A Wit a Day Keeps the Tough Girl Away

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Chapter 4 || Number Plus Letter Won't Make It Better.

Exhaustion took over me as I reached the first step of the staircase leading to my house. I have never in my life been so grateful for the privilege of a shower because I was in desperate need of one.

A soft click sounded from the door lock as I turned the key around and slowly opened the door. My entrance remained unnoticed until I reached the kitchen where Emma and my little brother Max were making breakfast.

The beautiful scent of bacon and eggs approached me right in the moment I heard the sizzling of the pan. My sister reached for the salt on the kitchen, causing her to turn into my direction and her eyes to widen.

“Jessica ! Thank God, you are alive. Sofía texted me that she tried to call you several times but you didn’t pick up. What happened ?“, her concern wasn’t completely unfounded since I almost made a park bench my second home.

She knew that I went to the party but she couldn’t come with me because she had a to do an important assignment for school.

“Did Dad become suspicious ? I told him I went to Sofías and he apparently believed me.“, I seated myself next to my brother who was already getting whiny due to his growling stomach.

“No, well, at least he didn’t ask me anything about your whereabouts. I was staying in my room all night, trying to finish the project and I didn’t leave it for hours.“, she handed Max his plate with eggs and bacon and a glass with orange juice.

As she was about to put a plate on the table in front of me, I declined her offer by shaking my head. “I’ve already eaten.”

She cocked an eyebrow in response. “Okay, well, care to explain what you did last night ?”

“Do I really need to talk about this ? I’m exorbitantly hung over and my headache is close to unbearable.“, I whined.

Emma leaned back in her chair, looking at me like a mom who caught her child smoking.

“Fine.“, I sighed. “I was pretty drunk when I left Jason’s party and rested on a park bench for a while when the father of Alex found me and I spend the night at their house.”

“You spend the night at Alex’ ? Wow, I didn’t see that coming. Is he still together with that little spoiled brat ?“, Emma wondered as she stood up to get herself a glass of water.

“Her name is Jayla and, yes, she is still his girlfriend.“, I answered her question.

“What a shame. Alex is actually quite a decent guy, I don’t get why he even considered going out with her. Back in elementary school she has been unhealthily obsessed with him.”

“Yeah, she can be a pain in the ass but things are how they are and you cannot change them. Plus, she sought for the attention she didn’t get from her father.”

“Why does that seem so familiar to me ?“, she asked sarcastically and I let out a chuckle. “Why do we always need to pay for other people’s daddy complexes ? You should have gone out with Alex when you had the chance to.

“It’s not that easy and you know that.“, I tried to defend myself, snapping a piece of bacon from her plate. “The problem is that he usually dates girls who are extraordinarily intelligent and predestined to study at Yale.”

“No, Jessica, the problem is that you degrade yourself. Alex is not that kind of person who is superficial like that. He is just surrounded by people who have the same interests as him but that doesn’t mean he hates you for not being able to calculate the square root of one thousand forty-two in your head. You know each other since you were born and have been best friends since. You might have drifted apart a little but that isn’t unusual. You had your first kiss together and it was him who made the first move. It’s not complicated, you are.“, she smiled at me and leaned over the table stroking my hand.

I know she is right and I wouldn’t claim Alex to be an asshole or anything but I don’t feel like I belong into his world with his awesome grades, his upper class girlfriend and the Americas Future program.

I don’t know there is something about us that doesn’t seem right and life kind of keeps getting in the way. I wouldn’t have the guts to actually do something but it doesn’t matter anyway because he has a girlfriend.

“Whatever.“, was all I said in response, intending to make her stop talking about the topic.

My gaze went to my five year old brother who was still fully occupied with his meal. “How is school going for you, Max ?”

He placed his fork on the plate and looked at me with his bright hazel eyes. “Horrible.”

“Oh, why is that ?”

“You know, since I learned how to read, I can’t look at letters in peace anymore. Before I knew how to read the word “blue” was just a chilled “B” with a cool “L”, a nice “U” and a fresh “E” but now I actually know what it means. That is so exhausting.“, he shook his head in annoyance.

“I feel your pain, but wait for high school when the letters and the numbers being mixed together.“, I giggled as his eyes grew wider at my comment. “A re you excited for your play date ?”

“How ? You didn’t tell me anything about that boy.”

Well, I also didn’t tell him that “that boy” is actually a girl but you know how boys are during that age. All girls are stupid and annoying.

“It’s like he is a phantom or an alien.“, he flung his eyes open and gave me a horrified look. “Please don’t tell me you want to sell me to an alien. I still haven’t figured out what the inventor of Spongebob crossed with a crab to get whale. You cannot leave important things like this unanswered.”

“Don’t worry.“, I laughed. “I won’t sell you to aliens.”

When Max was about to comment my statement, the door bell rang.

Let the fun begin...

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