A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 19 || A Burn A Day Keeps The Stupid Girls Away.

I snapped out of my trance as our lips almost touched, lowering my head and looking down on the bench.

“Alex.“, I whispered. “I’m sorry but I can’t do this. I won’t kiss someone who has a girlfriend, no matter how much I don’t like her. Sort things out first before and then we can talk about everything.”

“You’re right.“, he cleared his throat, removing his hand from my cheek and placed it on my hand. “You have changed.”

I wanted to kiss him so badly but I know that this is not the right way to approach things like that. Although, Jayla is atrocious to the moon and back, nobody deserves to be betrayed by people they love.

I mean, I don’t know if she really loves him but I’m not in the position to judge that.

I let out a deep sigh as I stood up and walked towards the front yard of Jayla’s house, leaving Alex without letting him the chance to say anything further. The risk was way too high that I would let my super-ego overwhelm my id and in order to prevent that I had no other options but to leave as quickly as possible.

I must have looked like a panda right now because my tears got mixed up with my mascara, leaving little black shadows around my face. Distancing myself from the crowd, I asked a waiter where the bathroom was and he just pointed at a corridor on the right hand side in the back of the big hall.

I was about ask him for further instructions but he left as soon as an old upper-class lady beckoned him over to herself.

Deciding to go on a journey to find it in my own, I slowly strutted down the corridor. Every door looked exactly the same. I struggled with making a decision on which door to try first until I came across one door who looked fairly narrow, so I tried my luck and opened it.

It turned out to be a normal closet what I almost had expected, but what I didn’t expect was to find Nico and Kyle in it, being busy with their make out session.

They were both shirtless and I felt like definitely shouldn’t be witnessing this happening. I opened my mouth to say something but I wasn’t able to say a thing because I was being starred at by two perplex pairs of eyes.

We remained in that awkward position until Kyle reached out for the door knob. “Sorry. Occupied.“, was all he said and slammed the door shut. My body was still frozen, being completely motionless and my still hung open as if I had seen a ghost.

“Wow, okay.“, I mumbled to myself. “At least one of us is having fun.”

I decided to proceed my search for the mysterious and steeped in legend bathroom. Walking down a little farther into the back of the corridor until I heard some voices. The sudden sound of voices made me jump, causing me to look behind and see that there was no one behind me.

I slowly started to panic because I had the feeling that I shouldn’t be here, so I turned around and was about to go back to the main event until I realized that the voices I heard came from the door I was facing right now.

Looking to the left and right, I drew closer and put my ear on the door to listen to a lively conversation. I know that I shouldn’t be eavesdropping on other people but I’m a nosey person, I can’t help it.

The voices were pretty blurred in the beginning but got clearer the longer I was listening to them.

“Are you sure about that ?“, a male voice asked. “What if something goes wrong ?”

“Don’t worry.“, another man said whom I could identify as Jayla’s father, Elyas Selouti. “Our friends Raffael, Leo and Mickey will help us to get our money. Just be patient it’ll be worth it. The deal is already set and done.”

I mentally laughed at the thought that his friends have the same name as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Then again, I was kind of disappointed because I hoped to hear something interesting but it was only Jayla’s father who was talking about his boring businesses.

I could never do a job like that although being a lawyer must be fun but he runs several businesses besides that and I imagine it to be the most boring thing ever.

I mean, of course the money is a plus but I couldn’t stand the fact that I was most of the time surrounded by people whose existence I can barely stand.

The level of excitement decreased as they changed the topic and started talking about some organizational stuff for the America’s future program.

Backing off the door, I looked around me to see if someone had witnessed my inconspicuous bugging, but there was no one except me in the rather sinister corridor. Some ceiling lights weren’t working anymore which made it even creepier.

Making my way back to enter the fray, the door of the broom closet gradually opened and I saw Nico speeding down the passageway. Only a few seconds after that Kyle’s face peeked out of the door, closed it and adjusting his shirt correctly.

I hustled towards him, giving him a fright. “What, with all due respect, the absolute fuck was that ? How do you do that ?”

“God, you scared me to death, I thought someone saw us.“, he replied as if nothing happened.

“Yes and that someone was me. You knew each other for like an hour. Please, teach me your ways.“, I was absolutely stunned by how Kyle just decides he wants a guy and it just happens. I mean, one could think that I have experience with that but it is honestly not always as easy as it seems.

“We got along pretty and one thing led to another and then he started to, well, I don’t think I should tell you. This is nothing for you little innocent hetero ears.“, he patted my head.

I was sickened yet curious, but I decided it was better for my mental health not to know. “Okay, I won’t ask.“, I threw my hands up.

We strutted back into the main hall, seeing that some were leaving since it is already eleven o’clock. I spotted Sofía in the back of the room along with Jana, Alex, Nate, Jayla and some of Jayla’s friends, including her best friend Irina whose ego was just as big as the gap between her front teeth. She doesn’t have an own opinion on anything and just repeats what Jayla says like a parrot. I hate her as much as Jayla.

A weird feeling arose in my stomach because I didn’t how to behave in front of Alex after that little incident back on the bench, yet I persuaded my mind to act as if nothing has happened.

On our arrival at the little gathering, I could overhear Jayla still talking about how wonderful and what much of a jetsetter she is. Letting out a big sigh, I placed myself close to Sofía who seemingly was highly annoyed by Jayla.

“Thank God, you are here.“, she whispered. “One more second and I would have all gone crazy Latina on her.”

“Why didn’t you just leave ?”

“We did.“, she hissed at me, still whispering. “Then what happened ?”

“A severe case of bitchus interruptus, that’s what happened.“, Sofía replied. “I was peacefully talking to Jana and Nate until Jayla decided to gift us with her presence, pulling Alex along with her.”

“This girl is so annoying.“, Jana decided to join our conversation. “Why can’t we just shoot her down. I’ll do it in the backyard, so that we don’t have to clean everything up afterwards.”

“I appreciate your enthusiasm, Jana, but she’s not worth going to jail.“, I said.

“If you say so.“, she shrugged indifferently.

Although Jana’s offer was pretty tempting, I really hope that Alex breaks off relations with Jayla and we all can start to live serenely.

“Sofía.“, Jayla suddenly called. My gaze went to Jayla and then back to Sofía, my face being filled with scepticism.

“I just wanted to say that you and Noah are such a great couple.“, she commented excitedly, although it was obvious that she just faked it.

“I really admire that. I mean, you took him despite the fact that he had slept with your best friend several times.“, Jayla’s eyes fixed on my face.

My mouth hung open and Jana and I just stared at her in horror. What the absolute fuck ?!

“Yeah.“, Irina decided to also take part in that conversation.“So true.”

“Ugh.“, I uttered irritation. “No one asked for your unqualified opinion, Irina.“, I nagged at her infuriated.

“But it’s true.“, she continued. “I mean, that is totally not normal and so weird.“, her high voice made her remark even more stupid.

“Girl, how are you talking about normal when your teeth don’t even share the same post code.“, Jana intervened, looking at her patronizingly.

Irina gasped in disbelief and suddenly put her hand above her mouth. Sofía just grinned at her deviously and I could see Kyle from the corner of my eye, staring at Jana amazedly and mouthing, “Damn, girl”.

Nate and Alex just stood there like statues, not knowing what to do or to say.

“Okay.“, Kyle stepped in before anything further could happen. “It’s already late, we will leave now.“, Kyle grabbed mine and Jana’s hand, who was still looking at Irina like she was about to kill her, and pulled towards the entrance door with Sofía following us.

I’m sensing that this was just the beginning...

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