Corrupted World

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This is a humor story. At the same time, this is also a heartbreaking story with some actions. Unlike the other stories, this story focuses at the shameless characters and their stupid funny actions. Once upon a time, there was a young man came to another World. The World was called The Mortal World. The World was filled with mortal beings who were struggling in that World. He did not know why God send him there for. With the blessing from the God, the young man became what the most he wanted to be. But, God might make a mistake to summon the young man. With wicked mind and malicious action, the young man tried his hardest to survive in that World. Plus, he was a little bit stupid. He even dared to curse the God who sent him to The Mortal World. With such an attitude, the young man simply did not suit to become a hero. Because of his foolish action, the young man faced with a great disaster. Amnesia! Can he stand up again? Can he live as a legend? Or buried without a tombstone?

Humor / Fantasy
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0001. Book 1 Prologue 1 Arrival

Braen, 30 years old white collar worker, arrived at his little nest after working for today. He was living in the standard boarding house without a wife or any family.

Without a spirit and tired from work, Braen turned on his PC like usual. After that he prepared to take a bath listlessly, tried to wash away his tiredness from today.

After took a bath, Braen sat in front of his PC.

As things were done every day, he read and downloaded manga which seemed good to him and saved it to his HDD. Braen also looked for various games, novels and various other stuffs to add it to his little collection.

Stressed from working, these were the only thing he could do to fill his spare time to regain his sanity. Played games, read novels, mangas or researched and collected data for his academic purpose.

With various stuffs to do, Braen didn’t even notice that it was already pass midnight.

After Braen looked at the clock that showing 01.00 AM, he decided to sleep and turn off his PC. He yawned, stood up, turned off the light and walked to his bed to sleep, and then tried to sleep to replenish his strength for tomorrow.

Braen closed his eye, thought about various stuffs. He felt that he was unsatisfied with his life. His age made him feel anxiety. Some incidents in his teens what made him become like that. Like a NEET! (Even though he was working.)

Not long after that, loud snore could be heard from his little room.

Not long after Braen fell asleep, an occasion happened inside his mind.

[WELCOME BRAEN!] Suddenly, Braen heard majestic voice. He saw somebody appeared in front of him.

Braen couldn’t respond, talked or thought. The only thing he could do was hearing unknown voice and seeing human silhouette in front of him. The human silhouette wasn’t black. It is white! And, everything at his surroundings was bright and white.

[FIRST OF ALL, YOU NEED TO REMEMBER THIS CONVERSATION AFTER YOU WAKE UP! ALL OF THIS IS REAL!] After paused for a moment, the majestic voice continued.





That person said with majestic voice.

Braen couldn’t see the other person face because that person shined brightly.


[SURVIVE, BRAEN XABIERE!] Stated that person while slowly fade away.

Without any ability to resist or respond, Braen could only listen to that cryptic message.

On the open field, a young man lay down over there. With a closer look, the young man had ordinary face and short black hair. He could be seen sleeping peacefully with a drool on his cheek.

That young man was Braen. He appeared in the open field instead of at his own bed.

“GASP!!!” Braen awakened from his sleep.

Braen remembered about the white person who appeared before him in his dream. He also heard some voice that told him some kind of nonsense in his dream. He suspected the voice belong to that person.

“What was that?” With confusion filled his head, Braen turned his head from left to right to look at his surroundings. Only to find out, his surroundings had been changed into a vast grass field.

“Where is this? Where am I?” Braen said with bewildered voice.

“Huh? Is this a dream?” Braen was confused with all events that were happened to him. He tried to convince himself that everything what happened right now was just a mere dream.

Braen thought to himself. [I remember someone talked nonsense to me and told me that everything was real and I needed to survive?]

When Braen talked to himself inside his mind, suddenly, he shouted with a frown.


[Calm down me! You need to calm down. So let’s think again what happened in the end. I remember that I went to sleep like usual after relieved myself. But I also remember clearly. Somebody told me that everything was real? Can I consider this is just a dream?] Braen thought about it. He frowned and got headache.

Not long after that, Braen awakened from his thought. He stood up, checked his surroundings. He could feel that everything was felt so real. The soil, the grass, the fresh air, everything was felt so real.

Braen still confused because there was no one to ask where he was right now. He was wondering if all of that was a dream or not.

“Let’s see if I can wake up or not with this!” Braen irritated. He tried to pinch his check.

“Eh a little bit hurt. Am I still in dreamland? Why I’m here? Somebody kidnapped me?”

Braen still couldn’t believe with all of that. He decided to hit his crotch. He hoped he would wake up from that situation.


“$*(&@!*(##RKJNKLFJSDALJ” Braen shrank his body from the pain. Tears could be seen in both of his eyes. He was subconsciously holding his precious family jewel tightly. But, his action did not help to reduce his pain at all.

Braen held back his pain for a few whiles. Anger appeared in his teary eyes as he cursed for a long time. “********”

Not long after that, Braen felt a little better after relieved himself. He looked around as he thought. Yes! He was relieved himself! Marking that world like a dog!

[What was happening to me? And where is this place? Wait!!! I got kidnapped and then abandoned in this place?] Braen stood up while talking to himself in his head

Braen felt confused, he was scratching his head.

He didn’t know what to do and where he was right now. No matter how hard he tried to remember, Braen couldn’t find any answer for his question.

“Whatever!!” Braen was confused, worried, and tired to think about what happened to him.

“Sigh!” With a sigh, Braen tried to explore the area. He hoped that he could find someone else or any clue.

[Hmm this place kind of beautiful.] After walking for a while, Braen had a hunch that he was not on earth anymore. He didn’t know about other place, but he firmly believed, there was no place like that, near where he lived.

After wandering around with no direction for long time, he began to worry because everywhere was just vast prairie with tree and bush grew at several locations. He saw no sign of humans or buildings.

His worries gradually grew bigger as time passed.

“Am I died? Is this heaven?” Braen bewildered. He said it with frail voice.

“I’m so thirsty right now.” Braen depressed. He continued to walk and look around at his surroundings.

[What should I do? Where is this place? I’m tired after walking for long time] Braen was tired after walking for a long time. He began to think and realized!

Everything that happened to him right now was a real situation! Braen refused to believe that he could get tired if everything right now was only a mere dream!

“Huh!!!” Slowly, anger and hatred filled his heart. “@!#*&^!@#$%(*!!”

“What kind of place is this? What kind of situation is this?” Braen raged. He could only stomp his feet to the ground to vent his anger.

“Not good. Not good at all. I need to look for food right now.” Braen felt thirsty. He realized that he never became thirsty inside his dream before.

In that critical situation when Braen dumped in the unknown world, he started to look for something like food or water in his surroundings.

Actually, since the beginning, Braen already noticed. When he passed a few bushes, he could see some bright red colored fruit in a bush half of his size. The fruit was a little bit similar like apple on earth.

“What is this fruit, Apple? I know, there is an apple tree on earth. But, this one has grown in the bush?” Braen approached the nearest bush with a few red colored fruits. He picked one and sniffed it. He looked at the fruit while wondering if the fruit was saved or not if he ate it.

Because right now Braen felt very thirsty after walking for a long time, he could only harden his heart and tried to eat the unknown fruit whatever the consequence.

“Why it tastes like watermelon? But shaped like an apple?” Braen asked to himself.

“Should I call it waterapple?” He picked a second fruit and continued to eat it.

“Whatever!” Braen picked and ate the third... The fourth... Fifth...

“Let’s take a few more waterapples and save it for later. Hum hum hum” Braen picked few more waterapples. He took off his shirt and altered it, so he could fill a lot of waterapples into his temporary bag.

After a while, shirtless Braen decided to continue his journey in the unknown world.

But, no matter where he went, the only thing he could see was only a prairie!

“Strange! Where am I actually right now?” After walking for a long time, what Braen found was only the same scenery no matter where he goes.

“Why I can’t find anyone?” Braen felt uneasy with what happens to him.

“No Humans, no animals, no buildings!! NOTHING AT ALL!” Rage could be seen in his face.

“I can only see prairie with trees in my surrounding, and sometimes I find weird bushes which have this waterapple!” Braen said it with angry face as he threw the fruit to the ground.

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