A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Isn’t it sad how it takes a hundred a hundred compliments to build up a person, yet only one insult to destroy them completely ?

Everybody has self-doubts about minor and unimportant things which they believe matter the most. We all worry about our eyebrows not being big enough just because it is the latest fashion trend.

Ten years ago it would have been an insult if someone told you that you had a big ass and now it is the one of the best compliments you could possibly get.

People do concentrate too much on what they don’t have that they miss all the good things that have happened in their life.

We are tricked into thinking we are not good enough because people make us believe that their problems with us actually matter. If someone calls you too thin or too big, it is their subjective opinion and not a reflection of what you really are.

Make changes because you want them to happen and not because other people do not approve of it because the only person who is affected by these changes is you.

We are blamed for wanting what we want and to be honest the world has bigger problems than boys kissing boys.

It is hard when you tried but it wasn’t good it enough but it is even harder when you as a person are not enough and people should not feel that way. You are enough, you are more than enough.

The thing is that we pretend that our society makes the rules were, in fact, we make our own rules and we set ourselves boundaries.

It is easy for us to say that a girl who is popular and has good grades lives a perfect life and that everything for her is so easy, when in reality she is crying herself to sleep at night because she can’t handle the pressure anymore.

What people show you is hardly ever the whole story because we live in a world were being perfect is something you are obliged to be and everybody is ready to create that wall of artificial perfection instead of going after what makes them happy and truly matters in life.

The higher the wall, the harder it is to build it even higher because you’ll come to a point when the real you cannot not reach out to the fake version of yourself you made anymore. The higher the wall, the more instable it becomes and will crash down like a house of cards.

Perfection is an illusion and we are the wizards. The better the wizards, the better the illusion which means that the person who seems to be the most perfect in the world is the, in fact, the one who has the most problems.

We often believe we do not deserve something because we do not live up to certain standards or are not like other people who are supposed to deserve it.

We believe that the problem is the necessity of achieving goals, whereas the real struggle lies into being happy with what you have and what you are.

It’s easier to keep yourself busy with making others happy than going after things that we want because we think that the risk is not worth the fall...

...but if the risk is high, the reward is high...so why not roll the dice ?

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