A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 1 || When the Drunk Did a Bunk....

Struggling with keeping my balance, I was staggering down the street, not knowing where I was or where to go. As my lunch was about to say hello, my body relaxed again and collapsed on a bank which was placed on the opposite side of the police station.

I definitely shouldn’t have drunken that last shot of vodka. Oh, well...

I was way too exhausted to get up and force myself to walk hope, so I begged for a police officer not crossing my way and seeing a seventeen year old girl lingering at 3 o’clock in the morning with a blood-alcohol level higher than Heidi Klum’s voice.

If my father find’s out that I am wandering drunk around in town at night, he’ll kill me. He is usually not the strict type of parent but since my mom died, he sometimes gets a bit over-protective when it comes to me or my siblings.

My younger brother Max is usually not that much affected by it because he is only four and...well, a boy which in our society seems to be much more advantageous than it should.

I mentally went through all of my possible options which were quite paltry. One option would be to call Sofía but I know that she is at Noah’s house right now and they are sometimes pretty annoying since they got together one month ago.

Just like these people who just got together and are like the most annoying couple ever.

“I love you <3”

“I love you”

“Mostestttttttttt <3”




I’m glad that they are not that nerve-wrecking but still. It was pretty hard for them to work everything out since that little thing happened with Marissa but they made it and I’m really proud of them. They truly belong together and I know that Sofía made the right decision by trusting him again. Noah really worked hard for her forgiveness and I have never seen Noah working for anything because he was usually the type of person who naturally received everything he wanted.

It’s pretty weird how everything turned out to be since I had never thought of becoming friends with Sofía. I’ve even really taken Lizzie to my heart although I was a bit sceptical in the first place and Noah pretty much became to me like the brother I never had.

I must admit that my life couldn’t have turned out better. Kim and Lisa where nothing but fake friends and it took long enough to realize that. The sad thing is that I never really trusted them or saw them as real friends but stayed with them because I chose betrayal over loneliness but the main reason why I haven’t decided to ditch them was because I didn’t know how it was like to have real friends.

The only real friends I had before I met Sofía and Kyle were Emma and Alex but I don’t believe that this is comparable to Sofía because Emma is my sister and Alex, well, that is a different story.

Having a reputation like I do is definitely not the biggest advantage when it comes to finding real friends. People claimed me to be a bitch although I had never talked to them in my entire life.

I often wished that I would find someone who was actually interested in me and in my life and not in my popularity. It’s not like I blame them or something because judging on the past few years I haven’t really been an angel on earth but I’m glad that everything changed now and that I have people whom I can really trust.

I tried to keep my balance while sitting on the bank but failed miserably. My gaze went to the police apartment on the other side of the street. My thoughts went again to my dad who works as a police officer but luckily not in the one I’m facing right now.

“Jessica?“, a sudden appeared out of nowhere causing me to start up from shock. My eyes went up and a familiar man in a police uniform, probably in his forties, was kneeling in front of me. His face was just a blur but I recognized his voice. “Are you drunk ?”

“Nooooo.“, I slurred a bit, causing him to cock his eyebrow.

Wow, Jessica you totally nailed that one....

“Mr. Valente, promise me not to tell my dad anything. He’d freak out and will ground me until I’m eighty.“, I begged him while concentrating really hard to look him in the eyes.

His sceptical facial expression softened and he sighed. “Fine, but I can’t leave you here on the park bench at night and stop calling me Mr. Valente. You know I hate all these formalities. Just call me David. You’ll come with me and spend the night at our house.”

“I don’t want to cause you any kind of trouble. I-”

“I insist. Your father has been my best friend since high school and it’d be irresponsible to leave his daughter in a state like that. Come on. I’ll help you to get to my car.“, he smiled at me and put my arm around his shoulder and supported me while crossing the street.

The street was completely empty which made it easier for us to get on the other side of the street. As we reached the car, I leaned against it while he was getting the car keys out of his pocket, the car made a sound and he opened the door for me so I could get in the car.

I knew that the ride would take a while since Alex’ house is on the other side of town. It wasn’t that awkward but I felt really embarrassed, like completely embarrassed.

We remained completely silent until we had reached a red traffic light. “Why were you alone ? Don’t you kids these days party with a lots of friends or even people you have never seen in your entire life ?“, he broke the silence as the yellow light lit up.

“All my friends were occupied with something different, therefore I decided to go alone.“, I barely was able to finish my sentence when a hiccup forced its way through my throat.

“Let me guess. Your father didn’t know that you were going alone because he would have never allowed you to, so you told him that you’d stay at one of your friend’s house.“, he asked me in a questioning tone. “Am I right or am I right ?”

“That’s pretty accurate.“, my voice must have revealed my perplexity because a half-grin spread on his face. “How did you know ?”

“It may be hard to believe but I’ve been seventeen once too. Back in Mexico, my parents were very strict and I always had to lie to them when I wanted to go out or anything.”

“Really ? I always thought you were born in the US because you don’t have an accent.”

“I was born and grew up in Mexico City and came to America when I was only twenty. My parents send me to a bilingual school but we were talking English exclusively during the lessons.“, he explained as he turned right. “I hated it but I’m actually glad they did.”

“I know what you mean.“, I giggled. “My mom often times refused to talk to us anything but French. You know how persistent she could be. Just French people things.“, he chuckled at my comment.

“True. Thérèse had her own way to handle things and nobody could stop her. God took her too early away from us.“, his face became fixed and silence took over again.

“Well, when cancer knocks on your door, the chance is pretty high that it will take it with you and my mom happened to be one of the people who didn’t manage to slam the door in death’s face.”

As we reached the house, David made a turn into the garage entrance and parked the car. “Look, Jessica. If there is anything you, your siblings or your father need, just tell me. I know that your dad is very stubborn and never asks for help even if he should, so if there is anything wrong, don’t hesitate to ask me for help.”

“I will, thank you.“, my lips formed a smile, slowly opened the door of the car and stepped out. The house was plain white with a red veranda and black window frames. The combination sounds pretty weird at first but they managed to convert it nicely. The street light was shining directly at the door which made the white colour brighten up even more.

David was about to get the keys out of his pocket when I heard a clicking noise coming from the door. Suddenly, the door knob turned around and the door slung open...

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