A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 25 || Always Keep A Backdoor Open For The Outspoken...

“What the hell are you doing ?“, I hissed at Nico whispering as we hid behind one of the bushes, trying to find a way to get through the front door.

The museum had two sort of stripes of trees and bushes paralleling from the museum’s entrance half way through the big square. The bushes were pretty high so it was easy hide in between them and gave you a perfect view of people entering the museum.

Security guards were positioned at each side of the door to check the guest list.

“There is a bug in my shirt.“, he hissed back, bending his whole body like he was struck by lightning.

“Stop your little dance. You start to attract attention.“, I located myself right next to him to see if I could find the bug but it was pretty hard since Nico kept dancing around like a puppet in a puppet theatre. “Stand still !”

“This was a dumb idea.“, Nico whined as searched his back for the bug. “This is going to work out even if I need to perform a lap dance on one of the security guards.”

“Ouch.“, he whispered as a swaying twig of a tree hit his head. “You better be since we are not on the guest list and there is no way we can enter the building. Why don’t you want to use the key for the back door ?”

“Because if someone sees us they’ll give us a one way ticket to prison, there must be another option.“, I replied when I finally found a little ladybug sitting on the back of Nico’s neck. “Hello little friend.“, I said as I put my finger in front of the little beetle for it to crawl on it.

“Found it.“, I whispered and Nico turned his face back to me. I kneeled down on the muddy ground and placed the little ladybug on one of the twigs.

When I lifted my look up from the ground, I gazed through the twigs of hedge to see that one of the security men was making its way towards us. “Shit.“, I exclaimed. “One of the gorillas is walking in our direction.”

Nico’s eyes widened as he placed his head next to mine and looked at the tall guy stamping across the stony ground.

“What are we going to do now.“, he panicked.

“Don’t move. Maybe he’ll just go away.“, I put my hand over Nico’s mouth when I heard a male voice calling. “Hello.”

“Hello.“, he growled again. My heartbeat got faster while I simultaneously tried to breathe as quietly as possible.

“You can stop playing hide and seek I can see both of you.“, the tone of the guy being a little bit accusing.


“I’ve got time, ladies. I can stand here the whole night.“, I slowly raised up my body and sighed in annoyance.

Great. Every time I try to help someone it ends in a disaster. Now, David will kill me before my father is able to disown me.

“Fine.“, I stepped through the bushes, leaving my hiding place while dragging Nico along with me. We must have looked like two homeless people since my blue jeans was a little muddy, I had tiny twigs in my hair and I think now I’m the one with a bug underneath my shirt.

“Jessica ?“, the male voice exclaimed.

“Finn ?“, my mouth hung open as I stared into his silver grey eyes. “What are you doing here ?”

“Well, you are the one who is sneaking around museum so you go first.“, he raised his eyebrows and pointed with his flat hand at me, signalling me to explain myself.

“Wait you two know each other.“, Nico intervened, being a little puzzled.

“Yes, kind of.“, I replied quickly in order to avoid further questions.

Finn Larson was my first real crush besides Alex. He was part of some kind of police scholarship which was sponsored by the government two years ago when he had just graduated high school. That scholarship was established for underprivileged children for example immigrants just like Finn.

His family was pretty wealthy at first and had several huge farms in Sweden which was pretty well known all over the country but they had to sell it due to financial problems. Nobody wanted to give them a job since their reputation went downhill especially after his father decided to drown his problems in alcohol.

It’s weird because he pretty much looks like the cliché rich guy and would never assume a white person to go through things like that but some people forget that this also happens the other way around.

His father decided to move to America, got a job which was pretty low paid since he had no real qualifications and Finn tried everything to keep his grades as high as possible to receive a scholarship. He never really had problems with speaking English since he also learned it in school in Sweden. At least that is dad my dad told me.

He functioned as some kind of mentor throughout the program and that is how I got to know him.

Nothing ever really happened between us because my father would have probably killed us both. I just got seventeen and he was nineteen, so we I decided to let it go, much to my dismay, because he was super sweet and super hot.

“We just wanted to admire this magnificent building but I think I have had enough now. Let’s go, Nico.“, I grabbed Nico’s arm, about to leave when Finn blocked my way.

“You have never really been good at lying to me.“, only a few inches were separating us as I looked up to see his golden blonde hair being illuminated by the setting sun.

“Really ? Is that so ? When did I ever have to lie to you.“, I said firmly, not trying to let myself being distracted from his beautiful face.

“For example when you told me that you didn’t have a crush on me.“, he smirked at me cheekily, causing my cheeks to heat up immensely.

Normally, I’m not someone who can easily be put on the spot but I think every girl has that a certain guy that just makes her brain stop working.

I glanced over to Nico who was looking at us in bewilderment, clearly not knowing how to react to what was happening right now.

I wasn’t blaming him because I honestly didn’t have a clue myself.

“You both know that I’m obliged to report any suspicious activities because of the thefts.“, he wouldn’t kept being persistent.

“No. Please. Don’t be that type of person.”

“That is my job. I will unless you tell me the truth.“, he answered determined.

“Fine, okay.“, I blurted out and rubbed my forehead. “Our friends father is accused of having stolen the paintings but he didn’t and we need to prove that he is innocent thus we need to attend that exhibition.“, Finn’s facial expression was a mixture between sceptical and an attempt to try to understand what I just said.

“Alright.“, the firm look on his face softened.

Wow, that was easy.

“That’s it ? You don’t want to know what this is all about ?”

He shook his head while waving with his flat hand.“I just wanted to know the truth and that is what you told me, so you are free to go.”

Damn. I was so close to getting in that stupid museum. Why didn’t I just listen to Nico and used the back door. Now, everything was just in vain...

“Unless.“, Finn said when Nico and I were about to leave. “You want me to help you.”

“You ? Helping us ?“, the tone of my voice made it obvious that I was in doubt.

“It thought it’s your ‘job’ to prevent any illegal activities why would you help us ?”

“Why are you being so grumpy ? Yes, I want to help you.“, I replied calmly.

I didn’t know why I was behaving like this. Maybe it’s just the shock that I met Finn again after two years because I really liked him because I always felt like he didn’t take me seriously, because I never figured out what was actually going on between us.

“Cool. Then let’s go.“, I started walking towards the entrance of the museum when he interrupted me.

“If you go out with me.”

“I knew it !“, I exclaimed. “Why would you help us just for the sake of it. I mean, kindness is so overrated.“, I said sarcastically.

“Why not ?”

I opened my mouth but closed it again and stared at Finn blankly. Actually, he is right. Why not ? I mean who is going to stop me ? Alex ? I don’t think so.

“Come on, Jessica.“, Nico intervened. “It’s not exactly a loss since look at him.“, he pointed at him.

“Sacrifice yourself for the group, Jessica. There is always someone who needs to take a bullet. I mean, I’d do it gladly but I think his reluctance for back doors is as big as yours, so there’s that.“, Finn just gawked at Nico in surprise because of his little motivational speech.

“Okay, I will go out with you. Now, let’s go.“, I huffed at both of them, speeding to the front door, not looking back to see if Finn and Nico could keep up with me.

I kind of feel like I’m betraying Alex for actually taking his offer into consideration, but I can’t spend my whole life waiting for someone with whom I’m probably never going to be with.

Alex made his decision and now it’s time to make mine.

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