A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 30 || The Hate You Give...

We had sat on that table for only fifteen minutes and already felt a compulsive urge to just leave the house and start a new life in Mexico. The food wasn’t ready yet which means that I had to actually answer my grandma’s questions instead of pretending to be occupied with eating.

I sat next to Malia and Kyle and I felt that both of them were really uncomfortable. My grandma’s presence is just really intimidating and even my father is powerless against her. Since my grandpa had an heart attack which had almost killed him, my father tries to keep him away from every stress situation. It’s the only reason why we keep our mouths shut and, honestly, I don’t want to be the cause of my grandpa’s death.

Oh, well...

When Emma had finally arrived with the food, my heart jumped with happiness. The earlier we start to eat, the lower are the chances that my stupid grandma tries to destroy another human soul.

The only person in this room who was more eager to eat than me was my little brother Max. His eyes were glued to the potatoes when Emma put the plate on the table.

“So, Kyle, tell me. A young and handsome boy like you must have tons of girls laying at his feet.“, she asked him, her tone being almost a little too interrogative, as she put a small amount of salad on her plate.

Oh, no.

I should’ve seen that coming, I really should have.

My eyes slowly wandered to Kyle who was the personification of serenity and calmness. I haven’t told them about my grandmother’s far right tendencies because I never thought that this would actually be necessary, but I had been deceived by my foolish optimism.

“That may be possible, but I do have a boyfriend.“, he smiled a little awkwardly.

My grandma almost chokes on her own breath after Kyle had finished his sentence. “Are you okay, Carol ?“, my grandpa asked her and petted her back.

I was mentally shaking my head at my grandpa who seems to be more of a blinded fool than I initially thought.

“Jesus take the wheel. Not another one of those.“, she remarked and cleaning her mouth with the red napkin, lying next to her plate.

Sofía and Kyle shot me a confused glance to which I could only respond by mouthing that I’m sorry. My father didn’t say a word and I looked over to Malia whose puzzled look wasn’t left unnoticed by me.

“Kyle, darling, would you do us the favor to say grace. I guess you are the only one in this room who really needs God’s fulfillment and mercy.“, Carol said in a serious tone.

“You can’t just-“, I was about to tell her off when Kyle interrupted me. “No, Jessica. It’s fine. I’d love to.“, he said, putting on one of those devious fake smiles he is known for.

Kyle folded her hands together and closed her eyes and everyone copied her gesture because none of us didn’t really know what to do.

A questioning look began to spread on Sofía’s face as she watched Kyle’s actions. I shared her perplexity and I had no clue what Kyle was up to, but I know him and that was I enough for me to know that this could end badly.

“Oh, Lord. Many are my foes.“, he began. “Eyes and ears and mouth and nose. Tic Tac Toe, give me an X, give me two O’s. Where did they come from, nobody knows. All these Cotton Eyed Joes.“, he finished the last sentence and started to eat right after that.

My grandmother just blinked with her eyes and Sofía and I stared at him. I forced myself to not burst out in laughter immediately. Carol just pretended as if all of that didn’t happen and tried to change the topic.

“What about you, Max ? How are you ?”

“I’m fine.“, he replied with his mouth full of potatoes. “I’m turning six this year and start school next summer.“, he swallowed the food down his throat and a proud grin spread all over his face, showing his teeth.

“But you’re already five. The longer you wait, the dumber you become.“, her stupid logic made me boil with anger. “Do you want to be dumb, Max ?”

Max’ grin vanished immediately and he just stared at his plate. “No.“, he sighed.

How dare she to live out her sadistic fantasies on a five year old child ?!

“When I was you age, I had to learn all of the states of the USA by heart with their capital.“, she stated arrogantly.

“Really ? All 13 ?“, I commented sarcastically and gave her an Oscar worthy smile. I saw Emma who sat opposite of me, trying to hold her laughter back.

My lovely grandma decided to ignore her surroundings and keep torpedoing Max with her venom. “Education is important because it will determine your future.”

“Jessica told me that my mom always said that being happy is the only thing that matters in life because death is all the same for us and in the end living a happy life is the only thing that takes away our fear from death.“, he said, a little bit murmuring.

My heart stopped for a moment after my brain had processed his words. That was something I told him almost a year ago when I brought him to bed but he couldn’t sleep because he was sad. I asked him why and he said that he was scared of death and that my father, Emma and me would join our mother and leave him alone on earth.

I told him that exact sentence and that he doesn’t have to worry about that because we’ll always be here to take care of him and never leave him alone. Although, he had never really met his mother, he had a strong connection to her and thinking or talking about her created a certain peace inside of him.

I never knew that he would actually remember that.

“How would you know, little boy ? You have never met your mother.“, my sentimentality was gone after my grandmother continued with her reign of terror.

“I’ll ask her if I go to heaven.”

“What if she went to hell ?“, my body tensed at her words.

“Then you’ll ask her.“, Max answered indifferently. I was honestly about to slap her in the face but his answer made me really proud of him.

I realized that her mood went down gradually when she approached Sofía, trying to show herself in a better life. “So, you’re a Latina ? Right, Sofía ? I love tacos so much. Our maid used to make fantastic tacos.”

Normally, Sofía is also one of the people who tried to be as diplomatic as possible but I could the see fierce Latina fury in her eyes that was begging to be released. “Lady, I’m from Argentina, not Mexico.”

“Don’t be ludicrous. All of them work either as a maid or in a fast food restaurant. They’re all the same, who cares if they make tacos, enchiladas or whatever.“, she brushed a streak of her grey hair her out of her face.

“I do care about it. Plus, you can’t demand a service while at the same time degrading the people who provide it for you.“, she hissed at her.

“Oh, please. You’re allowed to vote and go to school what do you want more. We don’t owe you anything.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Now I can choose which straight, white man can oppress me, ’Murica.“, she exclaimed, causing my grandmother to gasp.

“You and your people should go back to the slums where you belong. I’m sorry for being so outrages, but I don’t allow people to let them talk to me like that. I’m a Capricorn, I can’t help it.”

“No, you’re a stupid bitch, Carol, that is what you are.“, I started yelling.

“You and your filthy mouth, Jessica, will get you nowhere, but I’m not even surprised.“, she gave me a devious smirk. “You’re just like your disgusting kike mother.”

My body became paralyzed. My breathing became heavier and heavier. I didn’t know what to do because I wanted to punch her in the face for insulting my mom’s religion in the most horrible way possible, but I couldn’t. I just stared at her with my mouth hanging open.

“Leave.“, my father said in a firm tone.

“Excuse me ?”

“I said ‘leave’“, I jumped up from his chair and smashed his hands on the table. “I’ve gone along with your obnoxious wife long enough, dad. You had a heart attack and I didn’t want to cause any trouble to you that is why I kept listening to her bullshit, but I can’t do this anymore. Enough is enough.”

Angrily, my grandma took her purse and jacket together with her husband without leaving him the chance to say anything.

“Oh, and Carol.“, he said when she was about to walk through the door frame. “If I find that you, you’ll ever dare to insult my wife, my children, their friends or any people of foreign origin again, I promise you I will lock you up because of demagogy, defamation and everything I can find to let you rot in prison forever.”

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