Young Cannables

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About the takings of the mind we take in everything but process nothing but our wants dislikes and needs there is nothing the matter with the world except we are all in need of medicine. We are the fools which seek the advice and encouragement of the doctors and we must all get out and about and not stay in and if we do take out the cough mixture and take out the sunshade and make our wills because if we are different and difficult we might be locked up and the keys to be thrown away.

Humor / Drama
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Chapter 1

“My dear take your medicine from the medicine cabinet. It is Risperon which makes you a werewolf and take away that angry look from your face.

“Risperone to decrease your appetites.”

“Risperone to take away the thoughts of murders from your brain.”

“But do not kill poor people as they are made of sterner stuff. There are laws and lawyers to guard us against such foolishness.”

“It does not matter my dear I am to inherit everything.”

“We are paupers now.”

“We have inherited a world of poverty.” She told her husband and him to her that each one had nothing but each other. Society breeds such contentious relationships.

When a woman is a wife she has more than her share of the husband’s appetites.

She has to see to it he does not become this other person whom is the ware wolf and is wolfing down the entire world.

“Risperone makes me hungry but at the club they state plain as plain not to eat so I have to eat in secret my dear.”

“When that happens you take to being too plain and plain is no use to me my dear.”

“That is as it should be two of the maids have gone missing.”

“Did you eat them?”

“No they left us to go and make their way in the wilds.”

“You might say that my dear.”

“You became unwell with schizophrenia did you not?”

“My dear woman of the bosom of course I did.”

“We did not have any insurance.”

“One is not insured to that sort of things.”

“Look don’t eat the children you know you can eat anything else.”

“At the slimming club they want me to lose weight. I can die for offal.”

“That is a shame is it not?”

“Look my dear there is not enough joints in the broth.”

“Last night your buttocks seem amiable too.”

“It was this morning I caught out you salivating in front of me.”

“You look at me in that unkind manner.”

“I am only asking you to for a rib joint after all you are my wife.”

“No whatsoever. Take your risperodone.”

When we were children pain seemed like a disease which we had to fight out of and painful things to be avoided as if the plague. But when we grow older this is like disasters which might terminate us altogether.

“Painful it is so painful.”

“Now children know how to avoid pain but do adults? In today’s society we have the readymade coffee and the readymade families.”

“Someone should save us?”

“That is right.”

If we are clever we cling to our friends. To avert disdains from the snobs. In a long term relationships involves pain and as soon as painful thoughts occur or any thinking we let go.

“No one talks to us any longer.”

“No one needs to know.” He said it alright.

“I still hold the axe dear.”

“Let me go.” because he was holding her.

He let me go.

“I am not going to eat you.”

“Yes because of her he had become unwell.”

“Look it is no use.”

“Why I want to eat you.”

“If you do I am going to kick box your ears.”!

“At least it is a contact.”

“Should we be worried?”!

“Violence I like so much.” He said it reminds me of being brought up by my dear mother.



He did not want to know that he had let go because his thoughts still with me but he with someone else.

That is why we read children’s books because we do not want anything to do with the reality of hard thoughts.

Romance kills love you know. Do I understand this correctly? Yes by the time you buy the valentine card the wedding ring and have set the wedding date and the stag night the other members of the family have been notified and the face book cleaned of the ex’s.

Yes I am the ex. Phone someone?

There is no time I have to deal with this myself.

So I know the little black book of now yesterday it was a directory of names and their phone numbers now it is the sheer hell of the vacuum in the face book the twitter and all the accounts which state plain as plain you do have this world of friends.

“Come let us go to our room.”

“No dear let us not.” He said.

What is in that room is a bed and some curtains and somewhere he can be handcuffed and no matter he dislikes it so much?

“I will not try to eat you if you don’t take me to that room.”

“I won’t dear as long as you don’t say the words.”




“Dear doctor come quickly and bring the strait jackets with your husband has become agitated and wants to eat me.”

“Where did you get to?”

“I went to that room.”

“How unpleasant.”


They took him out and did the sections and that left us all alight with his fantasies.

Being a carer is when one has to deal with this kind of situation constantly and it is no use behaving in a normal manner when the ones you are caring for are schizophrenia and personality disorders. The thing is when one must one has to.

“I looked after two of these. I got paid fifty five pounds a week for doing this job?”

“Looking after the family member that is what is considered a decent living.”

“If I had looked after someone else it would have meant something.”

“Triple that.”

“And triple it some more.”

“My health broke down in consequence.”

“Yes it had.”

My youth went down the porthole.

Life now is one big lie because of the facts which states more friends in a vacuum than anybody else and so you speed along in this roller coaster of behaving the like for like I am the funniest. Yes I am so many people have told me so I know.

Staid and middle of the road conversations will now not do. Look hi I am here and do you know my vital statistics? Hi this is me in the bedroom with this guy and so what do you think?

“Very nice indeed.”

“Is that all?”

“Extremely nice.”

“No way I have to go my husband is coming home and have not cooked the dinner.”

You wonder where your life is going and you feel old.

You hurt and everything about it hurts.

One does not understand the reason such glittery faces hurt you?

Their happiest moments are the worthwhile moments which you can only dream about that you had dreamed about all your life and they never happened because someone who did not want it took what was yours because they could.

In the following manner of being this beast within a family of would be perfectionist. I did what I could to introduce him as her own.

I should have said he was mine left my mark on him made him dance to many tunes of the webpage but could not did not have the nerve was very shy back then. I went and said hello? Why did he not see her as my sister? I thought what has he got no memory for faces?

Shit. Shit. And more shit. I had been hit. He fled he did not answer me anymore. What is so unkind in my bearing?

Similar faces he told me so sorry. But something died in me. That was the beginning of madness hopeless madness. I was not mad to look at calmly I went and began this other person who was older. That old woman at home.

“Au pair turned into auntie this odd auntie who had a solution to everything.”

“The sole solution to this problem is that it is not being able to resolve the problem.”

I got old that day. I began to age to such an extent that the more I walked away from that space and time the older I felt. I got old. That day aged me I became this SHE who had aged. I got old.

He said he found out things which he had not known about and he did not even say a word but left. I said waves and sat down to think. Why did he not know she had been my sister? She told me now she can marry her true love and did.

I made a mistake he told me.

The whole family had him. Why them girls so fond of me? Why the wallets too big my darling the wallet ties in with the aspirations of being this Romantic.

“Why they give themselves over to their parts which I refused to refresh and they want to.”

“It is so bad being that handsome with the money?”

“If you did not take your wallet out with the money they would not do it that often?”

“I think they might find me pleasing too?”

“Well they can have the bits and pieces do they all come at the same time?”

“Do they drive in their own or do their wives come too?”

“Do they do drive time or do they do after school?”

“Do they give you the same shampoo????”

“What is it about you that are so thrilling?”

“Is it the phones?”

“Oh of course they come dressed as minks.”

“Do they wear their ghostly selves too often?”

“My darling I PRFER THEM when they die?”

“I think like the first Mrs Marilyn Monroe the wife of the wifely parts. The one who did it for them presidents. She the best of the lot.”

“She died.”

“She got too much psychiatrists work done.”

“Should not go near the doctors surgeries.”

“But she had?”

“Now if it had not been for her getting all that help I do not think she would have become Mrs Cart land.”

“She was never that?”

“Of course she was. Had to be.”

“Well the thing is one of failures.”

“Why be beastly she was not Mrs Cart land the romantic novelist nowhere near that good a writer.”

“His addicted?“!

“The psychosis is not right.”

“We fear that knives are out.”

“The thing with them Hollywood does”

“We have the new cancers which take the young and do not even betray anything but glee.”

“No she never?”

“Well that way one can see the good parts and all that?”

“In him as well as her after all he was a relative.”

“Was she as a good mother?”

“Pink got raped did not she?”

“Male appetites got the better of him.”

When Pink got raped she had ma and when ma was sad she got so pissed she would attack the same way as Pink had done. Pink who had become a raving idiot and madness in her? Pink got raped produced Zeus and then the world became a storm a raging storm. There were floods and disasters because Zeus ate the world up and made it into one raging ball of fire.

Not really she sat it out with father and he died.

Playing what?

“What and how to do away with the fools of this world.”

“When motherly love died we all became these thugs.”


“Yes we would hurt each other for a bag of crisp.”

“Never mind what has happened to this woman?”

“Mother became a cripple.”


“Where she led father followed and then myself.”

“From being a carer you became a crippled?”


We come from the lushest land in Cyprus we did not destroy the world the world is being destroyed because they all want to live like Westerners.”


Psychos united round the world and we do have this world at our gracious selves and we dislike thanking them who made us great again.

“Who made you great?”!

“Don’t know but someone has.”

“You are asking for something?”

“Nobody listens to me.”

“You want to be heard?”

“So speak out.”

“When I do nobody wants to hear me out.”


“No one wants to speak to me or to hear me out.”


“That is the question when I was young everyone wanted to know my problems but the thing was did not have enough problems so invented most of them.”

“Now no need to invent and they don’t want to know.”

“Mad people cannot own property?”

“That is debatable.”

“We are now debating whether we are responsible enough to own a debt.”

“Which makes sense?”

“Look we fought to get this far why does everyone want to put us down?”

“Who is sane enough anyway to own a credit card?”

“What is this reasoning towards?”

“I was a caring person now need to be cared for and nobody wants to know me.”

“This is a sad story of the rape of the world?”

“The rape of the rich.”

“No the rape of the poor.”

“I am thinking of calling the police.”

“No evidence Pink has died and Zeus is raging still.”

“Her child lived then?”

“Grandmother brought Zeus up but she was too much for grandma.”

“Family loyalty where does it stop?”

“That is the thing?”

“Was she a good mother?”

“To us she hoped so.”

“They never said.”

“Zeus rejected the very idea that Pink is my ma.”

“She made sure her totally different to look at.”

“Pink is never my mother she is my aunt.” She would scream.

“Life is one long sadness is it not?”

“Her? No not my mother.” She would repeat.

“Must not they say so?”

“But her grandpa was really her pa.”

“That is when she became deranged.”

“Thought she would try him too.”

“Everyone else had so why not?”

“No it was not true she loved her pa and grandpa hoped that the intimacies could continue when older but they did not and that is when she was hopeless.”

“How dare him.”

“He rejected her?”


“There was a spell he could not see her.”

“Her loveliness escaped him. She always said father you must find me father I am lost you must find me father dad I am lost you must find me.”

“He ever?”

“He never did.”

“Yes sure.”

“They lived in a shack by then of course he could find her see her what was it?”

“A witch’s spell so powerful the magic can happen to anyone love.”

“The magic of fraternal love.”

“Love what love?”

“The reality of needing someone else.”


“He learnt he was dying so he afraid to die.”

“He did not want to go to hell?”


“To hide me from myself?” He would shout and shout to nobody as he lay in his cot.

“Yourself what is you said?”

“Yes what is what you all said?”

“It is very sad to tell you but you are a fool?” He would answer someone from hell.

“What is a fool?” his sister would ask the mother of him.

“A child who sits while I want to sit in that chair?” he did not know he did not want to know he could not sit in that small chair. Not without hurting himself.

“I can’t get up?”

“Well why not?”

“I am stuck in the chair?”

“I will yank you out of there.”


“Is it because you fat child that you still in that chair?”

“I think so?“!

“Well like a chicken we must yank you out?”

“Not so?”

“Well I am sorry for that but you said chicken.”

“Well it is not nice having my throat squeezed.”

“Choked I am?”

“What a choker you must wear some pearls.”

“I do not think I want that.”

“You dislike pearls?”


“I got a nice chain?”

“The sting is when one wears jewels it is to do about marriage.”

“Well shall I put the light on?”

“I do not have a match?”

“Put it out then.”

“Someone locks us in.!” It was I always it was me who had to lock us inside indoors so we could encourage each other to speak to make friends to continue that gentry and the look of discourse so that the night would never end and he would tell me his fair share of all the stories he knew.

But he not stable he did not want to stay at all he hurried and harassed to leave to mate with and be with his friends and he gone. He just gone and he gone and went to his world and left me alone and with words with words that said he would love and he would get love whichever he could and he did not have to stand it that he would never stand for such behaviour as myself and my deeds.

Love is a four letter word and it was mine to keep.

“What they do that for?”

“The literary people who think that love is good.”

“What why them?”

“They think that loveless lives are the worst disasters ever.”

“I disagree.”

“Look I will help you out of here?”

“There is nothing to say about that.”

“Everything to say and nothing to do?”

“About love?”

“Love is a sham.”

“What “?

“I don’t understand the past is more real now than it has ever been.”

“Did you take your medication?”


“Get up now.”

“From the chair?”

“To find the door?”

“I know where the door is.”

“Well where is the door then?”

“The literary people got the door?”

“In their trousers?”

“They wanted to rape me.”


“They don’t understand that love is the most painful folly in the world.”


“Nothing to do with luxury.”


“It is giving oneself to pain.”

“But you had to.”

“Now I dislike to.”

“I am in a grudge and there is nothing in me but this grudge.”

“What matters is we are all human.”

“When we are human where has humans got to?”

“Mankind has become so diabolically clever that they must amuse themselves with fires.”

“We must all light fires in our own homes.”

“Some don’t have homes to light their fires in.”

“Being poor?”

“Being bad and banded about.”

“Were you a whore?”


“We do not need extra rooms we do not need lights from the windows we do not need anything but words.”

“A victim sometimes is not easy to live with.”

“Most obliged.”

“A victim is a food for the gossips when the victim is dead then it becomes a case which is more interesting that is why most victims end up in the special justice system. Judge is the thing which is the last port of call for the victim and he is sorrier for the hard case than anybody and that makes me feel that someday I too will get justice for the crime which had been done against me.

“Who stole my youth that is what it is and who stole my life? And what was it all for?”

“Yes I am never good and easy to live with most of me am now no more saying what I feel and I feel more despair and doubts and there is all this spite and humiliation inside me for his desertion for his desertion and my crippled state of mind.”

“I hope never in the wrong.”

“That is why you are fixing the door?”

“Yes that is why I am fixing the door forever.”

“A victim is weaker than most people.”

“How do I know?”

“Where is your inside leg?”

“I am not wearing trousers.”

“Oh that is not nice what are you wearing then”?

“A dress?”

“That makes you a girl?”

“It is I?”

“Why not tell me such a thing I would have wasted you otherwise.”

“For being a girl?”

“No for being a boy?”

“I am a girl?”

“Well the thing is take your word for it.”


“Just broken down that door.”

“The skin on my dress is dirty.”

“Well you stay here and we will get you out in no time.”

“Why what had happened?”

“Some sort of quake sir don’t worry it is usual.”

He tried to get inside my home fifteen times. That is a very good try very nice and able.

“Will you be quiet there is no way he can come in.” Said mother.

“How much is he paying you?”

“How dare you I am a respectable woman. A mother a grandmother a wife now a widow.”

That is mother all over for you.

“My children have honour at their side.”

“Honourable are they?”

“Of course they are my children will not get into such scraps.”

Okay so we will not know anyone including our own children. We will be strangers at home and school and At last we will express ourselves through sex. Okay so we can’t know anyone because if there are no sexual acts then the things not on so we can’t do anything for free and our cheaply bought lives and children are the bonus we have for the work we do. We can’t know anyone at all. Hello stranger who are you?

“I am your number ten child.”

“Quite present and correct? Did you get good grades?”

“Oh yes I did now I am going to grammar school?”

“Why I number ten son has a gift for Grammar school son I am so pleased for us.”

“I say what can I get you?”

“A play station with the games of thrones.”

“Oh that is alright I will do so. Secretary or PA come over here get that boy a play station with a game of thrones. ”

“Yes sir.”

“Such a polite girl.”

“My sister is polite too but she is not a girl.”

“What everyone calls a bitch?”

A soldier dies of a heat stroke while a 92 year old runs through the marathon. It is so good to know that a woman of 92 can run the marathon while a young soldier can’t run through the heat waves and she can. Such a good idea is it not? She is the tougher of the two? Also she had cancer? Well that is even better. She ate something nicer? I always thought that the old birds have the toughest of skins.

Well the thing is the younger you are the less you are able to run. Of course the thing is not very nice is it? It happened two years ago. Of course she runs for the same time? They run up and down while she had a level crossing? They also had forty pounds on their back. That is such more heavy it is not nice anyway?

Soldiers are deemed fit and active? Well they were not as fit as that? Did it mean them going up and down mean that they had to do nothing? Did it mean they had the strokes of the heats?

Well those soldiers can’t be that fit could they? Well if they were not fit due to drinks what could it be? Well they did not go drinking? No of course not? Well this other thing if they did not have anything to do with their alcohol beverages.

“Have men become more fragile?”

“I did not pass them over?”

“Well due to their deaths?”

“The bad do not die that way.”

“Well if the soldiers fit for duty that means they should not have died.”

“They did not say the doctors had it badly?”

“That the doctors passed them fit.”

“So that means they the doctors did not write the same reports.”

“Are you insane?”

“I mean the reports which got them into the place into the army.”

“She lived longer than God spells?”

“Her son encouraging her made her well?”

“That Pink was raped.”

“Her proper station in life stolen from her.”

“That her health not taken care of.”

“Because she did not need a doctor so her blood clot in her head was not noticed.”

“We saved a lot of money for your sister who will get married.”

“No sorry your daughter.”

“And soon she will get wed and all your troubled life will have a meaning.”

“I am all for peace and quiet but this is strange a grandma gang doing such deeds?”

“Because they are bored with being good!”

“During them sixties she had been doing that sort of thing why she has changed now?”

“Because of her age?”

Change happens which brings in more change people never change they become more of the same if they had been unkind they become more so and if kind less kind. The years is not kind to people they make me shudder to think most of the people who had been brave are no longer so and I am fearing now to go outside to face the elements.

Before I had been someone who did not even notice the fine things in life. Now I want to live with more dignity and that makes me hang onto things. Life is one long haul and there are never enough haulage makers in the world to lift the heavy load of poverty. I do not want fancy cars or fancy finery all I want is a place which does not look like a tip.

“Mr there is more of this drug you should take?”

“During the day and at night.”

“With a glass of water.”

“To keep you quiet.”

“I am always silent.”

“I shudder to think if you had been noisy what it would have meant would have had to get ear plugs.”

“Well it is nasty that.”

“Not in front of the children?”

“The kids are worse.”

“We in the joy rides.”

“We belong in the joy.”

“The rider less biker.”

“These are electric times.”

“A storming out.”

“A storms afoot.”

“No it is just a bad time of day.”

“I fear like something is not right with me.”


“As if I did something wrong or about to.”

“Should we call the doctor?”

“There is too much heat.”

“I hurt badly I am scarred badly I have been evicted from heaven

“We are struggling to belong to each other as if on a tempest.”

“Belonging to each other?”

“Loving each other when he is fired already.”

“To belong as we were.”

“Pink was old and worn out.”

“She lived a long life did not say a word about the whole thing but we all knew.”

“As if she is still there young and whorish and laughing at him all the time turning him on to such an extent and being a wife and girl at the same time. Drove him crazy with desire and he did not see it coming he did not see me dying.”

“An old woman in widow’s weeds.”

“I am going to kill the weeds but they grow anyway. They grow and grow as if they would never shut me down.”

“You are upset.”

“Yes. It is hurting me.”

“Yes no justice in this world.”

“Luckily the magistrates on top of this?”

“We were searching night and day.”

“They were not allowed to speak. It is as plain as plain what they did. The woman was very popular did a lot for charities.”

“Most charitable she had been the best charity worker ever.”

“No one had a bad word to say to her.”

“Not use saying a bad word she would not listen.”

“Not open to criticisms at all.”

“That was her only fault.”

“Obsessively good she had been to us all?”

“Yes did a lot for the women she did.”

“No use saying anything she had the true cause of being here and there and giving the nursing skills did a lot to alleviate pain and suffering she did.”

“Luckily she had a brother who took care of his own.”

“Now she can be at peace to know she has been avenged.”

“The angel.”

Someone wants to rape me.


“This is not a town it is too big.”

“Beware who walks in the day time and at night.”

“This is ware wolf country.”

“I seek I find and now I have to eat this hot stuff.”

“Yes his pepper tastes are not his own he now has to eat hot peppers.”

“Someone else has done the cooking.”

“His life now eating the leftie and the righty.”

Spiritual things and beings one does not seek to know? Why should someone say when they called me when I am doing buggery? Why would God thank me for being this man? What not into buggery no deal? My dears what is this about? I know I am lost. I know my soul is doomed I know my bad misdeeds and all the manners of being evil I know who I am the cost of and that my payments means sanity will be realised. Yes sane persons who got it bad because of me.

The mistakes happened because I was doing too many things on that day. Over worked. Not much else I can say about the workloads. There is not much to make the work less. I had a difficult time of it. There it is no mistake.

I am very like Pink she too was simply wonderful at first then she got a goatee beard add to that she lost her charms and was whiter than a sheet.

I nearly became like Pink.

Nobody gives me rewards I am not rewarded at all. No one does anything but thank me.

A lorry came out when I did notice it. I said I did notice the damn lorry driving towards me across the bend do you think I am a bad driver? Said my sister Z.

“No.” I snarl at her back.

Someone asks me to marry them every few months.

If only they would leave me alone then I realise it is more than a prank they want to have everything I have and that makes them nasty gang of crooks who went to all that trouble to foster the troubles which they had in Cyprus in my house so that they could rob the whole lot of us.

How is it true?

The thing is when we had the domestic they almost so pleased phone stopped ringing the sadness was only the beginning they just seemed to stop as if the carving season had began.

The bloody phone stopped ringing they had began to eat us alive.

Because we not like them we in something like different.

Being different meant that me and all the children in danger. All the family in danger.

“Crooks about you see.”

Marriage means on paper that the married couple own each other as well as the property.

Bad fads. Marriage is a bad fad when in constant in and out of the registry office one knows them all by then. That is why they give me a warm welcome and speak nicely to my partner. They do not do anything but ask how much time I spend on these does? I ignore that. I am a happily married man and I mean to be. I do not dislike to be tried against my wishes at all.

“Why do Westerners now marry?”

“Because they must.”

“No because they have to prepare each other for the others death it says so in the commercials when one is married one must do the will and testament and sign the house to each other.”

“To protect the loved ones you see.”

“From what?”

“From being alone because when you die the loved one can live in the style he or she is accustomed to without you.”

“Otherwise it is not legal.”

“That is why we got prenuptials as well to make it doubly secure?”

“Yes of course.”

You can gag me.

He got the funeral on the Co op. Very good thing to do and they got it on and she cried a buckets.

I am not dead my dear?

You are to me. Now sod off.

They had to do the bucket scenes again highly affecting

Odd women who needs morality being rich. When we provide? When we are the rich we can rest and can ditch.

Oh I think she is now in bed having the seconds out. You know the odd husband has gone.

“No of course not?”

“Somebody’s husband rapes Pink and they still happily married to each other not to Pink.”

“No need to see the bank managers anymore?”

I can’t be seen to be her son she says a lover or a brother not her son might age the old bird.

Do not tell your bloody wife you do not fancy her anymore. It is not very nice and she is budding romantic and might throw you out. Do not ask for another referee with the best mates you might end up permanent residing in the pub. Doing smoke signals as to when the pubs shut down and you might try another night.

Do not tell her you met someone so sexy that it blew your socks to shreds and you might have to take the shoes with you instead of the bed spread. Do not tell her with shamefaced modesty that you are sagging and that you might make marmalade with the does and do not understand why she is so cross and she has become even more blocked.

She does not even reason. Do not ask her if she is okay when she has consumed the rejections from the editors who are saying she has not much to offer anymore.

Do not speak to her when she is doing this economic does.

“The other chocolate bar was the better.” she said.

Do not make her feel that she is not well and she has to go to the doctors to take the time to calm down. She has gone off insane and has actually physically attacked you when you walked into the room.

What has happened to her?

“I have met someone and I am happy.”

“She has gone mad about it.”


“He is having two homes?”

“I am doing it for us”?


“Two household bills?”

“It might be less expensive if you moved out.”

“What you throwing me out?”

“Well you are suffering from tiredness?”

“Because I have a young thin wife at home.”

“Well you have a what?”

“I got a wife she is such a sport.”

“Like a young sports car?”


“What a dear thing you are?”

“Why you not speaking to me?”

“Well the thing is very busy today.”

“I am here taking time to be with you?”

“Well the auntie’s night is out.”

“Well what is that for?”

“A black eye?”

“Not me I did not give you a black eye did me?”

“No you did not.”

“Well good you must go and get it from the thin woman at home waiting for you.”

“You do not do it for me anymore.”

“Well what should I do?”

“Thin down.”

“Well the thing is working today.”

“What you working for?”

“Because the editors said my writing is no longer publishable because of being depressing.”

“Why you suffering from depression?”

“Well it is nothing to do with this is it?”

“I am not to blame. I am blameless.”


“This other wife she takes off me drives a car has them all looking at her has the right respects the right words she is gorgeous.”

“She has success she has the scenes which are riots to do and she does love me?”

“I am not doing it for you then?”

“No you are complete failure.”

“I do not think homicide is good you know?”

“Why you homicidal for?”

“I think it is right to try ones patience not too much.”

“It is Indian speak to say when the Indian speaks out I am going to put out the flames now be gone before we put a pipe in your bloody chimney.”

“What does it mean?”

“It means fuck off son of a bitch.”

“I am not doing something I do not want to do.”

“Why you not going?”


“Well stay and be a good cook.”

“I will do what?”

“I’ve taken to doing the culinary skills in a cafe.”

“You have done what?”

“I am working full time in the cafe.”

“We need a chef assistance?”

“And this is what it will mean me cooking what?”


“I mean when I am with this other woman I am doing the right cooking.”

“Like cock and bulls?”

“Yes it is a matter of fact.”

“Well to tell you the truth it might make a change to be doing something less that way you can have the pleasure and the pain in the right order.”

“But I do not like to cook.”

“Well that is why it might make you less spoilt.”

“But what we might have a nibble?”

“Look they are calling me to ask for the lunch?”

“Why do they eat?”

“Yes unfortunately some people do eat.”

“And this is the true meaning of being this dick?”

“I have a date.”

“What have I done?”

“What have I done?”

“Where did you go?”

“Look I did not mean to hurt you.”

No in fact that is far worse.

“Why she was new as a toy she was lover and wife she had me inside her and we took off like nothing on this high earth.”

“We moved the earth we made love like not much else mattered.”

“Why did you leave me?”

“Stuff happens.”

“Stuff happens to people.”

“Stuff always happens.”

“Life is like it happens one after the other as if a jigsaw people weakness and persons not worthy of their words. That words are the weapons that time does not stand still that love is about hurting the one who you really love in order to take off into no one’s land.

That it is not a rocket man like rocket science when love is there all the time and this other woman comes grabs the whole centre stage and then the studs out and the fangs in.

“People hurt each other.”

“Money means it is a sweetener?”

Married the bitch.

“That time does not stand still.”

“That life is a roller coaster and someone is always hurting.”

“She had the smooth talk she smoothly talked her way through.”

“Her body work so nice and brand new.”

“Virtues all in one thin thing.”

“My hair is thinner than it was?”

“Yes the only thing that is.”

“She a virgin my God.”

“Go and drink her dry.”

“I am a alcoholic not drying.”

“The spells on.”

“He is not dried out with her yet.”

“The longest he has been away.”

“She feeds me.”

“He looked like a smooth cat like the rest of the would be shags.”

“I threw the glass metaphorically into him.”

“Yes he is in the land of the witches.”

“Freeze dried he will be unable to come down forever.”

“He is one of them who will not be here.”

“Oh this small kitchen with the things what can I do but try not to cry.”

“The food is selling nicely.”

“Yes it is.”

“Crying over the kitchen sink. My writing not selling because I am depressing.”

“I think I am so depressing too.”

“My poems are working though.”

“I have now become a poet.”

She took it into her head to make him look like a fool which he disliked.

He had eaten too much of the splendid things which say we come to you for wise words. It is such a fuel for a egoist. A man who has a wife who is in the knowledge that he has spent sweetly with a servant girl.

When her bed is without the meaning, his meaning with her was lost after she was forced out the marriage nuptials with the prenuptials and the deeds to all she wanted.

Greed is such a tenacious thing.

Grown into angry words.

“She got too much of his lack of attentions as he had thousands after his body.”

“He said plain as plain a mother would not harm her own child.”

That time still weeps.

But he liked this in her mind made his own complementary to him they have each other forever now and both of them feel trapped.

“You destroyed my marriage.” She said to me.

“I was done not you?”

“No it was definitely you who destroyed my marriage.”

“I was done for not you.”

“That you were done because of that?”

“You all go and screw yourselves.”

If anyone else tries this out I will burn you all out. I will bomb you all into ashes and take what it is that is gore. To make such a mistake as this is to make me into this bloody whore. I will make you all come out looking like snarls and making you smaller than the ants. There I have said this.

“My goodness it was a joke?”

“To think me into good jokes and good speeches.”

I had to thank them for the meal to thank them for the meat to drink and suffocate with.

My hated self pursued like a fox terrier.

To think ourselves over the moon to speak to each other and to know how filthy and fitly we deserve each other.

So what is the matter with their marriage?

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