The Perks Of Being Me

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Chapter Seven- “Did I Mention That You Were Drunk?”

Harriet’s P.O.V

“Mommy, are we going yet?” I ask, beginning to jump up and down on my feet as I watch Mom tie up her hair. When Mom finishes, she sends me a small smile.

“We have to wait for Dad.” Mom replies, earning a scowl from me. Mom chuckles and swings her keys around her index finger. “He should be down any minute now--”

“Talking about me?” I hear Dad ask and both Mom and I look over to see Dad in a suit at the top of the stairs. I grin happily and turn to Mom.

“We can go now!” I cheer and Mom nods, her smile never leaving her face as she continues to stare at Dad. As he makes his way down the stairs, he sends Mom a wink.

“We should go before I end up taking your mother up to the bedroom--”

“William!” Mom scowls, slapping him on the shoulder. Dad just smiles and takes Mom’s hand in his.

“C’mon, let’s go.”

Once I am seated in my seat, Dad takes his seat in the driver’s seat while Mom sits in the chair beside him. Their hands are still holding onto each other’s and I can’t help but pull a disgusted face.

“Ew, you two are gross.” I mutter as Dad begins to drive. Mom chuckles and looks over her shoulder, sending me a small smile.

“Wait till you get a boyfriend, Harri--”

“That’s not happening.” Dad cuts in, his eyes on the road. “Not if I can stop it.”

I grin at Mom and cross my arms over my chest. “See? Dad doesn’t want me to get a boyfriend and even if I did want one, I would never even do... that.” I say, pointing a finger at Mom’s hand which is still clutching onto Dad’s hand. Mom just rolls her eyes, the smile still on her face.

“Just wait and see.”

“Yeah, you’ll wait and see me holding a baseball bat at any boy’s head who even wants to get close to Harriet.” Dad cuts in again and I can’t help but laugh loudly.

“What if you come near me?”

“The only reason I would come near you is to tickle you. Boys on the other hand will do much more than tickle you--”


I jolt up, letting out a loud scream. Suddenly, Tara and Denise enter the room, a spatula in Tara’s hand and a rolling pin in Denise’s. The both look around the room before their eyes land on mine.

“What happened?” The both ask in unison and breathe out deep breaths. Tara walks into the room and sits on the end on the bed while Denise stands in front of me.

“Is it the dreams again?” Denise asks and I nod, placing a hand on my forehead. Tara sighs and runs a hand through her brown hair.

“Go shower. It will make you feel better.” Tara says and just as I am about to get up, I notice that the room I am in isn’t mine. Is if Tara read my mind, she stands up.

“You’re at Denise’s. You passed out in one of the bedrooms when we found you and since you reeked of alcohol, Denise suggested that we take you to her place so your dad wouldn’t know that you were drinking.” Tara explains and I nod slowly. As I get up, my head begins to throb and I hiss in pain.

“Did I mention that you were drunk?” Tara asks, breathing out a laugh. I hold a hand to my forehead and groan.

“How much did I even drink?”

“Who knows? You ran off with the bottle of vodka like a child who stole a cookie from the cookie jar.” Tara laughs and I stand up, closing my eyes for a brief second.

“Just go shower and I’ll give you some aspirin when you come out. Also, breakfast will be ready in 10 so a quick shower, yeah?” Denise says, patting my back. I sigh and make my way to the other side of the room, pushing open the bathroom door before stripping from my jeans from last night.

“Since when could you cook?” I ask, shoving the bacon in my mouth. Denise smirks and places a cup of orange juice beside my plate.

“Yeah, I mean, I thought you were lazy.” Tara says before sipping her water. Denise’s smirk falls and I let out a laugh at how ridiculous her face looks right now.

“Ha, funny.” Denise mutters, rolling her eyes. When she turns back to continue putting the toppings on the pizzas that we are having for lunch, I hear my phone begin to ring -- or wait, maybe it’s Denise’s?

“Okay, this is why we shouldn’t have the same ring tone.” Tara groans as she begins to search her pockets. “Its not me.” Tara says as she brings out her phone. Denise looks at the table and points at the phone near the edge.

“Someone answer that.” Denise says and before I can reach it, Tara picks it up and answers it immediately without even checking the Caller ID. Tara puts the phone on speaker and begins to talk.

“Hello, Denise can not come to the phone right now as she is currently being my slave. Press one if you wish to--”

“Put Denise on the phone, Tara.”

When we all hear the voice, we all gulp -- especially Denise. I mean, I can’t see her face right now since her back is turned to us but I know that she would be gulping. You see, the woman on the phone is Denise’s mother and she is incredibly scary.

Denise’s mom, or Rose if we are being official, is the owner of one of the biggest hotels in the city, which is half the reason why Rose is hardly around. The other half of the reason is because she is currently in a relationship with a rich person - I have no idea who - and they have been spending all of their spare time with each other.

Denise hasn’t talked to Rose ever since she left - two years - because of how her mother got a promotion. And Denise never planned to talk to her again, seeing as Rose just left a message saying a few words explaining that her daughter will be spending most of the time alone without any supervision. Denise hated the fact that her mother left, seeing as her father is deployed somewhere and now, she doesn’t have her mother around.

Now Rose has finally made the chance to contact Denise, which has probably made my best friend scared and angry.

And I don’t think I want to be here right now to see what is going to happen next.

I watch as Denise turns around and looks at Tara who is looking down at the phone. I notice Tara press the ‘mute’ button and she looks up at Denise. “Want me to tell her that you’re not home?” Tara asks and Denise gulps, running a hand through her hair.

She shakes her head after a few seconds and breathes out a heavy sigh, taking the phone from Tara. “No, I’ll be fine.” Denise says quietly as she presses the ‘mute’ button before pressing the ‘speaker’ button. “Hello, Mother.”

“Denise,” Rose begins, her tone firm. “How have you been?”

I notice Tara nearly scoff at her question. Denise rolls her eyes and turns the stove off. “Oh, you mean ever since you left me?” Denise snaps suddenly, making me bite my lip nervously.

“Denise, you know that I had to go--”

“For that promotion, yes. But you know, a phone call once a week would have been appreciated. So, tell me. Why are you calling?” Denise says, grabbing Tara’s empty plate and putting it in the sink. I hear Rose clear her throat as I bite down on my last strip of bacon, watching the phone as if it had suddenly grown a pair of legs.

“I’m calling you, Denise, because I love--”

“I call bullshit.” Denise says, her curse word taking Tara and I by surprise. Denise hardly ever swears and now, she just swore to the woman who gave birth to her.

This isn’t going to go well...

“Denise!” Rose snaps, her tone firm but scary.

I’m so glad Dad isn’t as mean as Denise’s mom...

“It’s the truth and you know it. So, say whatever you want to say before I hang--”

“I’m engaged.”

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