A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 17 || If You’re Ready Leave And Shut It...

My jaw dropped as I opened the door of Kyle’s car and stepped on the stone flooring. I knew that Jayla’s house was a monstrosity but I forgot the decadence which radiated off that house, especially with the huge front yard. A lot of well-dressed people either entered the mansion or left it through the patio door to get some fresh air.

“We arrived in time. Why are there already so many people in here ?“, Sofía asked while observing the crowd of people.

“It’s never too early to kiss ass.“, Kyle responded bluntly and started walking towards the entrance. He’s not wrong...

I looked out for Jana but I couldn’t find her in the crowd so I assumed she already must be inside. I felt a little uncomfortable because I have never been to such an event before and I really don’t know what to do with all these upper-class people.

As we arrived in the main hall, my eyes were dazzled by the glaring light, shining down from the enormous chandelier. The neatly dressed women and men gave me some kind of Gossip Girl vibe with their noble outfits and aristocratic behaviour. Waiters and waitresses were bossed around by most of the people who didn’t really care that they are also just normal human beings with only one pair of hands and other people were dancing in the middle of the hall.

“All right, this is how we do it. Sofiá and I look for the alcohol and you look for the food and we’ll meet here in 10 minutes again. If I don’t make it, I’ll probably be hitting on some guy, so don’t wait for me.“, Kyle explained, grabbed Sofía’s arm and vanished in the crowd before I could say something.

My gaze went around the big hall, still looking for Jana until I finally spotted her in the back of the room, awkwardly staring at the middle of the room.

“Hey.“, I greeted her with a smile. “Why are you standing here like someone shot your dog. Have little fun.“, I tried to cheer her up but apparently in vain.

“I don’t know anybody in here.“, she stopped a waitress who was about to pass us, took a glass of champagne off the tray she was holding and downed it like a pro.

I must say I’m highly impressed...

“You know.“, she continued. “I’m just so nervous around people.”

“I can see that.“, I chuckled, taking the empty glass out of her hand. “But you still need your consciousness in order to not completely embarrass yourself in front of Nate. Speaking of which.“, I gaped into the crowd of people. “Where is he ?”

“Over there.“, Jana pointed at a small group of people consisting of Nate, Alex, Jayla and two other girls I have never seen in my life. They were laughing about something but it looked more pretentious than genuine.

“Why don’t go over there and join him ?”

Jana snorted at my suggestion, gazing at me like I was retarded. “Yeah, sure. I can’t just go there and talk to him. I’m just not that type of person and he seems to have fun already so I won’t dare to intervene their little chit-chat with the brunette girl in the red dress.”

“Okay, he is a little flirty. So what ? That doesn’t have to mean anything at all.”

“Yeah.“, she said incredulously. “Maybe it wouldn’t if that girl wasn’t his ex.”

“Oh.“, my mouth formed to an O. “That’s a reason but not a hindrance.“, I shrugged.

When Jana was about to say something I saw Kyle and Sofía making their way towards us. Kyle already looked a little bit tipsy, stumbling across the room.

“Gosh, Kyle. I told you not to drink so much.“, Sofía hissed at him with an annoyed look on her face.

“I’m totally fine.“, he replied with confidence. “I felt little dizzy that is all.“, Sofía rolled her eyes on Kyle’s explanation.

My eyes went to Nate who was perfectly enjoying himself and then back to Jana who was unquestionably quite the opposite of that. I need to come up with a plan, but I can’t just go over there and start talking because the only people I know in that group are Nate and Alex and since Alex and I have a bit of a disagreement, the only person left is Nate. I can’t keep on talking to Nate when I want to set him up with Jana, that would be super awkward.

I averted my gaze back into the mass of people until I spotted Nico and Kai who approached the group of Nate and Alex. Before they reached them, I shouted Nico’s name.

His puzzled look met mine when he tried to figure out where the call came from. He looked at Kai and nodded over to me, signalling him to join us.

“Thank you so much for saving us.“, he sighed when he positioned himself right next to me and Kai gave me a friendly smile.

“From what ? Jayla and her Bratzillaz ?“, he nodded in agreement.

“Hey, Kai. Long time, no see. How have you been ?”

“Uhm, good.“, he answered, being slightly lost in his thoughts. “College is pretty stressful right now.”

He seemed to be a little of so I just decided to quit my interrogation and turned my attention back to Nico.

Kyle kept staring at both of them in irritation. “Great. Even more hot hetero people in here.“, he exhaled dramatically.

“Who said I’m hetero.“, Nico cheekily grinned at him.

Maybe I should have told Kyle that one of my best friends is a hot and gay Italian guy but then I would have missed out on the opportunity to see his face right now as stared at him blankly.

“Do you all want to come with us ? The more people, the lower is the chance that I will strangle Jayla in front of everyone.“, he didn’t really wait for me to answer, but took my arm and pushed me across the room, being followed by the others.

When we arrived there, I was greeted by Alex with a hesitant smile. Obviously, he didn’t really know what to do right now, but I couldn’t really blame him since I was pretty much as clueless as he was. Jayla was right in the middle of one of her stories at which Nico rolled his eyes repeatedly.

“Did I tell you that I met Selena Gomez a week ago when I was in New York ?“, Jayla gloated and her stupid retinue started to squeal.

“Jesus take the wheel.“, Jana mumbled causing me to look at her in amusement and a little confusion. Her eyes widened when she realized that I heard what she said. “Please don’t tell my mom I said that. She’ll kill me.”

“We had such a great time and we were on our way to become besties.“, she threw her hair back. “And on our last day together she gave me a shootout on Twitter.”

“Cowboy-Style ?“, Kyle muttered causing me to snort and everybody looked at me, raising their eyebrows. Not the best way to get people’s attention...

Suddenly, a finger tapped on my shoulder and I turned around to see that it was Kai. “Hey.”

“Hey, do you want to dance ?“, Kai asked me politely.

“Sure.“, I said, feeling Alex’ gaze on me as we walked over to the bunch of dancing people.

He took my left hand, placed his on my lower back and we started dancing. We remained silent for a while until Kai all of a sudden decided to give me a piece of his thoughts. “Did you know that I was in love with you back then ?”

I swallowed at his rather rhetorical question, not daring to look him in the eyes. Please tell me it’s not that kind of conversation I think it’s going to be.

“No, I didn’t.“, I faked a smile, my heartbeat getting faster and faster. “Yeah, but the only one who ever managed to get your full attention was Alex and now he has a girlfriend.”

My blood pressure must have been dangerously high by now since I had no idea what to expect from him. I know him quite a long time but apparently not good enough...

His hand wandered from my back down to butt and I jumped with a fright and furiously slapped his hand away. “What the hell do you think you are doing ?“, he smirked at me evilly.

“Don’t play so innocent.“, he whispered in my ear and I cringed at the obnoxious tone in his voice.

“You’re a slut, Jessica, and that is everything you will ever be.”

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