The Perks Of Being Me

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Chapter Four - “You Hating Me Too Now?”

Harriet’s P.O.V

“Are you going to the party tonight?” Denise asks Alec and he nods, shoving a fry into his mouth.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world. I mean, it is going to be the biggest party of the year -- so far.” Alec says and Denise nods. I look over at Tara and watch as she scrolls through her phone, her face emotionless.

Ever since Denise and Tara argued on Monday, they hardly spoke to each other. Now it’s Friday and I’m beginning to get worried. Is their friendship really over?

Also, since it has been four days that Denise and Tara haven’t talked, that didn’t stop Alec from opening his mouth. He has been annoying Tara even more and yesterday in class when Alec started, she ended up flipping our table and walked out of class.

This is seriously getting out of hand.

Oh, and if your wondering, I did go and see my grandmother -- also known as Dr Martinez -- on Tuesday. It went well and the nightmares have sort of disappeared from my mind for a few nights. I’m just hoping that it continues.

I just have to remember to keep flicking that rubber band.

“What about you, Tara?” Alec asks, looking over at Tara who is still looking at her phone. “Are you coming to the party tonight?”

Oh yeah, did I mention that tonight is the party? I still don’t plan on going. Drugs, drunken teenagers and loud music is definitely something I don’t want to watch, let alone be apart of it.

Alec and I look over at Tara but Denise continues to eat her food like Tara isn’t even sitting at the table. I watch as Tara looks up from her phone, narrowing her eyes at Alec.

“Not when you’re there.” Tara snaps and I step on her foot lightly, secretly sending her a message to just be quiet. Tara sighs and looks back down at her phone.

“And why is that--”

“Alec, can you just please shut up?” I ask politely and Denise looks up at me, her eyes narrowing. Alec looks over at me too and his eyes are wide as if he wasn’t expecting me to talk.

“You hating me too now?”

"No, I’m just telling you to be quiet.”

“Doesn’t sound like it to me.” Alec says and I wave him off.

“Then believe what you want.” I say and Alec’s phone vibrates against the table. Denise immediately looks over at his phone and watches as her boyfriend picks it up, reading the message.

“Well, well...” Alec mutters with a grin. “Jack says he going to come to the party with a girl.” Alec says and in the corner of my eye, I notice Tara’s head snap up to look at Alec.

Jack Sterling -- the school’s golden boy and also Alec’s best friend. He has brown hair and dull brown eyes but don’t judge him by his looks. He may be attractive but when you are friends of Alec, you know something is dodgy about them. For example, Jack is a major player and unfortunately, Tara likes him.

Yep, the most cliché love story ever -- minus the love.

“Don’t care.” Tara mutters, looking back down at her phone. But inside our heads, we all knew she cared. She likes the guy, for heaven’s sake.

“Who is it?” Denise asks and when I see her glance over at Tara with a small, sad frown, I can’t help but smile a little. Denise only asked to give the answer to Tara. So Denise obviously still cares for Tara...

Knew it.

Alec glances at his phone and grins. “Emma Peterson.”

All of a sudden, I feel Tara kick my leg and I can’t help but sigh, knowing exactly what Tara wants to do.

“Please, Harri, I beg of you!” Tara begs as I stand in the doorway of my front door. Tara frowns slightly and shake my head again.

“Tara, I don’t want to go to that party. I’m sorry but no.” I say and Tara runs a hand through her brown hair.

“Harriet, if I go, I’ll have no one to stand by! And I’ll be watching Emma suck the life out of Jack’s face and I will probably go ape shit so I need you there with me! Denise will be will Alec and I just -- please, Harri?” Tara begs once more and I frown.

“Then don’t go.” I say and Tara shakes her head.

“But I have to.” Tara says and her words run through my head. After a few seconds, I put two and two together and I sigh.

“Tara...” I breathe out and my best friend grabs at my shoulders.

“I need you there, Harri.”

I look into Tara’s brown eyes and notice the concern in them. I know exactly what she is concerned about and it’s not just about Jack. I run a hand down my face and sigh loudly.

“You’re asking Dad.”

“12:00 at the latest.” Dad says with a stern look, his eyes narrowing as he looks between Tara and I. Wait, what? I thought Dad would say no so -- what? “I don’t want you drinking, smoking, doing drugs, kissing boys, anything that can lead to you being pregnant--”

“Woah, a little far, don’t you think?” I state with a nervous laugh. I would never do such I thing with a boy. I mean, I’m still young and haven’t even been kissed, let alone had sexual interactions with a guy.

“There is no limit to how far a father should protect his daughter. I mean, I’ve only got one.” Dad smiles, pulling me into a hug and placing a kiss on my forehead. I smile and pull away from him.

“Now, as much as I would love for you to go to a party and wear your sweatpants and long-sleeved shirt, I would like to see you a little more casual and a little less homeless--”

“Dad!” I scowl, hitting him on the arm. Dad chuckles and points towards the stairs. Tara and I both leave the living room and once we are in my room, Tara smiles.

“I’d say that went well.” Tara says and I roll my eyes.

“Just help me find some clothes to wear.”

“Perfect. I think I did well considering I have terrible fashion sense.” Tara says and I look in the mirror, impressed with Tara’s work. She had put together a pair of white ripped jeans -- which I didn’t even know if had, by the way -- and a grey sleeveless cotton shirt. And since it is quite cold outside, Tara also grabbed my white denim jacket to match my jeans.

“Do you think Dad will approve?”

“Oh please. The only reason he won’t approve is because you look too hot in those clothes.” Tara laughs and I can’t help but join in. Suddenly, I hear a knock at my door and I turn to see Dad standing there with a small smile on his face.

“Believe it or not, I didn’t even recognize you when I saw you laughing because you always wear daggy clothes.” Dad says and I narrow my eyes at him playfully.

“You’re the one who buys me the baggy clothes in the first place so ‘boys don’t hit on me’.” I say and Dad nods, his smile growing.

“I’m a father of a beautiful daughter, what do you expect?” Dad laughs and I roll my eyes. I hear my phone vibrate against my table and I walk over to check who it is.

Denise: Is Tara coming?

“Who is it?” Tara asks and I can’t help but smile. I look over my shoulder and show her my phone. When she sees the name of the screen, her eyebrows furrow together.

“I thought she hated me?”

“C’mon, you two were friends for two years. You think a guy would get in between a friendship that strong?” I ask and Tara can’t help but smile at my words. Before I can reply, Dad’s voice rings through my ears.

“Sorry to interrupt the bestie moment but do you want me to drive you both?” Dad asks and I look over at Tara who shrugs. I turn back to Dad and nod.

“Yes, please.” I say and Dad nods.

“I’ll grab my keys.”

When he disappears, I look back down at my phone and type my reply.

Me: We both are. See you soon.

I shove my phone in my pocket and throw a small smile towards my best friend. “You better stay close to me at this party. Seeing as it is the biggest party of the year -- so far.”

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