Evilly Ever After

By Miar Abdelhamid All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Romance

Chapter 1

Evilly ever after

"Oh shit!" I yelled in a very un-lady like manner when I looked up and saw the face of the man I came for "not you!" I whined.

"What are YOU doing here?" Even from over such height, the disbelief in his voice was unmistakable. "I'm supposed to be here to save your butt!" I yelled in annoyance "but I didn't know it was going to be YOU," I whined "I thought I was supposed to save your handsome brother, Nickolas." I completed.

Still, I could hear his snort echoing till it reached my ear.

"But you know what?" I said after a pause during which I realized the most important thing "I don't have to help you. Good bye, Prince Flynn!"

Then quite resolutely if I might say so myself, I started turning around to start dragging my hair back to the castle when his yell resonated across the empty valley "HEY, WAIT!"

Now, I wasn't a big fan of the pompous, whiny spoiled second prince. However the desperation in his voice struck some dark, hidden, sadistic cord in my heart. I stopped and raised an eyebrow that he couldn't see.

"Are you gonna just leave me here like that?" He asked and I snorted. "None of us wants to be with the other, so yeah, that sounds pretty plausible to me." I yelled.

"Yeah, but that would be so low, turning your back and leaving like that".

"Don't care." I yelled with a secret smile on my face.

"His majesty is not going to spare you," I could hear the smirk in his voice and then I cursed him inwardly for having a point, my smile vanishing before even reaching full bloom. His Majesty forced me to come here and save his son because I had the longest hair in the kingdom according to the stupid witch's prophecy.

Quite suddenly really, and on the thought of the old hag, a most brilliant idea popped into my head. I looked down at my very long braid that reached the entrance of the forest, it was now full of mud from dragging it the whole way, and washing it would be a real pain. With the devilish idea rabidly taking form in my head, I looked back at the very high tower.

Well, he wasn't the prince that I wanted, but I could still get rid of my hair. Also, it wasn't every day that a maidenly girl got the chance to make the ban of her existence squirm. With a specific dark, rotten cord in my heart singing tunes of elation, I pulled out a knife and immediately cut my hair from the mid back.

"What are you doing?" I heard him ask incredulously...He was so not going to boss me around. "Cutting my hair to save you!" I yelled, my voice injected with real felt annoyance.

"And how is your hair supposed to help?" Oh now, he wasn't THAT stupid, the witch of THEIR castle was the one who had made a great deal of making me let my hair grow, spouting continuous nonsense about its importance when I grew up. However, I won't be that surprised that even that could have been a mistake...after all she had been saying I was going to be the one to get kidnapped.

She hadn't said anything about an Idiotic prince who the evil witch would be stupid enough to mistake him for me.

"I'm gonna throw it upwards for you, and you're gonna climb down using it!" I yelled, and to my disbelief heard him snort.

"There is no way am I going to get down using that, you go up first so that I could be sure it's strong enough!" he yelled, however his voice was stating that as if it was the most obvious thing.

I just rolled my eyes, the distinct cord in my heart quieting up again. I knew that there was no turning back now, as Bertha, my nurse would kill me if I returned without the prince and my hair, then cursed the prince for being such a wimp!

After a few trials I managed to throw my hair upward, high enough to reach him, and the idiot was smart enough to catch it, "Thank God," I heard him say in his British accent.

With a muttered oath, I started climbing up.Soon I found it beyond easy and into the realm of incredulous how easy it was to work myself into a frenzy of mounting rage. The idiot's grip was slacking every once in a while, making the hair...er.. the rope tug precariously.

"Shit, this was going to be a lot easier if we had found the key." I heard the pussy whine, and even in my current hanging pathetic state, I couldn't help but roll my eyes. But then I remembered the key I found on my way here, on it written strangely with bold letters 'The key of the very high tower at the end of the forest'.

"Ah, if you're talking about tha-" I stopped in my tracks and immediately forgot the words I had wanted to say when I saw him scratching his head violently. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" I screeched in disgust, as I already knew the answer.

"WHAT?" He yelled, annoyed now "I have been locked up here for two months already, with no bath. Of course I would have cooties! and it's not like you need your hair any longer!"

He had a point..still I knew he would stink when I reached him. Sighing I completed climbing up.When I finally reached that lonely window, the idiot almost missed my hand, almost causing me to fall epically. so when I was on my feet safely, I slapped him!

"Why was that?" He asked in a whine, and I just glared. Realizing he still needed me, he shut up and just glared back.

He was handsome - which was a very well known thing by me - with blue eyes and blond golden hair very different from his brother's. But as I thought down there, he stunk, so I wrinkled my nose and he understood what I was getting at and just rolled his eyes.

"Now, are you sure of it's safety, can we get the hell down now?" I asked letting impatience ting my tune, my foot tapping the floor.

"Uh, yeah," he said holding my hair and starting to wrap it around the bed leg "let's g-" he was interrupted by the flash that started shining through the mirror.

"Shit! it's the witch," he said, clenching his teeth "get your sword now and fight her."

My eyes widened as if they were going to pop out "WHAT?" I asked in disbelief "aren't you supposed to be the prince? aren't you the one supposed to protect me?"

"Stop living in your fairytale" -which was impossible since THIS was a fairytale - "And get ready to fight, you came the whole way here, so I'm sure you can fight a little witch!"

"Aside from the fact that I have NO sword," he gaped at that, and I smirked slightly "I'm not gonna be ordered around by you."

He was about to retort when we got interrupted by a figure coming out of the mirror. It was wearing a hooded cloak, the hood hiding its face. We were both startled out of our wits when it produced a magical flash that hit my former hair and Flynn's arms.

"Shit"I yelled heading towards Flynn with worried eyes.

"Don't worry about m- "

"Bertha is going to kill me without the remains of my hair!" I completed as I held the ashes of my hair, completely oblivious to Flynn, who just rolled his eyes -again.

"What brought thee here?" the hooded figure asked, obviously deepening it's voice.

In an instant, the wimp prince pulled me in front of him "What do you want?" I heard him ask, trying to replace all the fear in his voice with authority.

The witch in a second removed the hood, revealing the strangest fact of all; right there, stood the most handsome prince, with his silky black hair and beautiful green emerald eyes, it was prince Nickolas.

A dreamy sigh escaped my lips. "Rapunzel?" he asked, clear shock sobering his voice.

"Prince Nickolas," I sighed in a very polite voice, all the venom I had just used with Flynn nowhere in sight. "What are you doing here?" he asked as he headed towards me and held my hands, making Flynn gap "I was almost killed you!"

"But you didn't," I said as a tint of pink came over my cheeks, then I giggled and looked to the side, before meeting his eyes again, my lashes fluttering on their own.

"Oh, I'm sorry you got stuck in here too,"He said with an apologetic smile."I mean nothing your highness," I started still blushing and smiling "But were you the witch who kidnapped the prince? Why did you do it?"

"Well obviously-" I heard Flynn try to explain, but was instantly made to shut up by Nickolas casting a spell his way and making him wrapped in a few robes, his mouth also being covered by a big piece of lettuce.

"I'm sorry to tell you that it was, in fact, me," he said "Flynn was the first prince and I wanted to inherit the throne"

Fair enough.

"But also,"he looked down a little before his eyes met mine again "I was jealous of him, because...you know...he has always been close to you." I thought I saw a hint of blush, but it quickly disappeared.

I giggled at that too, and from the corner of my eyes, saw the very silent Flynn roll his eyes for the millionth time or so. "I'm sorry If kidnapping Flynn made you hate me,"Nickolas said in a small voice.

"No way!" I said rather defensively "You did the whole kingdom a favor!" I stated and he smiled and I felt Flynn jump slightly in the back ground. "And I'm sorry for your hair" he said looking at the ashes.

"No problem, I hated it anyway," I beamed "but you, your highness, are apologizing way too much" and he smiled slightly.

"But we're locked up here," he said and I tilted my head slightly. He just waved his hand at my questioning look "I lost the key".

I looked at him while blinking, then my hands left his and went to my pockets "Do you mean this?" I asked as I got the 'the key to the very high tower at the end of the forest' key and handed it to him. It was endearing to see the shock in his eyes.


"SHUT UP!" both of us snapped at Flynn's frantic trials to speak and I knew what he was about to ask. Nickolas then looked at me again, while holding my hands, and kindly asked the question his brother was dying to ask.

"Why didn't you use it instead?" he asked then his brows furrowed slightly "It would have been a lot safer."

"Nah," I got my hands out of his hold again and waved them "I just wanted to get rid of my hair."

"Smart." I heard Nickolas say in awe to himself, and before I could say anything back, he surprised me when he knelt on his knee.

"Rapunzel whatever last name," I did my best not to raise my eyebrow at that "I'm in awe by your smartness and beauty. I have always been. But all I could have ever given you back then was a worthless heart and -admittedly dubious- devotion. But now there is a throne thrown into the mix,and you are nothing if not endearingly pragmatic. Would you please marry me?" he smiled in uncertainty, and my eyes widened with shock and sudden tears.

"OF COURSE!" I beamed and he was going to say something when I attacked him and bear hugged him. I thought I heard a wince of pain, but I ignored it, it's a well known thing that love is hurtful.

I heard Flynn snort through the lettuce on his mouth, and we both glared at him, but he just continued his incomprehensible and looked to the side.

"Let's go then, my princess," Nickolas said as he held my hand "use your key, get out of here, and get married. And then I would say we knew nothing about that moron here," he pointed his chin towards Flynn, his eyes not leaving mine "And I would inherit the throne and you would be my queen".

I nodded shyly, and gave him the key, and as we got to the door, I could hear Flynn trying to object, but we ignored him.

Minutes later, we were walking on our way to the castle, hand in hand - and though it was dawn a little while ago - we walked towards the sunset. The sound of the desperate Flynn's 'Mmm 's' playing in the back ground to finish the tale of a clueless prince and the evil couple who lived evilly ever after.

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