A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 2 || Kiss And Don’t Tell.

I was standing in front of a completely bewildered Alex who was rubbing his eyes, being dazzled by the glaring street lights. His brown hair was completely messy and he was only wearing boxer shorts a blue shirt with a weird math joke imprinted on it that I didn’t understand.

I was slightly blushing as I caught sight of the, well, lack of clothes. Fortunately, it was too dark for him to notice.

“Jessica ? What are you doing here ?“, the confusion in his face was strikingly funny. “I’m happy to see you too, Alex.”

“She is staying with us for the night.“, David said promptly while passing me to get into the house.

“Okay but why ?“, Alex questioning face made me really uncomfortable because I didn’t want to tell him that I got drunk and nearly passed out on a park bench.

“Because.“, was all David told him in response. “I would normally offer you to sleep in the couch but we just tidied up our garage and the living room is completely barricaded.”

“No problema. You can sleep in my room.“, Alex couldn’t help but grinning at me cheekily. “It’ll be like in good old times.”

Yeah. Good old times. Alex and me used to spend a lot of time together when we were kids. We were always playing in the garden, pretending to be Danny Phantom and chasing ghosts. This show used to be our thing back then.

We even had our first kiss together. I remember it as if it was yesterday when we sat in our tree house which we had built with our dads in his garden ten years ago. At first, there was an awkward and then he surprised me by kissing me, stumbled over a piece of wood and fell from the tree house.

It sounds more dramatic than it actually was because the tree house wasn’t that high but he had a concussion and lost his memory. Of course, his memory loss was only temporarily but his recollection about the kiss remained in the very back of his sub conscience.

I never really bothered to tell him because I felt a bit embarrassed to talk about it since I was only seven years old.

I can’t really remember why we actually our friendship to that extent but I guess sometimes you just drift away from each other. Although, he was probably the best friend I ever had because he pretty much always stuck up for me. He already had a lot of “fan girls” back then but he usually was way too occupied with his video games and electronic stuff to care.

He didn’t have many girlfriends but most of them were those kind of girls who wrote their doctoral dissertation before they had reached the age of seven. All those highly intelligent and rich girls never missed an opportunity to tell the world how educated they are.

He kind of made it into the upper-class and I became the designated school slut. Not the best combination, isn’t it ?

“Alright but just because I know that you know each other since you were little kids which means I trust you not to pursue ungodly activities.“, David’s facial expression turned into a serious look and we nodded in agreement.

I was blushing again because having this conversation with him is pretty weird. I don’t get weirded out talking about things like this it’s just really strange when it is related to Alex.

“Follow me , Spring. You should still know where my room is.“, he said, approaching the stairs.

“Spring ? Really ? You still haven’t forgotten that stupid nickname ?”

“How could I, mi vida ?“, stopping in front of the door, he stepped aside and opened. “Bienvenidos a mi habitación.”

I rolled my eyes the sentence. “Why do you always say things in Spanish ? You know that I don’t understand a word of what you are saying. What would you do if I’d constantly talk French to you ?”

“As it happens to be, French is one of my specialties.“, a smirk spread his face, causing me to take a pillow from his couch and throw it at him. It flew across the room directly into his face.

“Seems like spring is turning into a hot-headed summer.“, the smirk on his face vanished immediately and he rubbed his cheek.

“So are you ready to sleep with me in this bed ?“, he was trying to tease me again.

“Of course. I won’t be sleeping on your sloppy couch. That’s for sure.“, he cocked his eyebrow at my rather unusual response.

“Normally, girls would say something like “Oh my God, you are such a pervert”, “Ew, you are so disgusting” or “I’m not that type of girl “.

I uttered a laugh at his last example which must have probably sounded and looked like I was having a stroke. “Yeah, sure not that type of girl. We all know that ship has sailed long time ago.“, I threw my hands up in defence.

“I’m flattered but you know that I have a girlfriend.“, his stupid grin reappeared and I stuck out my tongue at him.

Oh, right. Another thing that my mechanism of repression managed to wipe out of my memory thoroughly.

His girlfriend, Jayla Selouti.

She is the daughter of the famous Moroccan lawyer Elyas Selouti. Back then when we were kids she had already tried to win him over.

They both believe they have a special bond because Jayla was his first kiss, well, that is at least what they think.

She was pretty persistent and practically forced her lips on him but Alex was only ten and a bit of a shy nerd so he didn’t make an effort to actually stop her.

Over the time, Jayla became pretty well-known which partly occurred because of her father and also due to a program called America’s Future.

This is a program or more a list of the most intelligent students in the state. Basically, people are chosen by the executive committee and have to pass certain tests to get in. It’s pretty hard to get in there because they take only the best of the best.

America’s Future is some kind of master key to everything. Colleges, internships or even California’s high society.

Alex became also part of the program a few months ago because Jayla convinced her father to take him into the program. As it coincidentally happens to be, her father is actually the founder of the program.

If you have enough money, there is nothing that can stop you, I guess.

I never really had a reason to hate her but I wouldn’t say I liked her too. Her “I’m so rich and educated” - behaviour is really annoying and she sadly never really misses out on an opportunity to tell someone, not in a bitchy way

It’s a bit difficult to describe because she is not really like Marissa. Marissa had more some sort of a perfection and innocence complex because she wanted to get the attention of her father but never actively made a fuss about the money her father had nor prestige.

Jayla is quite the other way around. The people she deals with have more status symbols than actual friends. Spending time with her doesn’t save you from getting a massive Gossip Girl vibe, but not in a good way.

Struggling with getting my shoes and socks of, I threw myself onto the bed next to Alex who was already half asleep.

“Goodnight.“, I whispered while pressing the light switch and darkness flooded the room. The only source of light was the full moon, illuminating the bed with its presence.

I could barely hear Alex mumbling something into his pillow in response but was too tired to focus on figuring out what he could’ve said. My eyes got heavier, slowly lowering themselves until my eyes where fully closed.

Who have thought that this night would take its course like that..

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