A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 24 || Decisions To Make, Rules To Break...

I have always been someone to make decisions that turn out to be not as ideal as I thought them to be.

Usually, I don’t think before I act because I’m the type of person who regrets everything later than actually preventing myself from saying or doing something stupid.

It’s no secret, but this time...this time I have definitely surpassed myself.

I should have listened to David and not put Nico and me in a situation like this but, to be fair, I have never been good at listening to people and following the rules anyway, so there’s that.

As an almost adult, I should have known better otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing a little dark closet with Nico with no option escape at all but I should probably explain how I managed to manoeuvre myself in that situation in the first place.

When we arrived at the museum, we were almost half an hour late because of traffic. I decided to park at the main entrance first to get an overall view of the event.

A lot of well dressed people were entering the museum who looked like they had enough money to buy half of LA. The square in front of the entrance was flooded by ground lights and a red carpet was rolled out all the way to the beginning of the side walk.

How extra...

“I thought we wanted to enter the museum through the back door. The security at the front door won’t let us enter the museums.“, Nico remarked as I turned off the car and took the key out of the steering lock.

“Entering the museum through the backdoor could be more of a risk since I’m neither authorized to possess the key for it nor enter it. If someone sees us, we are screwed and remember what Alex’ father about not getting caught.”

“I’m still in favour of the backdoor.”

“That’s because you are always in favour of the backdoor, Nico.“, I chuckled at the annoyed glance he shot at me.

“Don’t these gay jokes ever get old ?”

“Not really. Plus, you shouldn’t talk. You’re the one who always making fun of me by claiming me to be a basic white girl.“, I said defensively.

“Chill. Who messed up your Starbucks order this time ?“, he asked rhetorically, intending to drive me nuts.

“Just to be fair.“, he continued. “You kind of were. Not as much as Jayla which is kind of surprising since she isn’t white, but you were pretty close.”

I sunk down in my seat and looked out of the window as he mentioned Jayla’s name. My thoughts went back to what happened at the hospital. I know I shouldn’t be thinking about it all the time because it just makes everything worse but I really miss him.

My train of thoughts was suddenly interrupted as Nico kept snapping with his finger in front of my face. “Hello ? Earth to Jessica ?”

“Yeah.“, I blinked with my eyes several times as my head shot in Nico’s direction. It was never easy to hide something from him because he continued asking until you gave in. That exact situation was what I was trying to avoid since I was pretty much tired of being confronted with this situation all the time over and over again.

“What ?“, I asked him as if nothing happened. His eyes narrowed at my perplexity and his look became a mixture of scepticism and expectation. “What is it.”

“What is what ?”

“What is it that you are hiding from me ?”

“Stop pretending to be clueless. As if you don’t know.“, I said annoyed. His confused facial expression didn’t change.

“Wait. You really have no idea what I’m talking about, right ? Where do you live ? On the moon ?“, I let out a chuckle.

“Just spill it.”

“Jayla has multiple sclerosis.“, my the teasing tone in my voice became more serious. I looked at Nico who looked at me like someone just got hit by a train. His mouth hung slightly open until he averted his look from me and gazed out of the windshield, his arm resting on the door of the car.

“That his bad.“, he rubbed his forehead. “How do you even know ?”

“Alex told me.“, I answered his question. “And I thought he told you as well.”

Silence took over for a few second before Nico decided to break it again. “Don’t think this is a little bit odd ?“, he looked at me with a questioning. “What do you mean ?”

“Well, Alex told me that he wanted to break up with her, you being one of the reasons why, and now she has multiple sclerosis. I know that’s harsh to say but do you think this purely coincidentally ? I mean we all know that Alex is too much of a nice person to leave her with a condition like that.”

That is true. Alex is one of the most loyal people in the world that’s why he probably hated me so much for turning my back on him. I have never ever in my entire life experienced one situation that would have made you questioning his loyalty for one second.

If you had a problem, he would stay at your side until that problem was solved. He had principles he stuck to no matter what.

I admire people who have their own personal laws and stick to them without exception. Maybe that is the reason why I adore him so much because I have never been strong enough to do the same.

“I was at the hospital when I talked to Alex so I guess she must have found there. How is she supposed to fake it without people noticing and I don’t think she bribed the doctor.“, I said although Nico’s concern got me thinking.

It’s impossible to fake a test like this and when she found out at the hospital it could have been any doctor to tell her the results. Plus, being able to properly react to such a message although you know it’s not true is pretty difficult and Alex would have noticed.

“I know Jayla may be not the best person alive but even if she knew that Alex was going to break up with her, I don’t think that her first thought was: Oh, I’m just going to pretend to have multiple sclerosis. Where would she get that idea from ?“, I didn’t know why I defended her so much but although I didn’t like her, Nico’s idea still seemed a little far-fetched.

“You’re right.“, he nodded. “Jayla has never been someone who tricks people into committing themselves to her but the type of person who gives people a lucrative reason to stay with her voluntarily.“, Nico concluded.

“You mean like she did with Alex ?”

“Like she does with everyone whom she considers her ‘friends’.“, he remarked with a great emphasis on the word friends.

“What are you going to do now ?”

“What I’m supposed to.”

“And that is ?”

“Nothing.“, I forced a smile on my lips and sighed. “What do you expect me to do ? I respect his decision because I do understand why he is doing that and I don’t want to be the one who forced him to let go of his basic principles due to egoistical reasons. We almost kissed at the gala because we both didn’t have ourselves under control and I don’t want to chance it again. He would never be able to forgive himself if he cheated on her and that is something I would never be able to forgive myself.“, I explained.

I don’t want to be the reason for people’s misery anymore. It just sucks so much.

“It’s pretty weird to hear that out of your mouth but I get where you’re coming from.“, he said approving.

“It doesn’t matter now because we need to focus on finding that Rafael guy and get Kyle’s father out of jail.“, I replied, unbuckling myself.

“Let’s go.”

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