The Caterbury Tails

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So what do our furry feline friends think of us humans or "staff", as they like to call us? What do they do all day and who do they meet? All these questions and more are finally answered. In this rib tickling first novel, Aaron Di Chinos introduces us to some amazing feline characters. We meet Highlysalacious, a hunky Abyssinian smarty pants. Alphacatill, a Marxist and former mine moggie mouse exterminator, a neighbour and first tutor to the three "sisters." Catstandinopel, a swimming Turkish Van and local breast stroke champion and not forgetting Al Irons and Lester a giant ginger tom of dubious morals. Just some of the friends and foes that we are introduced to in the early years of our furry storyteller's life.

Humor / Other
Aaron Di Chinos
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Chapter 1: Paword

I thought it about time I tried to put paw to keyboard to share with you the story of the many adventures that I’ve had with my two feline sisters, a dark brown rat and lizard assassin and a shaggy haired, half-witted butterfly mauler.

The stories you are about to read are all true and only names and places have been changed so as not to embarrass the many friends we met along the way.

But, if anyone does recognise him or herself then tough, you shouldn’t be reading such intellectual works if you can’t take a bit of stick.

So take me to court, see if I care!

As for our two “staff”, I decided to leave their names unaltered as they’ll just have to take their chances with the critics.

Over the years we met some really interesting characters from different parts of the world. From a hunky Abyssinian, and a sexy, sultry Siamese, to a Jackie Chan type Japanese Bobtail and a breast stroking Turkish Van, and not forgetting lots of the less fortunate “liquorice allsorts” varieties that we always seemed to be bumping into at one time or another. We must have met them all!

And if, when you are reading this, you think my grammar or syntax leaves a lot to be desired, what do you expect? I’m a feline for heaven’s sake!

P.S. It’s no good, my paw’s stuck again. I’ll have to get some help from the staff.

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