are coming out now. So, when she began to use the wooden spoon as a microphone, she left the dinner and danced over to me where she would grab my hand and pull me up on my feet. We sang the lyrics to the song while doing some really bad dance moves, but that didn’t stop us from having fun.

Dad had walked in when the chorus had came on and he would join in, the smile on his face matching Mom’s. That day was the last day I saw Mom and Dad dance happily before she had died and that memory has engraved itself into my mind, haunting me until the day I die.

Suddenly, the song is turned down and I open my eyes, realising that Tyler is staring at me with concern in his eyes. “What’s wrong?” He asks before stopping the car on the side of the road. I gulp and shake my head, forgetting the memories for the time being.

“N-Nothing.” I say, shaking my head as I look out the window. “Just keep driving.”

“No, Harriet.” Tyler says, grabbing my attention when he uses my name. “I won’t ‘just keep driving’. Tell me what’s wrong.”

I turn my attention over to him. “And what if I don’t want to tell you, huh? What will you do then?” I ask, narrowing my eyes at him, my heart slowly breaking as I try to keep myself from crying.

Tyler stares into my eyes, making me both nervous but protected. With the look that he is giving me, it’s a dangerous look that is silently asking me if I want to test him but the other half is screaming that I should tell him because there’s no harm in doing so.

“We made a deal, Harriet. You tell me what’s going on and I will tell you.” Tyler begins and I shake my head.

“Don’t use that card, Tyler. When you were at my house, you were suppose to tell me where you’ve been staying. Remember that? You didn’t tell me that, did you? So, please explain to me why I should tell you--”

“I live on the streets, Harriet.” Tyler cuts me off, his words making me freeze. I stare at him, watching as he looks away from me. I reach my hand over and grab his hand, holding it tightly in mine

“Tyler...” I start but I don’t know what to say after. I watch as he rubs his eyes, obviously affected by the confession. He’s crying, I think to myself as I try not to cry myself. An idea pops into my head though and I sigh, letting go of his hand and opening the car door before getting out.

I feel Tyler’s eyes on me as I watch him stare at me while I walk to the other side of the car. I open his door and cross my arms over my chest. “Come on. Get up.” I say, watching as Tyler stares at me with a confused look.

“Why?” He asks and I raise my chin up, just like how Tyler had taught me.

“Get up.” I say, reaching for Tyler’s arm to pull him up. When he eventually gets out of the car, I pull him into a sudden hug that makes Tyler shocked. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me, making sure to make the hug firm as possible.

“What’s this for?” Tyler asks softly and I rub my hand over his back, closing my eyes as he wraps his arms around my waist.

“I’m going to help you, Tyler. No matter what happens, I’m never going to give up on you, okay?” I say and Tyler holds onto me tighter, my words affecting him in some way.


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