A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 35 || Barking Dogs Always Bite...

Alex’ POV

“See you later, alligator.“, I muttered to myself, while staring at the white ceiling as I lied on my bad. The conversation took place several hours ago and I still can’t stop thinking about my stupid comment, but when she mentioned Finn’s name, that totally put me off.

I didn’t expect her to wait for me or anything, but it was hard to see that she had moved on. I hope that she doesn’t hate me for my decision, I believe I even hate myself more than anyone else.

I hated myself for letting people fool me so bad, especially because I trusted Jayla. Big mistake, obviously. I knew that Jayla had her flaws and everything, but betraying me like that...

I gave up the chance to be with the person I have always loved for someone who lied to me all the time. When I asked Jayla why she would do something like that she said to me that she knew I was going to leave her and that’s why she did it.

To be fair, no one could have known. When I was in the hospital, she really thought she had multiple sclerosis, but the doctor called her later to tell her that the results had been mixed up and she is not ill.

She cried and begged me to not leave her, but using people like that is just disgusting and something I will probably never forgive her.

A dull knock on my door sounded through the room. “Yeah ?”

“Hello, sweetie.“, my mom said as she entered my room. She sat down on my bed and put her hand on my knee.“Are you alright ?”

“I’m fine.“, I sighed as I raised my body from the body and sat next to her. “Everything is just a little odd.”

“Have you talked to Jessica yet ?“, my heart skipped a beat at the mention of her name, but I pretended as if I didn’t know what she was talking about. “Why would I ?”

“Oh come on.“, she rolled her eyes. “I know what’s going on between you and Jessica, literally everyone does. Your father, your sister and I made bets on when you’d eventually get together. I lost the bet when you decided to go out with Jayla and now you owe me 20 bucks, I’m serious.“, she said playfully and started chuckling.

“I’m sorry for you that my love life puts such a burden on you.“, I remarked sarcastically. “Before you keep bugging me, yes, I did talk to her and everything is cool.”

“Well, everything is fine and we have more important things do to for example find a way to get Kyle’s dad out of jail.“, my mom’s head sunk down a little and she gazed at me sympathetically.

“I don’t think there is anything that you can do for him. You father said that you need evidence to prove his innocence which we don’t have unfortunately.”

“But there must be something we can do I mean...”

I wasn’t able to finish the sentence when I saw Sofía, Nico, Kyle and Noah standing in the doorway. “Hola, mis amigos.“, Sofía greeted us after they had stepped into my room.

“I’ll leave you alone.“, my mom gave me a kiss on the cheek and left the room. I know I’m not eleven anymore but I felt slightly embarrassed...

“Where is Jessica ?“, Sofía turned her head around and searched the room.

“Maybe he hid her in the closet.“, Kyle grinned cheekily.

“Nah.“, I commented. “I was too scared to find both of you in there.”

Kyle and Nico looked at each other and then back at me.“Dude, we are the one who make the gay jokes, this is an unspoken role. There are rules in this society, you just can’t jump the queue.“, Nico shook his head, walked over to my bed and threw himself on it.

“Are you sure Jessica is coming ?“, Sofía gaped at me, questioning.

“She told me she was coming”, just when I had finished my sentence, I saw Jessica’s blonde hair appear behind Kyle’s body. “I’m here. Sorry that it took so long.”

I barely could look her in the eyes because I felt a little embarrassed because of our conversation earlier. “So.“, Kyle started. “Now that everyone’s here, what’s the plan ?”

“Not everyone.“, I intervened. “Kai said he wanted to join us later.“, at the mention of Kai’s name I saw Jessica and Sofía giving each other weird looks.

I decided to ignore it and come back to Kyle’s question. “I honestly don’t have a plan.“, I scratched my head. “We could try to follow Moreno and see what we can find out.”

“Yeah, about that.“, Jessica commented, gazing over to Nico. “We already kind of did that, but it turned out to be nothing but blowing smoke. At first, I thought he just tries to divert suspicion from himself but I don’t believe he has something to do with it. Maybe he knows who did but he won’t tell us if he did”

“What do you mean you kind of already did that.“, Kyle’s facial expression was a mixture between irritation and curiosity. His gaze wandered back and forth between Nico and Jessica.

“We went to the museum and tried to find out anything since Moreno worked there and...”

“Wait, so you two just decided to play Sherlock Holmes without informing anyone. What if something happened to both of.“, he looked concerned, still being a little outraged.

“Chill, we didn’t get hurt.“, Nico replied. “Plus, Alex’ father knew about it.”

“Okay, so what are we going to do now.“, Sofía interfered their little argument. “We don’t have a trace or anything that could help us. You said Moreno probably knows who it did, maybe he’ll lead us to him and...”

Sofía tried to finish her sentence but stopped when Kai suddenly appeared in the room. The smirk he wore on his face was unfamiliar, something I had never seen on him before. “Little Sofía, you’ve always had this fierce attitude, something I have always admired about you.“, the smirk on his face didn’t fade.

All eyes went on Sofía and her tanned face turned pale within seconds. Everyone in the room looked they have been struck by a lightning, except for Jessica ho seemed to know what he was talking about.

“Wait, what are you talking about ?“, Noah looked like he wasn’t sure whether to he wanted to know the answer to that question.

“Oh.“, Kai faked a surprised face. “Your lover boy doesn’t know ?”

Sofía looked like she was about to faint and Jessica had already clenched her fist, seemingly willing to punch Kai in the face.

What the hell is going on in here ?!

Noah’s face was indescribable. He looked like he didn’t know whether to fume or to be frightened, whether to cry or storm out of the room.

“Well.“, Kai dramatically took a seat on the chair in front of my desk.

“I think it’s time to change that.”

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