If I were anything else

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If I were anything, I'd be a me with shark teeth.

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Day L.A
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If I...

If I were anything else, I'd probably be a better me.

One who could read more than she writes, or even just another version of me who could ride a bike. Someone who could not only just slay the dragon, but could also save the princess.

If I were anything I'd be anyone, anything, but me! Even a me who could hold their breath for more than 15 seconds, or could run for an hour without feeling she was going to drop dead and drown in the pain of her joints. A better me could make things in life so much easier than the me I am now.

If I were anything, I would be a me with the ability to see the differences between one hour of homework, and one hour of life.

If I were anything else... who could be a better me than me?

If I were anyone, but me, who would be me? A banana? Brad Pitt? Sherlock Holmes? Who could do a better job of being me then me, myself, & I?

If I were anything, I'd be me, but maybe with shark teeth.

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