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In a realm far off from yours, there is one that is opposite. This place is the afterlife. In his place is a building dubbed the Afterlife Building where the sharp tongued Grim Reaper works. Once you die, where exactly do you go? If you answered into the ground, I was talking about your soul stupid. Where do you think it goes? Y'know what? I'm not gonna continue asking questions and I'll get straight to the point. Your soul comes to me, Death. Yeah you may think it's scary but actually, it's an office building. I provide the souls and whatever you believe that's the department I send you to. But you have to be dead as in, you've gotta be a certified dead person. Like I literally have to find a death record on file. Or maybe... you can break the rules. Who knows, things can change.

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As she looked at the man with the ponytail of tangled white curls, she wondered who exactly he was.

He just showed up and then brought her to this office building. Where he was now sitting at a desk, almost lounging in the office chair as he was writing on some forms.

She took note of what he wore. He had on a crimson colored dress shirt and a bright red tie. His eyes matched his dress shirt and earlier she took note that his shirt was untucked and his pants were black. His hair was white as she had noted before but it had whisps of a dusty gray and his skin seemed grayish too, making him look dead-like.

She tucked some of her dyed red hair behind her ear and watched the man’s pen.

It looked like a novelty of Death’s scythe. It wrote in crimson which she thought was odd.

His desk looked like a typical office desk disheveled with papers with paperweight, staplers, pens, pencils, and paperclips. He had a laptop set out too, as if he was doing some important work before she had arrived.

He finally cleared his throat, causing her brown eyes to look him straight in the face.

He had his hands folded formally with his thumbs pressed to each other at their prints.

“What would you like to know?” He asked as if reading her curious expression.

“Why am I here?” She asked, folding her hands in her lap.

“Want it the kind-hearted or rude way?”

“Uh... does it matter?”

“Not really but I thought I’d ask.”

She pondered a moment, “Kind-hearted.”

He gave a small grin. She couldn’t read his emotion though.

“Well, you’re soul has left the main body.” He said.

She raised an eyebrow.

He just rolled his eyes. “You’re dead sweet cheeks. Slipped right off the pole when you were upside down and split your head open and cracked your skull. Your brain swelled up like a grapefruit.”

She looked dumbfounded. Dead? She couldn’t be. If she were dead, how would she be here?

“W-Wait then how am I here?” She asked

“Dying 101! Your soul comes to me so I can send you to your department so they can decide what to do with you! But you gotta be a certified corpse before I place you. I’m Death, of course, the Big Ol’ Grim Reaper himself.” He said with pride.

She just kinda sat and stared.

“Now... even though my file says you were a stripper, you still got on your knees to pray to God too. So, I send you to the Heavenly Order department. You’ll meet the creator himself. He’s a real doozy. Kinda cuckoo nutso. But that’s none of my business of course.” He said.

She didn’t know whether to feel degraded or confused. He seemed just rude and sarcastic.

“I’ll get a Transport Whisp to take you,” He said, “HAESHAE!”

Suddenly an almost transparent female figured formed from gold- like particles. She floated above the ground.

“Yes, Death?” Her voice echoed.

“I have a soul that needs taking to the Heavenly Order Department pronto.” He said.

The thing nodded and moved motioning for the now soul to follow her.

She got up and went after the Whisp, not wanting to look back at Death. This would be the last anyone saw her.

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