A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 3 || Do Your Stint, Take A Hint.

I was softly woken by the sun rays, shining through the glass of the wooden window. My eyes needed a while to adjust to the bright light. As I had regained my full eyesight, I looked around the room mildly disoriented until I remembered yesterday’s events.

My gaze went to my right where Alex rested in the bed, sleeping peacefully. His mouth hung slightly open of which I wasn’t sure if it looked cute or weird.

Does he really need his girlfriend ?

No, Jessica. Drop it ! Stop crossing boundaries. You screwed up and now you have to take responsibility for it. I’d say that the universe is trying to tell me something but I don’t believe in Karma.

I decided not to wake him up, picked up my jacket and left the room. Trying not to make any noise, I tip-toed down the stairs which led automatically to the hallway. As I had reached the end of the stairs I could see David sitting in the kitchen.

“Hey, Jessica.“, he exclaimed as he caught sight of me, looking up from his computer. “You want breakfast ?”

I actually planned to sneak out of the house but I guess my mission failed miserably. Plus, I’m no one to turn down free food.


I entered the kitchen as he raised himself from the chair and turned on the cooker and prepared the mixture for the pancakes.

“Does Detective Valente has to solve another case.“, I joked as I passed his laptop.

“Unfortunately, yes, but this case seems to be unsolvable.“, the discomfort in his voice was too obvious to ignore it. “What is the case about ?”

“Have you heard about the art theft in the museums in Los Angeles ?“, I nodded.

Pretty much everyone did. It was the main headline on every news channel in the US. Jewellery and famous paintings worth over a billion dollars were stolen. The mysterious thing is that the culprits neither left finger prints nor any kind evidence at the crime scene which is why the police struggles to establish any suspects.

“Why do you concern yourself with that case ? I thought the police stations in the suburbs do normally not take part in anything that happens in the city.“, I asked him curiously as he put a plate with pancake sin front of me.

“You are right. They normally don’t. I worked as an FBI Agent in Los Angeles but decided to quit that job when Katie became pregnant with Alex and we moved here in that house. My former boss asked me to work together with them in order to solve the case.”

“Why would he do that ?”

“This isn’t the first time thefts like this happen. We had a case like this before which was exactly the same twenty years ago and I was the responsible agent for that case.“, he explained as I navigated a piece of pancake towards my mouth.

“I thought there wasn’t any evidence found on the crime scene. How do you know that there is any kind of connection between these cases?“, I asked after I swallowed the large piece of pancake.

“This is what we told the press but there is one hint that we’ve got to find out who the thief is.“, he pointed at the screen of his laptop as he shoved the laptop in my direction. “Maybe you have an idea what that is supposed to mean.”

On the screen was a picture of the museums wall and something was painted on it. I narrowed my eyes and zoomed on the picture. My bewilderment must have been more than noticeable since a smirk was spreading on David’s face as he was leaning with his torso on the kitchen table.

“What do you see ?“, my facial expression didn’t change, not being sure if that was a rhetorical question or not.

“Uhm. I see four green hearts in an orange circle.“, I watched him to test if I was right or wrong because I still was weirded out by what I just said.

“Well, you are not the only.“, he commented, pushing his body up from the tabletop. “What is that whole painting suppose to mean ? Why would the culprit give hints on his identity ?”

“If I knew, I would solve the case. This is pretty much the most cryptic thing I have ever seen. These kind of perpetrators don’t steal because of money but because of the fun they have while tricking the police. For them, it’s more somewhat of a game because they know that we are not able to find out who they are therefore the hints.“, I nodded in approval.

“It is usually the hints that give the cases their names. In that case we are talking about the Greenheart Robbery. This painting is the exactly the same as it used to be in the case twenty years ago. This is our sole trace and we have to find out what it stands for.”

Just as I wanted to say something in response, I felt a buzz in the left pocket of my jacket. I took my phone out and looked at the screen.

Noah: We’ll be there in 20 minutes.

Oh shit.

I totally forgot that Noah and I had arranged for Gracie and Max because Olivia had to work and Noah has a doctor’s appointment and can’t take care of her.

Fine. It’ll take me 10 minutes home if I run really fast. I got this.

I shoved the last piece of pancake down my throat, said goodbye to David and made me way out of the door.

Let the Olympic Games begin...


What is Karma ?

The better question is: where does it come from ?

People who believe in Karma are convinced that you get back what you give. But is that really the case ?

Do we really get what we give to others ? Is what we get really what we deserve ?

I, myself, hope or believe that it doesn’t exist. It says what goes around comes around but what if something goes around that wasn’t meant to go around ?

For example Karma decides to let you fall in love with someone who doesn’t love for not loving someone you loves you. You didn’t do anything bad unintentionally but does that save you from Karma knocking on your door ?

Of course, everyone will say that this only applies to people with bad intentions but who says that ? Who makes the rules ? Who decides if you are responsible for what you did or not ?

I believe that Karma is something subjective that is not controlled by the universe or anything. Sometimes we believe that the bad things that happen to us happen for a reason. We blame ourselves, we hate ourselves and why ?

Because we try to find answers for everything and are convinced that it lies in making us responsible for everything bad that happens instead of accepting the uncertainty and live our lives the way we want.

We allot ourselves the karma we think we deserve.

We also decide about the karma other people deserve because we persuaded they did cruel things but we don’t realize that this is often only our point of view.

Human being have the very interesting trait to blame themselves for everything and nothing at the same time.

We say that Karma is something supernatural but yet we define it. We say that Karma has its own ways yet we believe we are the ones who know its way or tell it which way to go.

Why ?

Because we try to find answers for things we have no clue about but design them the way we want.

Never ever did a police officer say “Well, you murdered your wife but I won’t arrest you because Karma will do its job”, no.

There are people who deserve to be punished for doing certain obvious things intentionally like rape or murder but that punishment has to be real and definite.

Again, if you put out that argument people will say “It doesn’t work that way “.

How do you know ? Who are you to decide ? You are confident that it doesn’t work this way but you don’t know it.

Of course, we also do not have the super vision on everything that is going on but that is life.

We come to a point where a choice needs to be made and it is impossible for us to take everything into account but we try our best to make this world a better place.

I don’t get why people are so obsessed of the idea that something, of which they have no proof of existence, decide over people’s life.

You always see people posting those “Karma is a bitch” or “What goes around comes around “- images, those are the people who don’t have the guts to tell others off and instead hope that some unknown power will see their misery and punish the person for them.

How crazy does that sound ?

I made so many decisions in life where I had to choose between the hurting one person but saving another person because this is life, we can’t always do everything right and you shouldn’t be punished for it because hurting someone is already hard enough.

Now, who do you want to decide over people’s life: Karma or the people themselves ?

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