A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 27 || Escape Room With A Difference.

Slowly groping my way down stairs, my eyes gradually adjusted to my dark surroundings when I remembered that I took my phone with me. I pulled it out of my pocket and turned on the flashlight to see Nico huddled up on the floor, screwing his eyes tightly because of the dazzling light.

He yelped in pain when I ripped off the tape of his mouth. “That hurt.“, he stroked his upper lip with his finger. “At least you can skip your next waxing appointment.“, I commented sarcastically, while untying his hands and feet.

“What happened to you ?“, I asked Nico while helping him up.

“I was talking to a waiter who started asking me out about you. I thought he was just into you but then he asked me to come get some wine from the cellar and I thought he was into me. Long story short, he is a friend of Rafael Moreno and somehow knew you were trying to interrogate him. Apparently, Rafael found out too otherwise you wouldn’t be here.“, Nico explained. “We are the world detectives on the planet. Remember me to never go to the police academy.”

I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle considering how true that is.

We stepped up the stairs until we arrived at the step, illuminating the dark door with my phone. I leaned forward to examine the lock and then looked through the hole but saw nothing but blackness.

“Can you see anything ?“, he asked me and I shook my head in response.

“Magnificent. Now we’re screwed.“, he dramatically threw his head back.

“Au contraire mon frère, in fact, this is possibly the best thing that could happen to us.“, Nico stared at me, blinking with his eyes quickly.

“What ? Why is it good for us to see less than we already do.”

“Because if you can’t see anything through the hole, it means that this idiot forgot to pull the key out of the lock and it’s still in there.“, I explained to him, but he still did not seem to be that convinced.

“Here. Take my phone and look for some wine bottles with firm etiquettes. The gap between the door and the ground is big enough for the key to fit through it.“, I slipped my phone into his hands and his gaze wandered from my face to his hands and then back to my face.

“At your service, Miss Shelly Holmes.“, he saluted and walked down the stairs and came back with an etiquettes a few minutes later.

“I still don’t really get how this is supposed to work out.“, he remarked sceptically.

“Watch and learn, Watson.”

I took the etiquettes and pushed it through the gap until it almost completely vanished, being parallel to the look of the door. Then I took a black bobby pin out of my right pocket which I remembered to having put there and pulled it through the lock in one go.

A muffled noise sounded from the other side of door and I pulled the etiquette back to reveal a bronze colored key. Taking the key from the paper, I put it in the look and opened the door.

“The sweet smell freedom.“, Nico exhaled.

“You can enjoy your freedom later, we need to get out of here before Moreno finds us and locks us away again.”

We hurried through the corridor until we arrived back in the main hall. While approaching the exit, I was trying to look for Moreno but it was hard to gather any sight of anybody in this ocean of hundreds of people.

Just when I had almost reached the exit, a someone gripped my hand and pulled me back. I was staring right into Rafael Moreno scary, blue eyes. “I’ve underestimated you.“, he whispered in my ear.

His disgusting voice made my body shiver and the only thing I wanted was to escape his presence. I averted my gaze from his face and searched for Kyle but there was no sign of him.

“I don’t know what you want from me but you can tell your stupid cop friends that I have nothing to do with the robberies.“, he hissed at me still whispering. “I’m constantly under surveillance wherever I go and the police don’t I notice. As if it wasn’t enough that they’ve searched my whole apartment.”

“Then why would you blame someone if you didn’t do it.“, I yanked my arm out of his grip.

“Because not to would make my life even more miserable.”

“What are you talking about ?“, I questioned him but he couldn’t give an answer because he was interrupted by Finn and Nico.

“Is there any problem.“, Finn asked and I took a step back.

“No.“, Moreno faked a smile. “No problem at all.“, he added and walked away.

I had never been so glad to see Finn’s face, although I really wanted to hear Moreno’s answer. What does he mean ? Maybe he really is not the robber, but why does he accuses random people ?

If he says the truth, then someone probably forced him to lie, but who ?

“Thank you. I thought my life was about to end.“, I let out a deep breath.

“Jessica Weathers, why are you always causing so much trouble ?“, Finn stroked my cheek with his thumb.

I was about to reply to his comment when I heard my phone starting to vibrate in my pocket.

“Yes ?”

“Jessica.“, David’s voice sounded through the phone.

“I’ve tried to call you a hundred times. Are you both okay ?“, he asked me concerned.

“We are fine, don’t worry. We’ve talked to Moreno but he denied that he had anything to do with it, but I don’t believe him.”

“You should.“, David interrupted me. “We have checked his alibi and he was on his way to Seattle. The stewardesses and some passengers on the plane confirmed it. Right now, Kyle’s father is the only prime suspect. He had the chance and the evidence is really incriminating. There is no one else who had either a motive or the opportunity.”

“But this can’t be it. There must be a reason Moreno is lying. He probably hired someone to steal them.“, I said frantically.

“That might be the truth, but there is no proof for your assumption. I know that Mark didn’t do anything, but my hands are tied. If you give me a reasonable suspect, I will start investigating immediately, but I can’t accuse people randomly because of my own subjective opinion.”

“I understand.“, I responded afflicted. “I know that you did everything you can.”

“I’m so sorry, Jessica.”

“Don’t be.“, I said. “You did everything you can and I can’t ask for more.”

“Mark’s trial is in a few weeks.“, he commenced.

“If you don’t find any evidence until then, he’ll go to jail.”

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