The Perks Of Being Me

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Chapter Five - “What Was Innocent Harri Doing In The Bedroom?”

Harriet’s P.O.V

“Remember, no drinking, smoking--”

“I’ll remember, Dad. I promise.” I say with a smile and Dad leans over and pecks me on the forehead. I get out of the car and Tara does the same. When Dad finally drives away slowly, checking out the place that I will be spending 4 hours of my life, Tara links her arm with mine.

“Ready, Harri?” Tara asks and I breathe out a sigh as my eyes scan the place. The first word that comes into my mind when looking at this place is ‘huge’. This place is a freaking palace!

There are people surrounding the yard, stumbling around with red cups in their hands. Other people are standing on the porch making out like they are going to die tonight. I also notice a few people wrestling each other on the grass. Playful or rough, I have no idea.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” I mutter as we begin to walk up to the porch that leads inside the house. When we both enter, we are greeted by a drunken girl who smiles weakly at us.

“Hellooo, strangers.” The girl says and I furrow my eyebrows. I don’t recognize the girl at all but I sure do feel sorry for her. She is going to wake up with a hell of a hangover -- if it is even as bad as people say it is.

“C’mon, let’s go to the kitchen.” Tara says and I nod, walking past the girl who is now walking out the door. I shake my head slightly, a small frown making its way onto my face. I hope she doesn’t get lost or pass out...

As we enter the kitchen, Tara stops in her tracks, making me bump into her back. When I look over her shoulder to see Denise standing in the kitchen, her back turned to us, I smile a little.

“Go say hi.” I whisper to Tara and she sighs, running a hand through her hair before making her way over to Denise. When Tara finds herself standing beside Denise, I hear her voice.

“Hey.” Tara says and Denise looks over at Tara, her face emotionless as she pours herself a drink.

“Hey, Tara.”

Before I can continue to watch my two best friends start a conversation, I feel someone tap my shoulder. I turn around and my eyes widen in shock. I feel my legs go to stone and my heart stop as I look at the person in front of me.

“L-Liam?” I stutter, blinking three times as I stare at the guy I have had a massive crush on ever since freshman year. Liam smiles, his blonde-brownish hair falling over his eye.

Woah... I think I just died.

“Hey, Harriet--” He knows my name? “--I didn’t think I would see you here.” Liam says and I nervously tuck a strand of my brown hair behind my ear.

“Well... didn’t want to miss the biggest party of the year, you know -- I mean, the year has just started so it will be the biggest party of the year -- so far, duh -- what the hell am I saying?” I mentally smack myself on the forehead and Liam chuckles.

Is he laughing at me?

“Yeah, I know. So, can I get you drink?” Liam asks and I feel my face heat up like I had just been standing directly in front of the sun for an hour. I bite my lip and nod shyly. When he goes near the table, he places to red cups in front of him.

“What do you want?”

You, of course -- wait, what?

“Uh... coke?” I suggest and Liam nods. I glance over at Tara and Denise and when I see them hugging, I can’t help but smile. I walk over to them and cross my arms over my chest, the smile on my face growing. I probably look like a tomato though since my face is feeling extremely hot.

“You two finally made up?” I ask when they finally let go of each other. Tara looks over at me and rolls her eyes, a playful smile on her face.

“You’re acting like we just got back together. Relax.”

“Well you basically did. Just friendship wise, though.” I say and Denise chuckles.

“I’ve missed you two.” Denise says, pulling Tara and I in for another hug. Our hug is cut short though when I hear someone cough awkwardly. We all break apart and I feel my face heat up once more when I see Liam standing there with my drink in his hand.

“Here.” Liam says and I take the red cup from him, thanking him. In the corner of my eye, I see Tara and Denise smirk at each other when Liam extends his hand out to me -- wait, he is extending his arm out? To me? Oh dear lord, I am pretty sure I’m going to have a heart attack by the end of the night.

I look down at his hand and nervously take it, feeling the warmth from his hand run up my arm and through my body. I hear Tara snicker as we leave the kitchen. Suddenly, In My Head by Jason Derulo begins to blast through the speakers and I can’t help but grin. I love Jason Derulo!

“Let’s go somewhere quieter!” Liam says loud enough for me to hear and I nod. With his hand still in mine, he begins to walk towards the stairs. As we walk up the stairs, I look down at my drink before taking a large sip of it. I don’t know how but the fact that Liam is actually holding my hand is making me quite thirsty. And the fact that it is coke doesn’t help.

When I swallow the coke, I shake my head a little. The coke tastes a little strange but it’s quite nice actually. So, I decide to take another sip and when we reach the top of the stairs, I notice that all of the bedroom doors are closed, except for one.

“Can we talk in there?” Liam asks and I nod. God, what the hell is with me? I am like one of those mutes now and it’s all caused by the blonde in front of me. I take sip of the drink and when I go to take another, I realise that I have drank it all.

Damn, it tasted really good.

When I enter the room, Liam closes the door behind him. I walk over to the bed and sit down, looking at the wall which it decorated with photos of people I don’t recognize. Liam walks over to the bed and since the lamp beside the bed is on, I can see all the features on his face.

His green eyes are shinning in the light and his blonde-brownish hair is slightly wavy but in a nice way. His skin is toned nicely and his eyebrows are thick above his eyes. Did I mention his eyes, yet?

Liam sits on the bed and takes a sip of his drink. When he swallows it, his eyes sparkle a little when they meet mine. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a long time, Harriet.” Liam says and I feel my heart race when he says my name again. Yep, I’m definitely going to have a heart attack.

“About what?” I choke out and Liam smiles. His grabs my hand and rubs his thumb over my knuckles, sending my heart into self-destruct. I look down at his hand and lick my lips like I have been living in the desert for years without water -- wait, wouldn’t I have died?


Okay, I think I definitely did just die.

“I really like you.” Liam says and my eyes widen slightly, my mouth always falling open. I probably look like a fish right now but I can’t help it. I mean, Liam and I have never spoken to each other and right now, it’s like we have been talking for hours.

“Uh...” Oh God, say something you idiot! “I... li-like you t-too.” I stutter and Liam smiles. Oh yeah, did I mention how gorgeous his smile is? It can make anyone pass out from how hot he is when he smiles. I’m actually surprised I haven’t passed out yet...

“Thats good to hear.” Liam says, his hand leaving my hand to rest on my thigh. My heart races and my breathing becomes heavy. I know I’m wearing jeans but oh dear heaven’s, I think my whole body is going to set itself on fire from how hot I’m getting.

Suddenly, Dad’s words ring in my head as if to warn me. I close my eyes and breathe out a sigh. As much as I want to stay with Liam, I have to listen to Dad, even if that means I have to push my crush away.

“I’m sorry, L-Liam... I have t-to go.” I say and Liam frowns. Before he can say anything, I quickly get up and walk out of the bedroom. I walk down the stairs but before I can stop myself, I trip over a beer bottle. I let out a squeal but before my face could kiss the ground, I feel someone grab at my arms.

“Well, well, well...” I hear a voice says and I let out a sigh. I stand on my feet and look at Alec who is raising an eyebrow at me. “What was innocent Harri doing in the bedroom?” Alec asks and I roll my eyes.

“Alec, you seriously need to stop being so mean.” I say and Alec smiles.

“And be a total sweetheart? Nah, I don’t think so. I see how boring your life is and I would rather stay away from that path.” Alec says and once again, I roll my eyes.

“Thank you but please get out of my way.” I say and Alec steps back, his arms raising in the air. I shake my head slightly and walk towards the direction of the kitchen to try and find Tara and Denise. Suddenly, my head begins to throb and I hiss in pain. What the heck?

I walk into the kitchen with my hand on my forehead, hoping that the throbbing will go away. When I don’t see Tara or Denise, I let out a sigh. “Where are you two?”

“What’s wrong, darling?” I hear someone ask and I turn around to see Emma standing in front of me. I let out another sigh and step back from Emma.

“Nothing. I’m fine.” I say and Emma raises an eyebrow.

“You don’t look fine.” Emma says and I roll my eyes, going to walk around her -- well, that was until Courtney stopped me. Emma looks over and narrows her eyes at me. “I wouldn’t walk away from me, darling.”

Darling, darling, darling. God, is that the only word in your vocabulary?

“And I wouldn’t block my best friend away from the door, darling." I hear a familiar voice say and I can’t help but let out a sigh of relief. “Get away from her before I pull your hair out of your head and shove it up your ass.”

Tara raises an eyebrow at Emma and she rolls her eyes. She tilts her head to the side at Courtney and she steps away from me. I walk over to Tara and Denise and watch as Emma walks out of the kitchen.

I turn to Tara and narrow my eyes at her. “Told you I’d bump into her.”

“You’re fine now. C’mon, I want to go dance.”

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