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Short, quick stories started by a book of story prompts and finished by me. The prompts are in bold.

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I knocked on the door again. No one answered, but I knew the house wasn't empty. They were expecting me to give up and go away, but I had other plans. I climbed the gate on the side, hoping to find another way to get their attention. I needed them to come to a door, window, anything. I had things to do, product to sell, but I needed every possible contact I could get. That's one reason I wasn't willing to leave until I talked to someone.

There was also the bet with Brittany. One that there was no way in hell I was going to lose. I scrambled over the top of the gate, carefully placing my small sneakers between the bars to get down. My heavy bag pulled on my shoulder, and I began to sweat with effort and just a little nervousness.

This better be worth it.

I walked to the nearest window, knocking lightly as I made my way around the house. I got to the back door, knocking more and more vigorously.

"I know you're in there! Just answer the door and I'll leave you alone when I'm done!"

My high voice rang out across the yard, and I finally heard some chairs scraping in the house. I perked up, a big smile filling my face in success when the porch light turned on and the door swung open.

I faced the man at the door fearlessly, even though his face clearly showed his anger and frustration.

"Goddammit Lauren! I told you not to come back this year." His voice was loud and pissed but I stayed on track, my 9-year-old determination never wavering. I finally asked the question I'd come here for.

"Would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?"

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