The Perks Of Being Me

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Chapter Eight - ”The Rich Douche-Bag.”

Harriet’s P.O.V

“So, tell me all of the details of that party last night.” Dad grins, handing me a mug of hot chocolate. I warm my hands up by placing both of my hands on the mug, leaving the heat to do the work. Dad sits down on the floor across from me, a game of Monopoly separating the two of us.

I grin and look down at the unfinished game. “But we are in the middle of Monopoly.” I say, earning a laugh from Dad.

“You and I both know you lost the game when you got sent to jail 4 times in the first 10 minutes.” Dad explains and I roll my eyes, looking at my little silver hat which is currently in jail. Dad’s motorcycle is currently at chance but he hasn’t read the card yet since he went up to grab some beverages for the both of us.

Apparently, it is good luck if you don’t pick up a chance card straight away. I don’t believe it for a second, though.

“Okay, fair enough.” I say, my hands still pressing against the mug. “What do you want to know?” I ask, referring to his question that he had asked a minute ago.

Dad takes a sip of his coffee, making me pull my face into a look of disgust. Coffee really does have a strong smell... “Well, did you kiss any guys?” Dad asks and I can’t help but let out a laugh.

“Really? Not even a ‘did any guys come up to you’? It’s just straight into the ‘who have you kissed’ questions.” I say, earning a small smile from Dad.

“If you think about it, Harri... you tell me if any guys kissed you and I can answer the ‘did any guys come up to you’ question as well.” Dad says and when it hits me, I point my index finger at him, my lips pulling up into a grin.

“Smart.” I say and Dad flips his non-existent hair. I mean, yes, he has hair but not long enough to be about to flip it over his shoulder.

“I know, right?” Dad says in a high-pitch voice, making me laugh out loud. “No, but seriously, answer the question.” Dad says, his playful side disappearing faster than Eminem’s rap to Rap God.

I gulp, the memories flooding into my mind. I remember when I had ran into Liam, I remember when Emma had said ‘never have I ever seen a dead body’, I also remember when I had got angry because of that message that someone had sent me - the picture of Liam and Emma. That’s when I started to get alcohol into my system.

But I can’t remember anything after that - only when I had woke up in Denise’s house.

“Harri?” Dad calls, bringing me out of my thoughts. His eyebrow raises and I take a sip of the hot chocolate, the hotness of the drink burning my tongue a little. “Did you kiss anyone?”

“No.” I say quickly, deciding if whether or not I should say something about anything that happened last night. “I stayed with Tara the whole night.” I lie and Dad narrows his eyes at me.

“Then why is there a glint in your eyes that tells me otherwise?” Dad questions, making my stomach drop.

“Uh... because...” I bite down on my tongue, trying to think of an excuse. That’s when it hits me. “Because Denise’s mom is getting married and I am just nervous for Denise’s sake.” I say quickly, bringing the mug back up to my lips and taking another sip.

Dad furrows his eyebrows. “Rose Jenkins?” Dad asks and I nod. “She’s getting married?”

I nod again and run a hand through my brown hair. “Yeah. She had called Denise this morning and had said that she is engaged. Probably to that guy who she is seeing now.” I explain and when Dad’s eyebrows furrow, I explain further. “The rich guy?”

Dad clicks his fingers together, nodding. “Ah, yes. The rich douche-bag.” Dad says and I can’t help but look down at the Monopoly game. The only reason Dad is saying this is because he is friends with Denise’s father. You know, the one that is deployed? Yeah, him.

Ever since Dad had heard about Rose leaving Denise and meeting a guy, totally forgetting the fact that she is still married, Dad has hated Rose and the guy ever since. Obviously he doesn’t know who the rich guy is but he is only being loyal to his friend. I mean, you would do the same, wouldn’t you?

Suddenly, I hear my phone ring and I dig into my pocket, grabbing it out. I look at the Caller ID on the screen and look up at Dad. “It’s Denise. I’ll be right back.” I say, standing up and walking up the stairs into my room. I answer the phone and hear Denise let out an angry growl.

“I honestly hate my mom! She is such a--” I hear something smash and I sigh loudly. “--can I come over? I can’t stay here tonight otherwise I will probably set the house on fire.” Denise says and I look over at my bed, unmade and messy.

Ugh, too lazy.

“What about Alec? Did you ask him?” I ask and Denise let’s out another growl.

“If I didn’t, would you think I would be calling you?” Denise snaps and I bite down on my lip. “Can I please come over?” Denise asks again, her tone a little softer.

I sigh but nod. “Yeah. Let me just tell Dad.” I say, beginning to walk out of my room. “Do you want me to get Tara to come over too?” I ask and I hear a door shut.

“Tara is already with me.” Denise says and I nod, seeing Dad beginning to pack up the Monopoly game. Before I can ask him, he looks up at me with at small smile.

“Yes, the two can stay over.” Dad says, making me let out a laugh.

“How did you even know that I was going to ask that?”

“Oh please, I’m a father with a daughter. When is the only reason you need to come and talk to me? Because it sure as hell never is about boys.” Dad says with a laugh, making me smile at him.

“I could’ve came down here to tell you ‘I love you’.” I say and Dad shakes his head.

“We both know I’m the first one to say that.” Dad smiles, standing up with the box of Monopoly in his hands. “Now, if your besties are going to stay over, you need to make your bed.” Dad says and I groan, my head dropping.

“Harri, make your bed!” I hear Tara shout on the other side of the phone, earning a laugh from Denise.

Nice friends, I have, huh?

“Now, since I haven’t even bothered to ask you, what happened with Liam?” Denise asks, raising an eyebrow as she takes a sip of coke. I glance over at my two best friends and furrow my eyebrows as I look back at the movies in my hands.

“Nothing, why?” I ask, earning a laugh from Tara.

“Why? Well, it’s not everyday that your lover comes up to you and offers you a drink.” Tara says and I can practically hear the smirk on her face. I roll my eyes and raise a finger up, continuing to look through the case of movies.

“Crush, not lover.” I say, earning a groan from Tara. “And you just said it yourself. He offered me a drink, that’s all.” I say, looking over at Tara and Denise.

“What happened when you left? Did you two... get it on?” Tara asks, wiggling her eyebrows. I roll my eyes while Denise smacks her shoulder, scowling at her.

“Our little innocent Harri would never do such a thing. I mean, she is too afraid to even go for her drivers license.” Denise says, throwing me a playful smirk.

“Excuse me, I have a reason as to why I don’t want to drive...” I say, narrowing my eyes at Denise. When she finally figures it out, she smacks her forehead while Tara hits Denise’s shoulder.

“Smart going, Deni.” Tara says and Denise runs a hand through her hair.

“I’m sorry, I forgot. I’ve just been too busy with the whole ‘mom getting married’ thing.” Denise says and I wave her off, my eyes glancing at the movie Twilight.

“It’s fine. Anyway, nothing happened.” I say, my eyes looking over at Deadpool. “Want to watch Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool?”

“Ew,” Denise says, shaking her head. “Not when you see him get it on, and not to mention, get taken up the butt, by some... is she a prostitute?”

That’s when Tara slaps Denise on the shoulder again.

“Just put it on.”

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