A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 37 || How To Rob The Mob.

You’ll come to a point in your life when you realize that everything you thought was important never really mattered, that most of the things you stressed about were retrospectively not important.

No matter if it’s because of a decision you make or an incident that happened to you but you’ll become aware of the fact that it was never important if your crush liked you back or what others think of you.

You’ll see that the only thing that matters, mattered and will matter is the one thing we keep neglecting, the one thing we never take into account and the one thing that we tend to underrate for no reason: ourselves.

Have you ever looked into the mirror and loved what you see ? Have you ever experienced the feeling of being stunned by yourself because you like yourself so much ?

No ? But you should.

You should because there is no better feeling in the world than liking yourself and that sounds cliché but only because it’s true.

Self-love and self-respect comes from within and not from the validation of other people because at the end of the day you have to live your life, you have to deal with the consequences and you are responsible for what you create.

If you don’t feel happy with what is going on right now, feel free to change it the way you want it to be.

Body Positivity is not about accepting anything under any circumstances, it’s about loving who you are so much that you don’t allow yourself to be unhappy.

You will always feel like that you will be prettier if you lose five more pounds, if your lashes or your hair where a little longer but that is not true.

The reason why some celebrities are obsessed with surgeries is because of that mindset, because they try to achieve something they will never reach.

Self-love doesn’t have a weight, height, skin color or hair color, it is what you make out of it.

You can change yourself as much as you want but if your focus lies on changing what you hate instead of improving what you love, you’ll never be able to be truly happy with yourself.

You can live the life that you want if you are brave enough to do it and that is something that took me too long to realize it.

I was always focused on what others thought of me that I forgot what I thought of myself. I forgot that I stressed so much about things that were never really important.

I have always wanted people to see me and like me for what I really am, when I decided to join the “popular clique” and broke off contact with Alex, when I tried to steal Noah away from Sofía and when Jayla came into the picture.

The thing is I didn’t realize that I gave up what I wanted for something I thought I wanted.

All this time, I had everything I need, I had people who loved me, I had friends who cared about me and my life was going pretty well. Everything bad that happened to me was mostly my fault because I always tried to fix something that wasn’t broken.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I barely paid attention to what Mrs. Trevino was saying in front of the classroom, even though History was normally one of my favorite subjects.

I looked around the room to see that the spot that was usually taken by Noah was empty. Although Noah and Sofía managed to talk everything out, the situation has been rather strained.

Kai did one hell of a job with his stupid comment but Sofía should have told Noah in the first place, especially because she was the one always preaching how important trust is in a relationship.

“Okay, class, don’t forget. Your essay about a famous unsolved crime in the U.S. history is due in two days. Don’t disappoint me. I know how interested you were in that topic and I want your essay to be a reflection of that interest and motivation.“, she said cheerfully after the bell rang.

Mrs. Trevino was one of my favorite teachers because she always succeeded in sparking the interest of the most indifferent student on a topic he hates the most. I wish I had that ability to spread such positive energy.

Like the A+ student I am, I haven’t done anything for that essay which means that I have to pay my favorite place in the world a short visit after school: the school library.

My eagerness was kept within limits but I had no choice to complete the task. it’s not that I wasn’t interested, I just really didn’t want since I didn’t even have a topic.

It seemed like all of the computers have been already taken but then a girl stood up from the chair, packed all of her stuff and left.

Searching the world wide web on one of the ancient computer that must have been already used by the Flintstones, I found a lot of interesting crimes that haven’t been solved to this very day but nothing that caused a stir of interest.

I scrolled through the Google results, when an article of the Greenheart Robbery caught my eye. Clicking on the link, the article revealed a lot of information, including an article from the early 90′s. It was a report about suspects and about the lack of evidence that was needed to convict one of the suspects.

I kept scrolling until some pictures with those suspects with their names typed underneath it appeared on the screen. I gasped when I stared at the picture of one of them and read the name.

I couldn’t believe what I saw but everything was starting to make sense. Although I didn’t have every piece to complete the puzzle, I knew I was on the right path.

I packed up all my stuff and dialed Alex number while leaving the library. “Hey ? Alex ? Is your father home ?”

“Uh, yes. Why are you asking ?”

“Call everyone and tell them to meet at your house. I think I have a clue of who is actually responsible for the robbery ?“, I explained, sprinting down the hallway.

“What ? Who ?”

“I’ll explain everything but for now just call Noah and Sofía and I will inform Kyle, Jana and Nico.”

“Alright.“, he agreed without asking any further questions. I ended the call, jumped into my car and drove off.

The Main Street was closed to traffic due to roadwork that’s why I needed to drive round the whole ton in order to get to Alex’ house. When I had finally arrived, I saw that Noah’s car was already parke in front of the house.

Without much further ado, I left the car and approached the front door. Only a few seconds after I rang the doorbell Alex opened the door for me and I rushed into the house.

Everyone had been gathered around in the living room, except for Nico and Kyle. Even Gracie was running around on the carpet.

“Hello, little girl.“, I greeted her and she ran straight into my arms, hugging me tightly.

“I had to take her with me because my mom is still at work.“, Noah remarked with an apologetic tone.

“What are you waiting for ? Spill the tea.“, Sofía demanded excitedly.

“Okay, so I was in the school library to some research for my history assignment for famous unsolved crimes.“, I started to explain, being a little breathless. “I stumbled upon the Greenheart Robbery and found many reports on it along with an article about a former suspect called Clover Amber Olson.”

“Yes, she was our prime suspect but we had to let her go because of lack of evidence.“, David nodded at the mention of her name.

I put my phone out of my pocket and showed them the picture of that woman.

“That is Nate’s step mom !“, Sofía exclaimed, gawking at my phone screen in shock, while Grcaie was sitting on her lap, having no idea what was going on.

“Exactly.“, I confirmed. “I’ve seen the picture of that symbol you showed me in the museum which was allegedly painted by the thief.”

“Malia told us that she had a lot of stuff made out of Amber because she loves it so much and that her father was a goldsmith who made her a pendant for a necklace formed like a clover when she was over to dinner at our house.”

“What if these hearts aren’t hearts but represent a clover. The orange circle represents the Amber and maybe also the letter O of her surname Olson.”

“I see where you’re getting at.“, Alex commented, but still watching me a little skeptically. “This is very plausible but we have no real evidence. Plus, there must be an accomplice who buys the paintings from her or sells them. She doesn’t have the connections nor the means to sell seem. This is a trace but nothing more.”

As Alex attempted to continue to give us a little piece of his mind, the ringtone of a cell phone sounded through the room. “Sorry.“, Jana uttered as she put it out of her bag. “Hello ?”

Judging from her happy face the caller must have been Nate, but after a few seconds her joyful facial expression turned into pure horror. She couldn’t manage to say anything after she ended the call, her face was blank.

“That was Nate.“, she finally said.“He told me that Malia was admitted to the hospital.”

Everyone in the room was completely bewildered by what Jana had said. All eyes were on her, begging her for more information. “What do you mean ? What happened ?”

“Someone tried to shoot her.”

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