A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 20 || When Everything Goes Wrong, Don’t Forget To Stay Strong.

“You did what ?!“, Sofía’s shouting through the loudspeaker filled my whole room. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier ?”

“Because there was no time to do so.“, I defended myself. I knew I shouldn’t have told Sofía about our almost kiss.

Actually, I planned on doing some math homework but then Sofía called me. The universe apparently doesn’t want me to do so and I won’t attempt to pick a fight with my destiny.

“Okay and what are you going to do now ?“, she questioned me expectantly.

I hate these kind of questions. If I knew what I was going to do, I wouldn’t be sitting here and thinking about what to do.

Good old Jessica would have probably just kissed him and made Jayla’s life a living hell but I’m an upright person now which is really hard sometimes because I can’t just do what I want anymore. I now have to take other people’s feelings into consideration, even Jayla’s.

“I don’t know. What are you suggesting ?”

“Well, you should definitely talk to him. I mean he obviously is in love with you. He indirectly told you that and don’t try to deny it because it’s true.“, I could practically hear her pointing her index finger at me accusingly. “You need to talk it out, Jess. You can’t just wait and expect everything to be sorted out magically.”

“Remember what happened when I wanted to tell Noah but didn’t do and then he decided to go out with Marissa because he thought I didn’t like him. In your case, I’m sure that won’t happen since he already has a girlfriend but there are enough things in this world that could go wrong, believe me, I know.“, Sofía’s lecture made me thinking.

I well remember that incident and I think I’ll never forget about that. When Sofía told me about it I was so pissed off since it was like I was in a movie. You see or hear what happens and want to interfere but you can’t and have to watch how everything gradually falls apart. Plus, I hated Marissa which enervated me even more.

“I know, but I feel like sabotaging their relationship because they haven’t broken up yet.“, I said.

“You are supposed to talk, not to make babies. As long as you keep your hands by yourself there is no need to worry about.”

“That’s sounds plausible.“, I nodded my head. “You are right. I will just talk to him and sort it out.“, I said determined.

“Call me afterwards and tell me what happened.“, we said goodbye to each other and hung up the phone.

Immediately after the screen showed my contact list again, I dialled Alex’ number without putting my phone out of my hands for one minute.

“Jessica.“, I could hear him letting out a slight sigh. Wow, no need to jump for joy...

“Alex, where are you ? We need to talk. Now.”

“I’m at the hospital, but...”

“Why are you at the hospital.“, I interrupted him, being a bit surprised. “Doesn’t matter. I will drive to the hospital, just meet me at the entrance.

“Jessica, listen, I-”

I just hung up the phone in order to not let myself to be persuaded into dropping plans. Grabbing my keys, I ran downstairs and looked for Emma who was sitting on the couch with Max.

“I need to leave, but don’t worry I’ll be back in time so that you can go to your date.“, I explained her hastily, directly approaching the door.

“Where are you going ?“, she raised her torso, lowering her eyebrows.

“I’ll tell you later.“, was everything I said in response and left the house.

The hospital was a twenty minute drive away considering that I needed to almost drive to the end of our town. The outside of the building wasn’t very beautiful, considering that it’s already a few decades old and hasn’t been renovated since, but the inner parts were all the more beautiful for it.

Normally, I’m not very fond of hospitals but this one actually makes me feel better instead of worse. I remember when I broke my arm while playing hide and seek with Alex and Nico in Alex’ backyard. While Nico was counting to ten I tried to hide in an empty big trash can which, in retrospect, was the dumbest idea ever. Long story short, Alex accidentally knocked the trash can over and I fell on a big bench.

I cried to badly that Alex hid in their garden shed for hours because he felt guilty and thought he had to go to jail. He visited me in the hospital a few days after that happened and told me he was afraid that I’d hate him and never talk to him again.

I got out of the car, after I had parked it in one of the parking spots and speeded towards the entrance. Unfortunately, Alex wasn’t there, so I decided to wait here.

What was he doing here anyways ?

A lot of people were rushing in and out of the hospital, some were injured and sat in a wheelchair or walked on crutches. A minor part were nurses or doctors who left the hospital because they’re shift was over or began in a few minutes.

“Jessica”, a sudden female voice made me snap out of my thoughts. I turned around that it was Sofía’s mom, who walked towards the entrance, waving at me.

“Hello, Mrs. Rivera.“, I greeted her with a smile.

“Oh, I told you not to call me Mrs. Rivera.“, she laughed. “I feel so old when people do that, just call me Marisol. Are you waiting for someone ?”

“Yeah, I’m waiting for Alex. We just need to talk about something.“, the friendly expression on her face vanished immediately and turned into concern. “Oh, hermosa. I’m so sorry.”

“What do you mean ?“, she cocked her eyebrows at my rather bewildered reaction. “You don’t know ?”

“Know what ?”

I was hoping to receive an answer but Marisol averted her gaze to the entrance door. When I followed her gaze, I saw Alex coming our way.

“I think he’ll explain everything to you.“, she stroked my arm and left.

Does anybody have the decency to tell me what the hell is going on in here ?!

Alex stopped right in front of me without saying a word, not daring to look at me. The air was filled with awkwardness and his behaviour made me uncomfortable.

“We need to talk about what happened at the gala.“, I said firmly, trying to ignore the tension.

I just want to end this nightmare, even if Alex and I won’t be together but this big grey area of uncertainty aggravates me.

“Jessica, I-”

His gaze went to the ground as if he had something to hide and was seemingly concerned about it.

“Quit the stuttering, Alex. Sofía’s mom made some allusion that something has happened. What is going on ?“, I fixed my eyes on his face, not intending to look away until he told why he is in the hospital.

He averted his from the ground to me and looked to the side. Concern was building up inside of me the more I watched Alex’ shakiness.

“Alex, seriously.“, I slowly shook my head, the tone in my voice becoming more worried. “Okay, I know that you probably don’t want to talk about it but you look anxious and I don’t want...”

“Jayla has multiple sclerosis.”

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