A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 10 || How To Seek a Greek...

I hate it when things don’t go my way.

You plan and plan and actually prepare for what you think is going to happen or even for something you are happily awaiting but sometimes life is just laughing at you and messes up everything possible.

I was prepared for a nice and cozy sleepover with my best friend and a guy that I mildly tolerate. The thing I definitely wasn’t prepared for was the fact that I had Math tutoring the next day and had to send both of them home since the tutoring started at 8 p.m.

8 p.m.

I repeat, 8 p.m.

On a Saturday.

If this is not a reason to give up on life, then I don’t know what it is. It was way too early for me or my brain to function and I had not enough optimism left to convince myself that waking up early has a real purpose for me since it’ll decide whether I’ll be graduating or not.

I was lying in my bed, hoping for this to just be a nightmare.

But it wasn’t.


So I was left with no other choice then having to accept my destiny and get through this punishment as well as I can.

I took my phone from my white-painted nightstand and looked at the clock to see that it was only 6:30 a.m. which meant I had plenty of time left. I couldn’t sleep all night because I was so occupied with falling asleep that it kept me awake.

Admittedly, this wasn’t the only reason. My thoughts kept revolving around the gala, Alex and his relationship and the fact that I have a weird feeling over this. I failed to notice before but when I spend the night at Alex’, I was convinced there was something different but I couldn’t tell but then it hit me.

He usually stops calling me ‘mi vida’ the moment he has a girlfriend but sometimes he started calling me that again, although he didn’t break up with his girlfriend at that time. Then about one week after he started calling me that, they broke up.

Something is going on in here and I will find out what it is but before I proceed my mission I need to shower because I look and smell like something that shall not be named.

After I exited the shower fresh and renewed, I took the first thing that caught sight of in my closet and got dressed very quickly. I wasn’t eager on spending my Saturday morning with twenty other students who were just as stupid as me when it came to Math but it’s not like I have a choice.

My blonde hair was still a little wet when I entered my car and pulled out of the driveway. The streets where pretty busy to my surprised which was the reason why it took a bit longer until my arrival at my school than I initially had planned.

Wandering around disoriented in the hallway, I finally found a group of people who was about to enter the classroom. I sped up, entered the classroom while receiving a few weird looks from some people and then looked for a place to sit with which I was able to arrange myself.

My decision fell on a chair between Lily Mason, a nice girl I knew from doing gymnastics a couple of years ago and Leonidas Florakis, Leon for short, who I was more than surprised to meet here.

I’ve known him for quite a long since he is very close to Alex and at least as much of a nerd as him and also a part of the Americas Future program which is the reason for my confusion because he really doesn’t need to be here. Plus, I’m still rooting for him to be my future brother-in-law.

Emma and Leon have a similar story than I have with Alex but theirs is way more intense. It was pretty complicated because they kind of almost got together but on the other hand they didn’t. They liked each other very much but Leon was always intimidated by Emma’s popularity and Emma took that insecurity as disinterest in her as a girlfriend, so they stayed friends.

I did my best I could to get them together but it’s hard to convince people to let go of their beliefs. Emma and I are pretty much alike when it comes to guys, we don’t have a problem with flirting with them and aren’t afraid to just take what we want but when we actually like the guy, it’s over.

But I guess every girl becomes pretty brainless when it comes to a guy they really like and vice versa. Emma’s frankness was the reason I asked her why she didn’t do anything. It wasn’t majorly the fact that she thought he didn’t see her as a potential love interest, but the fact that she’d be devastated if he rejected her.

For her it was easier to stand the suspense then to take risk of getting turned down by the first and only guy she has ever really loved.

“Since when does the Greek descendant of Archimedes need tutoring in Math.“, I teased him as I took my seat next to him.

“Hey, Jay. What’s up ?.“, he playfully punched me in my upper arm.


“Just getting my arm broken by a nerd, nothing much. What about you ?“, I replied sarcastically as I stroked my arm. “What is doing a genius like you here anyway ?”

“I spend a few months in Greece because my grandma was very sick and needed us to take care of her. I missed a lot of stuff and I thought getting tutored will make it a lot easier for me.“, his smile turned into a nervous stare.

“How is Emma ?“, he finally managed to say. “Is she still dating

Okay, this is my chance to spare me from getting a chauvinistic and mentally benighted jock as brother-in-law and to rescue my future nieces’ and nephews’ genes.

I’m usually not the one to support high school stereotypes, I mean, hello ?!?

But the guys Emma and I drag along are justification enough for my worries about the gene pool of my descendants.

“Why don’t you ask her that yourself ?“, a half smirk spread on my face. “Look, I know what happened between both of you but you like each other and enough time has passed already. just go for it.“, judging by the noticeable perplexity on his face, he apparently wasn’t prepared for my marvelous motivational speech.

“It’s a bit difficult. I can’t just go to her and talk to her.”

“Of course, you can. You aren’t strangers. It’s difficult because you make it difficult and that was exactly the reason why things didn’t work out between you two. Just call her or anything but don’t miss your chance again.“, I gave him a reassuring smile which he returned.

“You are right. I’ll do that. I can’t live up to the shy-nerd stereotype forever.“, he said with a sudden boost of confidence. “Thank you.“, he uttered within the second our tutor entered the classroom.

Time pretend that I have my life fully under control...

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