A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 13 || Playing The Game Will Bring You Closer To Your Aim.

My shift was almost over, meaning I had to prepare myself for meeting my new family. Yay. Not.

Since mom had died, my dad has been different. Of course, a death of a person that is close to you changes you in some kind of way, but my dad used to be tough and full of happiness. He had always insisted on doing something as a family together every week, but now he is distancing himself from us.

A person who is not involved wouldn’t notice since my dad behaves like every other dad, but I know that he lets the grief take him over more than he should, even after all these years.

Dafina had already left an hour ago, so it was just me and Isabella, a girl who just started working here two weeks ago. She has to work until the end today and I honestly don’t envy her for that. Closing the store is something not really popular among us employees since the sun has often already set and being the only person in a huge mall at night isn’t something I aspire to experience every day.

My gaze went over to the clock, hanging on the left hand side of the store, directly hanging over shelf with the bags. Two minutes left until 7 p.m. and I can finally leave the store. I walked over to Isabella who was standing in front of the table with the shoes, supplying them with new price tags.

“Hey, Izzy, my shift is already over. Do you think you can handle this on your on ?”

“Of course.“, she looked up from table, giving me a reassuring smile. “I’ll handle it, don’t worry.”

“Okay, but if you need anything, just call me.“, she nodded in agreement and I made my way to the staff room, picking up my stuff.

Opening the buttons of my blouse, a loud vibration sounded from the inner of my locker. I reached out into it, grabbing my phone from the ice cold metal underneath it. It was steadily vibrating which obviously meant that someone tried to call me at this late hour.

I looked at the caller ID to see that it was Alex. This is officially the second worst day of my life. Exactly what I needed after that long and exhausting day. Note the sarcasm.

“What’s up.“, I answered the phone.

“Hola, mi vida.“, I rolled my eyes at his greeting.

“I don’t think your girlfriend would appreciate you calling other girl your life.”

“She doesn’t mind. She knows that you are like a sister to me.”

Correction. This is officially the worst day of my life. Since when do you flirt with your own sister ?

“I didn’t know that is common to flirt with your sister.”

“You know what I mean.“, the flirty tone in his voice slowly faded away.

“Just tell me what you want.“, I hissed at him, slamming my locker shut.

“Jayla told me about your encounter at your work place.”

“So ?“, I asked him, hoping he didn’t intend to give me a lecture or anything.

“I know that she is difficult sometimes and that you never really liked each other but could you at least try ?”

“Because I know you, Jessica.“, he replied accusingly.

“Well, obviously, you don’t. She started this whole thing my treating me like scam. I have changed, okay ? I know that I screwed up in the past but you don’t know how it is to be labelled as the School Slut No.1 of Summerville High. The rumours people spread, the looks they give me. How would you know ? All you do is hiding behind your screen playing computer games all day long and magically get into one of the best student programs in the world by just being who you are, Alex. Well, news flash: this isn’t how the world really works, especially not for me.“, I finished my rant, being aggravated like I have never been before.

I know I shouldn’t have yelled at him the way I did, but I’m honestly so sick of being blamed for things other people do or say. It’s not my fault Jayla behaves like a major bitch, pretending she owns this place and I can’t even tell him because, in the end, I would be blamed for everything again.

I know that she is Alex girlfriend but sometimes I wish he’d use his intelligence to see past her mask and not only for his little science experiments.

“I know that you aren’t like that anymore but we haven’t really talked because of the cruel person you became until you asked me for help when you wanted to break into Marissa’s house. You hurt me, because we used to be best friends and went through so much together. You treated me like this wasn’t worth anything to you, so forgive me if I can’t just pretend like this never happened just because you tell me that you changed. Jayla may be difficult but she never backstabbed me for her own good.“, he took a deep breath.

“You are important to me, okay ? But you just gave me a lot of reasons not to ever talk to you again, yet we are still here, talking. I aware of the fact that most of the rumours aren’t true, but it is not like you ever gave them a reason to believe the opposite. If you keep holding on to the past and use it as an excuse for people being nasty to you, you’ll never realize that you don’t need all that. You say you have put that part of your life behind you ? Then act like it, instead of bringing it up every time when things don’t go the way you want them to.”

“Alex, I-”

“You know when there is something that playing computer games all day long taught me, it is that when you meet enemies, you are going into the right direction.“, with that he hung up, leaving me in utter perplexity, standing in the corridor of our store, not knowing what to say or to think.

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