A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 29 || Not All Vampires Sparkle...

We were sitting on my bed for about an hour, trying to calm Sofía down but every attempt was in vain. She remained silent as if she was trying to cope with the most traumatic experience in her life.

My urge to find out what she was so upset about grew with every tear that rolled down her cheek but all I managed to do was making a sympathetic face. Although, she was gradually calming down, her ability to talk remained lost.

“Kyle, please tell me what happened. She obviously isn’t able to get on work out of her mouth.“, I begged Kyle who had his arms around Sofía.

“You know when you complained about that stupid friend of Alex who insulted you ?“, Kyle asked me, petting Sofía’s back repeatedly.

“You mean Kai ? Yeah, I remember. What’s up with this asshole.“, my eyes grew wider. “Don’t tell me he tried to harass you too.”

I really hope that Kai rotes in hell where he belongs. If Jayla wasn’t there, he would probably make my life living hell and all that only because I did not return his feelings. My hate for people like that is inexpressible.

“Not exactly. He is-”

“He is my ex.“, Sofía interrupted him, leaving me speechless.

“That is not possible. Noah is your first boyfriend. What the...?”

“I lied obviously.“, she wiped over her cheek with her hand. “One year ago, I visited my aunt in San Diego and met Kai on a beach party which I had attended with my cousin Josefina. He used to be really nice and good looking so we started dating. Our liaison lasted three weeks when I realized that he completely started to freak out. He wanted to know where I was and when I came back he sent me fifty messages a day to “check on me”. I broke up with him but he wouldn’t stop, so I changed my number and since he didn’t know where I lived, it stopped and I haven’t heard from him ever since. Until I met him at the Gala.“, Sofía sniffed.

There was a strong pressure on my chest, as if someone would press my ribcages together. The adrenaline in my body made me feel nauseous because I could imagine what was going to come next.

“He threatened to tell Noah everything and even things that are not true if you don’t do what he wants ?”

She nodded in response, letting her head droop a little. “Why don’t you just tell him ?”

“I’m scared of his reaction. Plus, Kai said if I tell Noah anything before he does, he is going to tell him that he wasn’t the only one and that I’ve already slept with tons of guys. If Noah finds out that I lied to him, he’ll believe everything Kai says. I don’t know what to do, it’s a lose-lose situation.“, she walked over to my mirror, wiped of the mascara that had run all over her face and seated herself on my bed again.

I was angry. Even beyond that and I couldn’t believe what has become of him. He used to be really sweet and kind, but now ? This is so weird how someone who used to have a flawless personality.

Apparently, people can not only turn from Satan to a saint, but also vice versa. I don’t have a good feeling about this and my alarm bells are ringing.

“We will handle this. I promise that-”

Just when I wanted to finish my sentence, the door of my room slung open and my dad appeared in the doorway. “Hello, guys. I’m sorry to interrupt you, but your grandparents will arrive any minute, Jessica. Do you both want to eat dinner with us ?“, he expectantly looked over at Kyle and Sofía.

“I don’t think they want join our family dinner, dad.“, I intervened, trying to prevent them from an encounter with my beloved grandmother.

Honestly, I’d love to have them joining us, so that I don’t have to endure that horrible scenario alone. Yet, I care about them and the fact that Kyle is gay and Sofía is a Latina does not give them the best prerequisites to have a peaceful conversation with Satan’s female pendant.

“We’d love to actually.“, Kyle said, causing me to shoot him a glare.

“Splendid. I’ll meet you guys downstairs in five minutes.“´, my father closed the door as he left.

“You have no idea what you two have gotten yourself into, my dear friends.”

“It’s just a family dinner. It’s not like we are going to get killed or something.“, both of them stood up and walked out of my room.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that actually.“, I mumbled to myself.

I knew this was going to be one of the worst days of my life, but my window was too high to escape and I couldn’t leave Kyle and Sofía alone with that person.

When I had arrived downstairs, I saw my grandparents coming through the door. “I don’t understand your problem, she looks pretty nice.”

“A Siren looks also pretty nice at first sight.“, I commented, causing Sofía and Kyle to smirk.

“Grandma.“, Emma exclaimed after she had greeted my grandpa. “Your outfit is so stunning. You look like twenty-five.”

“Seconds away from dying.“, I mumbled to myself. Sofía gave me an amused look. “You really hate her, don’t you ?

“Hate is no expression for what I feel towards that woman.“, I said, continuing to watch their conversation.

Emma had always been the diplomatic one, especially when it comes to people we don’t like. I wish I had that ability too, but honestly, I don’t care enough to bring up the energy to lie directly into people’s face.

“Thank you, sweetheart.“, she said stroking her hand over her pale and wrinkly face. “I try to wear a hat every time I go out. I hate direct sunlight.”

“Yeah, and garlic.“, I whispered to Sofía and Kyle.

A lot of anger rose up inside of me the longer I watched that woman talking. She used to criticize everything my parents did, especially when it came to parenting. That woman had the nerve to accuse my parents of being irresponsible and not able to raise children.

She dared to insult my father’s sister and her wife for wanting to adopt a child because, according to her, children should grow up in a normal environment and not with two psychic and ungodly women who should rather pursue an exorcism than destroying little children’s mental health.

None of us has never said a word to her, but it’s time to change that.

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